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How To Deal With Breakup Anxiety

Ways To Cope With A Breakup

How To Deal With Anxiety After A Breakup or Separation

So, how to deal with a breakup? How to cope when a relationship ends?

Despite these feelings, it is important to get over them and not let them get to you. To help you in this healing process and handling a breakup, listed down below are the top 8 ways of how to deal with a breakup and bring joy back into your life.

Convince Yourself That You Will Find Joy Once Again

Throughout this time, it is of extreme importance for you to stay positive. You should know that you are solely responsible for your happiness and you are the only one who can get it for yourself.

You know who you are and you certainly know what you want so dont stop or give up. Continue working your way to what pleases you and find your happiness as a way of how to deal with a breakup.

Know That Calming Down Your Separation Anxiety Makes You Attractive To Her Faster

If you allow yourself to wallow in your anxiety, then when you interact with your ex, you will likely say or do the kind of things around her that will actually turn her off even more .

Then, rather than make her think things like, Maybe I made a mistake by breaking up with him, she instead thinks something along the lines of, Im so relieved that are finished. I see now that hes just not man enough for a woman like me, because hes too emotionally weak and sensitive. I need a real man who can stand on his own two feet without my support and encouragement and can deal with whatever life throws at him without losing it and becoming helpless.

Thats why, calming down and regaining control of your emotions is a very important step to re-attracting your ex and making her want you back.

Remember: Whatever you say and do from now on is either going to be attracting your ex back to you or turning her off even further.

Dont make the assumption of thinking that its okay to stay stuck feeling separation anxiety after your breakup and that your ex wont notice if you put on a brave front around her.

Women are very perceptive and can easily pick up when a guy is faking that hes coping without her.

On the other hand, if a woman interacts with her ex after a breakup and notices that hes being confident, emotionally strong and getting on with his life with or without her, she cant stop herself from feeling drawn to him again.

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Q: How To Deal With Pain Of Broken Heart

A: When heartbreak happen, we move out of our body. We usually freeze and that keep the painful emotions inside us and bring even more pain instead of releasing it. Its normal that you are scared to go into your body, only with the body you could feel pain. But if you go slowly, gently and if you start with your heart, it will hurt less. Try this exercise: Place your own hand over your heart, breathe gently, softly into your heart. switching to softness can help you relax. The relaxed state is the state when you could release emotions. Tense, focus breathing add force and sense of control. Relax state release you from the need to control and allow emotions to be released, to flow thru you and not get stuck in your body. Do that for at least 30 seconds and then move your hands on your the solar plexus, below the rib cage. Breath in and with breath out release the tension from that area. The Solar Plexus is a tight network of nerves, located right in the apex of the bottom of your rib cage, in line with your stomach. It feels tight when we stress about something. The tightness is also the sign that emotions are stuck in our body. When we release the tightness with breath, we also open the way for releasing emotions

Allow Yourself A Chance To Reflect

8 Tips for Dealing With Divorce Stress

Reflecting on the deeper meanings of your anxiety, and what it can reveal about your attitude, is critical when working through the complex feelings left behind in the aftermath of a breakup. The greatest mistake you can make is to forget your anxiety and just carry on. The truth is that your anxiety is telling you something about how you felt about the relationship, yourself, your future and your ex. Learn why youre worried, what it means about your relationship strategy, and how you can benefit from this experience.

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Taking Care Of Yourself

Some things that may be helpful include:

  • Giving yourself permission to not be on your “A” game. You may not be as efficient in getting your work done or play as well in your intramural soccer game that’s okay.
  • Making time to do the small things that are fun or relaxing. Go on a walk. Listen to your favorite song. Take a few deep breaths.
  • Avoiding using alcohol, drugs, or food to escape your feelings. These may seem to provide temporary relief, but in reality they can intensify negative feelings and lead to unhealthy patterns.
  • Exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and eating well may not feel like priorities when you are coping with a breakup, but they can be important ways of boosting your mood, reducing anxiety, and supporting your immune system when you need it most.

