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What Is The Root Cause Of Anxiety

How Can I Calm My Anxiety Fast

The Root Cause of Anxiety

Here are some helpful, actionable tips you can try the next time you need to calm down.Breathe. Admit that youre anxious or angry. Challenge your thoughts. Release the anxiety or anger. Visualize yourself calm. Think it through. Listen to music. Change your focus.More itemsMay 1, 2018

Other Root Causes Of Anxiety

These nature and nurture pathways can account for pretty much all aspects of our psyche. The root cause of anxiety, or of any anxiety disorder you may develop, can always be traced back to these factors.

But, so far, weve only really discussed factors that are more or less outside of your control. I mean, after all, we dont choose our genetics, and we can only influence our environment so much right?

Well, this is where youll need to take a closer look at any of the sneakier causes of anxiety.

This step might seem tedious, but if a certain habit is causing you to be even 1% more anxious, isnt it worth correcting that behavior? Remember, every change adds up, and any 1% could be the straw that break the camels back and causes a panic attack that set you further back. Ill go into a bunch of these insidious potential causes of anxiety a bit here, but Ill also provide links for you to go to full articles where you can learn much more about each.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits Listen, I know you dont want to be going to the gym, doing yoga, or meditating every day. I get it. But, like we talked about earlier, weve got an ancient piece of machinery in our heads. Our brains were built for activity. 3 minutes on the Shake Weight isnt going to cut it.

Witnessing Others Traumatic Social Experiences

There have been some interesting findings with non-human primates that suggest that by simply observing another person having a traumatic social experience can we learn to be fearful of similar situations .

Witnessing the negative social consequences of others social faux-pas, the brain can be conditioned to fear similar situations, even though it did not experience them directly. For people with socially anxious parents or siblings, this may be a relevant cause.

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Anxiety : What Is The Root Cause Of Anxiety

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The first time I had a panic attack, I had no idea what anxiety was I assumed there was something seriously wrong with me. I spent years learning as much as I could about anxiety, so I could really understand and prevent it. So, what is the root cause of anxiety?

The root cause of anxiety is a combination of biological and environmental factors . Anxiety varies greatly from person to person, ranging from occasional stress to full-blown anxiety attacks, with many different possible triggers. It is possible to decrease anxiety naturally through lifestyle changes and therapy.

When it comes to mental health issues, there is rarely a once-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone. This is why it is so important to really take the time to understand what the root cause of your anxiety in particular may be. In this article, well be covering the nature of anxiety in detail, to help you truly understand how it works and what can be done to prevent it.

If you only ever read one article on this site in its entirety, this is the one Id recommend.

Lets dive in!

What Is An Anxiety Attack

7 Underlying Health Problems that Could Be Causing Your ...

The word anxiety attack and panic attack are often used interchangeably. This can be viewed by some as a matter of semantics, but the two are actually different from one another. An anxiety attack is basically an intense but predictable bout of anxiety some perceived threat is causing you severe anxiety temporarily. A panic attack can be a bit more random, and involves your fight-or-flight response taking control of your body during a panic attack, you will often feel as though you are going to die, or need to escape immediately. Frequent panic attacks can lead to avoidant behavior and panic disorder over time.

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Digging Deeper Into The Cause

With 40 million people experiencing anxiety disorders in any given year, you may wonder where does all the anxiety comes from? There are many root causes, and most of the time, they have to do with our sense of self.

Perhaps you are anxious in the workplace because you dont trust that youll succeed in your goals. Or maybe youre worrying about final exams because you dont think youre capable of pulling off a good grade. Maybe you were raised to be independent and self-sufficient, so that when you encounter a problem at home, work or school, you feel you cant ask for help. As a result, you try to do it all yourself, even if youre crumbling inside.