The Thing About People With Anxiety

when it comes to relationships, its the moment they finally get it right thats the scariest. The truth is, anyone with anxiety has thought up a hundred reasons themselves why it might not work, why they are better off alone, why they shouldnt love you, why this might not be right.

The emotions partners dont even know prior to the relationship even beginning is comfortable doubt. Its overthinking everything and countering the negative self-talk that says, this wont work. So, when someone with anxiety finally does end up in a relationship, there is already so much they have emotionally and mentally invested into this person and the prospect of a future.

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But when you break up with someone who has an anxiety disorder, it isnt just a breakup they deal with. It isnt just learning to go through the motions without someone. There is an entirely mental battle they have to fight just to get through it.

With black makeup running down my face, shivering uncontrollably to the point of throwing up and tears drowning me with blurry vision, I got into my car, drove the three minutes it took to get to my best friends house and barged in like it was my own place.

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You Don’t Need To Be Anxious Forever

Does your anxiety bother you?

Do you have a hard time getting out of your head?

Are you a professional overthinker?

Are you tired of the physical symptoms of anxiety?

Not sure how to deal with your anxiety ?

Does your anxiety control your life?

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue in the U.S. and affect over 40 million Americans each year. Anxiety is SUPER treatable, yet only 37% of people with anxiety get treatment.

I’ve connected with 100s of people online who want to get a handle on their anxiety, but aren’t able to get started with therapy. Whether you can’t afford therapy, are having a hard time finding a therapist in your area, don’t have the time to invest in weekly appointments, or want to DIY – I get it. That’s exactly why I created this course.

If you can relate, this course is exactly what you need!

PLEASE NOTE: This course is NOT intended to replace or substitute mental health treatment. Instead, it is for informational and for resource purposes only.

Hi, I’m Kelly.

I’m a millennial therapist with a modern approach. I specialize in helping millennial women & teens overcome feelings of anxiety and build confidence so that you can live your best life.

Kelly O’Sullivan is an LCSW in New York , New Jersey , and Florida . Her courses are not an appropriate substitute for formal medical or mental health care. Courses are for educational purposes only and include self-care tips.

Know That Anxiety Is Self Created And Therefore Can Be Self Deleted

How To Deal With Your Anxiety After A Breakup

If you continue to think negative thoughts about yourself and how you feel now that you and your ex are broken up, its only natural that you will feel anxious and tense.

Anxiety and tension, like confidence, is self created.

Its based on how you think.

When you think things like, I cant get over my ex. Im feeling so lost without her, you will inevitably feel separation anxiety.

On the other hand, when you think confident, self-assured thoughts like, I know it sucks to be broken up, but Im emotionally strong and I can have a happy, fulfilling life with or without her, or I know were currently broken up, but I can quickly get her back when I re-attract her in the ways that are important to her, you will automatically start to feel less anxious and more in control of your life.

The more you think that way, the less the anxiety of the breakup can get to you.

In fact, it will totally be deleted and you will realize that you feel a lot more positive, optimistic and happier than ever before and as a bonus, you will automatically become more attractive to your ex too.

You can then quickly reactivate her feelings for you and get her back.

Except this time the relationship will be even better than before, because youre now a more confident, emotionally strong and independent man than ever before.

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Dealing With Anxiety The How

Here are some ways to manage anxiety by strengthening the structure and function of your brain in ways that protect it against anxiety. Remember though, the brain is like any other muscle in your body it will get stronger with practice. I wish I could tell you that it would get stronger with pizza and tacos but that would be a dirty big lie and very unhelpful. Delicious maybe, but unhelpful. What isnt a lie is that the following strategies have been proven by tons of very high-brow research to be very powerful in helping to reduce anxiety.

  • Mindfulness. But first to show you why.
  • A mountain of studies have shown that mindfulness can be a little bit magic in strengthening the brain against anxiety. In a massive analysis of a number of different mindfulness/anxiety studies, mindfulness was found to be associated with robust and substantial reductions in symptoms of anxiety.

    Mindfulness changes the brain the way exercise changes our body but without the sweating and panting. Two of the ways mindfulness changes the brain are:

    Okay then. What else can mindfulness do?

    Plenty. Mindfulness can improve concentration, academic performance, the ability to focus, and it can help with stress and depression. It also increases gray matter, which is the part of the brain that contains the neurons. Neurons are brain cells, so we want plenty of them and plenty of gray matter for them to hang out in.

    So mindfulness hey? What is it exactly?

    Is there an app for that?


    Tips For Getting Through A Breakup When You Live With Anxiety

    Breakups are rough. Most people believe its the stuff of sad songs and romantic comedies, but in reality, its a visceral and sometimes even debilitating pain to end a relationship in which youve most likely invested a great deal of your emotional energy. Cue anxiety, depression and other mental illness and its almost impossible to breathe.

    Healing a broken heart is difficult for anyone, but for many who struggle with mental health issues, it can cause us to question our self-worth or even trigger potentially traumatic events. Personally, I have been going through a breakup and while its not my first, its an emotionally draining experience for someone who lives a heart-led life.

    Do you fear the stress of a breakup could lead to a breakdown? Read these tips on dealing with anxiety in the aftermath of a broken heart.

    1. Take care of yourself.

    I believe healing a broken heart starts with self-care. Whether that means going to bed early, taking a day off to lounge on the couch watching Netflix or reading your favorite book for the 20th time, do what you need to do to soothe your mind, body and soul. After a breakup, it can sometimes feel like you dont have someone to take care of you anymore, but it doesnt mean you should stop the care. You are most important take this time to make yourself a priority.

    2. Know your worth.

    3. Feel it out.

    4. Learn to let go.

    5. Lean on your people.

    6. Give it time.

    We want to hear your story. Become a Mighty contributor here.

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    How To Deal With A Breakup: 15 Ways To Cope Up

    Relationship breakups happen to most of us, having to separate from someone you once loved is no doubt a stressful and extremely emotional experience. Isolation, confusion, fear and all kinds of painful emotions come running in with the breakup of your relationship.

    This remains the case even if it was a bad relationship or a good one because you have definitely spent and invested so much time and effort into this relationship and now seeing it all go in vain, you cant help but grieve over its demise.

    Remember Why It Didn’t Work Out

    How To Deal With Your Anxiety After A Breakup

    Sometimes, exes suddenly seem a lot more attractive when they aren’t around anymore. If you suffer from a case of the rose-colored rearview mirror, keep a list of the top five reasons you’re better off without your ex and review it as needed. Some people keep a copy of the list in their wallet or on their phone so it’s always handy. Others put the list on their bathroom mirror or some other place where they will see it regularly without having to remember to look for it. You may even want to do both if you want to make 100 percent sure you remember the reasons why the relationship had to end.

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    Sadness And Anxiety After Breakup

    Medically Reviewed By: Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPC

    You and your partner have split now you cant sleep, you cant eat, you dont laugh, you feel upset when other people seem happy around you. Even if the breakup was your decision, the adjustment takes its toll when a relationship ends. A breakup can transform a person who is typically very happy with stable mental health into a depressed, anxious shell of their former selves. If you have an anxiety disorder, a substance abuse issue, or social anxiety, it can be even more difficult to stabilize mental health during this time.

    This isnt uncommon even in a healthy split, and it likely isnt the first time its happened to you and, unfortunately, may not be the last. So what are some ways to cope with the anxiety after a breakup? We have our coping mechanisms for those of us who have been here before, but even then, we acknowledge the difficulty thats why we go into auto-pilot.

    Risks For Increased Struggle After a Breakup

    If you know you already have any of the following mental health issues, take preventive measures immediately to prevent spiraling into anxiety after a breakup.

    Signs Youre Struggling After a Breakup

    Feeling sad is normal, but how do you know when its too much and need intervention? Look for the following red flags:

    Embrace Your Support Network

    Ten Tips For Coping With Anxiety After A Breakup

  • Read this! In a previous article, ReGain gives great tips for how to move on.
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