Determining the root cause of anxiety isnt easy because its not always obvious and it often can creep up on us, says PsychCentral. As a result, you may start to feel overwhelmed and exhausted, with an inability to focus or even get a good nights sleep. You, therefore, begin to focus solely on the physical symptoms and sensations of your anxiety rather than exploring the psychological symptoms.

What Are The Symptoms Of Anxiety

  • General discomfort
  • Sweating
  • The Butterflies in stomach feeling

These are some of the most common symptoms of anxiety. Its possible that you experience all of these symptoms when anxious its also possible that you feel none of them or feel something else entirely. Generally speaking, however, these symptoms can be pretty strong indicators of anxiety.

As for when and where people experience anxiety, that too is a variable as unique as a fingerprint. Factors such as these can help to give you some idea as to which anxiety disorder, if any, you might be dealing with.

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What Did Galen Discover

During this considerable life span, Galen managed to perform studies that would long influence medicine. He is still known among other things for his discovery of blood in human arteries and for his dissection of the human cranial nerves, the nerves that supply key areas of the head, face, and upper chest.

Heal The Root Cause Reduce The Need For Medication

Roots Causes of Anxiety

While the above is a long list, no item on it is difficult to handle. The key is diagnosing what is at the root of your symptoms of stress or anxiety. We not only are able to get to the root of the problem, but if you are already on a psychiatric drug we typically are able to successfully wean you off it gradually without you any withdrawal symptoms.

Patients who have tried to wean off their psychiatric drugs unsuccessfully are sometimes baffled why it is so easily accomplished after they have done our program. The reason is quite simple. Once we have addressed the root cause and restored balance, there is no further need for medication. At that point, removing the drug from your system is rather effortless.

Have you ever been to a traditional doctor complaining of stress, anxiety, depression, or mood swings? Here is what likely happened:

  • The doctor ran a blood test to rule out any disease process.
  • If the labs came back negative your doctor likely said you are suffering from a mental imbalance and you require psychiatric medication such as an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drug.
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    What Are The Root Causes Of Anxiety

    When it comes to the root causes of anxiety, they can typically be summed up in the following categories:

    • Genetics
    • Learned Behaviour
    • Brain Structure
    • Expectations
    • Environment

    However, the real root cause of your anxiety goes much deeper than these factors. You may even find that you identify with several different categories. For example, I contribute genetics, parenting style, early trauma, expectations and brain structure to be main sources of my anxiety disorder. But I also know, by learning how to find the root cause of anxiety, theres a common denominator in all of these that is the real, deep, root cause.

    You can learn more about this weeks episode on the Anxiety Gone podcast

    Root Causes Of Anxiety And How To Find Them


    Anxiety can manifest in any ways. You likely know the exact things that trigger your anxiety and may even mistaken them as being the root cause. However, the root causes of your anxiety often go deeper than surface level. Theyre usually buried deep into your subconscious and linked a painful experience, trauma or memory. While this isnt always the case, the feelings you experienced when you first had anxiety are stored in your memory bank. In order to heal yourself fully on a subconscious and conscious level you have to get down to the root cause of the problem. Painful? Usually. Worth it? Absolutely.

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    Causes Of Social Anxiety That You Need To Be Aware Of

    It can be so difficult to talk to someone about your issues sometimes.

    You are afraid theyre going to judge you for it. Youre afraid youre going to embarrass yourself.So much pressure and fear to handle and all you can think of is shutting down and sleeping through the day. Just pull through one more day, drag yourself across the 24 hours.Whew! That seems like a lot of work. Lets try something different.Lets try to understand our problems. For that, identifying the causes of social anxiety would be a good start.Please remember the causes of social anxiety could vary from person to person. What causes social anxiety for you might not be the case for someone else. More so, despite being one of the most common mental health problems, extensive research is being conducted on social anxiety disorder even today.Researchers are trying to explore all plausible causes of social anxiety to give every individual a concrete diagnosis of their root social anxiety causes.

    B The Root Cause Approach

    Autism And Anxiety. Finding the Root Cause For Symptoms ...

    In my practice, the real goal is to put an end to the root cause of the problem.

    Finally getting at the root cause of your anxiety automatically eliminates symptoms and prevents them from coming back again and again.

    The latest and greatest neuroscience research is clear: Its not you, its your brain. The thoughts and automatic responses in your brain are the root cause of anxiety.

    Therefore, to resolve the root cause of anxiety you must:

    a) become aware of your thoughts and responses that create anxiety and

    b) learn how to retrain your brain to think and respond differently.

    Thus, it is no surprise that there are alternatives to medication which are proven by research to be equally or more effective than medication .

    These have nothing to do with chemical imbalance. Instead, the most effective anxiety treatment addresses the root cause of anxiety thinking and anxiety responses in the brain.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the gold standard treatment for anxiety and panic attacks.

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    Keeping A Kind Mindset

    As you start exploring your anxiety, remember to listen to yourself as youd listen to a friend: with compassion, curiosity, and patience.

    Consider examining your anxiety with the intention to understand. It might even help to see your anxiety as a separate entity or a younger you.

    Either way, try to be gentle with yourself and proceed with care.

    What Strategies Are Often Used In Treating This Dual Diagnosis

    Evidence-based research suggests that both anxiety and depression be treated at the same time.

    Effective strategies often used in treating these co-occurring conditions include:

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT is often used to treat people with both disorders. Fears, anxieties and tendencies toward depression are managed by seeking out their root causes. Once uncovered, patients learn how to take control of their emotions and life.
    • Antidepressant medications Often combined with CBT, these may be prescribed in treating both disorders. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are new antidepressant drugs that produce fewer side effects than their predecessors.
    • Exercise This can be very helpful for both disorders. Physical activity causes feel-good chemicals to be released in the body. This aids in relaxation and feeling of well-being.
    • Relaxation techniques This typically involves meditation or mindfulness. These techniques can often help to remedy both disorders and improve quality of life.2

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    My Hopeless Fight Against Social Anxiety

    I started by searching online. It felt like my life, happiness, and sanity depended on finding the answer to overcoming my fears. The solution had to be out there.

    Cognitive-behavioral therapy seemed to be the best treatment option recommended for social anxiety. Research had proven its efficacy and the praise of the cured echoed through the Internet.

    But I couldnt get myself to try it.

    Participation in an active, structured therapy group, sharing my thoughts with strangers while forcing myself to make eye contact was too daunting to even comprehend. The irony burnt like hot needles in my throat. I was too socially anxious to overcome my social anxiety!

    I was a disgrace, a failure, a hopeless cause. Depression and despair tried to overwhelm me, but I fought them down. I desperately gripped to the belief that life could be better, that I could be happy and confident.

    I read countless self-help books, tried meditation, yoga, and every relaxation technique I found. But while I saw some positive changes in my life, my social anxiety raged on unaffected.

    I was ready to admit defeat, resign myself to a life of loneliness, shame, and fear. Accept the misery as part of my destiny. But then, an amazing coincidence saved my life.

    Finding The Root Cause Of Anxiety

    The Root Cause Of Anxiety – Lesson 0 – Anxiety Relief Course

    If you have anxiety have you ever wondered what is really happening in your mind or have you learned to accept the fear and worry as something that is just part of who you are? If you are practising acceptance then hopefully this article about finding the root cause of anxiety will help you to think again about why you might have a problem and what could be causing it.

    Over the years we have worked with thousands of clients who have left their doctors clutching a bottle of pills but with no answers as to why they are feeling so bad. Is it any wonder that those people thought that their anxiety issues were like some kind of mysterious illness that couldnt be resolved but simply managed through medication? A lucky few might have managed to get appointments for CBT which can be helpful for some but the vast majority of anxiety sufferers never get an answer to their problems.

    We want to open your eyes to the possibility of discovering the root cause of anxiety and how that can potentially transform how you think and how you feel.

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