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Do Dog Anxiety Vests Work

When To Use A Dog Anxiety Wrap Or Vest

Thundershirt – Anti-Anxiety Calming Vest for Dogs XXS-XXL

In my case I wanted to try it on a dog we were fostering to help her with her fear issues. It was a recommendation made by our vet once we did her initial health exam. We invested in a Thundershirt and while it did bring her some comfort it did not fully make her less scared or stressed. Again she was an extreme case!

Other common uses for the vest are:

  • Dog rescues and shelters to help calm nervous dogs
  • Veterinarians to help administer drugs to scared pets
  • Dog trainers who are trying to help insecure and fearful dogs gain confidence
  • Owners who need a little extra help making their dogs more comfortable

Best For Dogs In Recovery: Forthcan Dog Recovery Suit

If your dog enjoys the great outdoors, take him out in this wearable, lightweight version of the original Thundershirt. This is also an excellent choice for dogs with thick coats who might get overheated by wearing the original version. It is flexible, so active dogs can keep moving while wearing it. This dog anxiety vest comes in all sizes and your choice of two colors.

  • Exerts pressure on back and chest.
  • Allows movement for active dogs.
  • Can be worn with a harness.
  • Available in fuchsia pink or gray.
  • Comes in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

Keep Your Dog Safe And Secure

Whether your furry friend is afraid of car rides, thunderstorms, fireworks shows, or being alone, there are plenty of ways that you can comfort your dog. Ease the pain of your furry friends with an anxiety vest, which gently cuddles your dog into a calm mood. I love the variations of jackets that are available on the market, and the vests that come from big-name companies have been really successful as of late.

You and I want nothing for the best for our doggies. Watching them go through an anxiety attack can be heartbreaking. Let me know which one of these best dog anxiety vest reviews hits home with you, and which one has become the favorite of your furry friend!

Checkout The Following Anxiety In Dogs Buyer Guides

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American Kennel Club Calming Coat For Dogs

Calming coats can easily become your dog’s best friend. This is because of their portability and the fact that you can instantly create safe environments that reduce your poochs stress levels by simply getting her to wear it.

AKCs Calming Coat for Dogs wears pretty easy, thanks to the fuzzy straps that allow you to fasten it around your pooch’s torso for a snug fit that helps her feel safe around new visitors, thunder, travel, and many other situations that could cause anxiety in your little buddy.

Also, the coat works magic for dogs that are prone to separation anxiety or getting overly excited unpredictably. Washing it is also easy, thanks to the machine-washable fabric its made from.

At the moment, this coat remains the best separation anxiety jacket for dogs available on and other well-known online pet stores.

How Dog Anxiety Vests Help

Best Dog Anxiety Vests in 2020 (And Scientific Proof on How They Work)

Think of anxiety vests as the weighted blankets of the animal world. Veterinarian Lindsay Butzer, DVM, who is a spokesperson for pet supplement brand, Zesty Paws, says that by applying constant pressure, anxiety vests are able to relieve anxiety and induce a calming effect for nervous pups. Whether its the pressure created when swaddling an infant, putting livestock in a squeeze chute to receive medical care, or putting an anxiety vest on a dog during a thunderstorm, the calming effect of constant pressure on the body has been shown to meaningfully reduce anxiety levels, she explains.

But dont just take her word for it. Stats exist to back it up. According to a study in the Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, dogs wearing compression vests had an eight percent lower heart rate and a 34 percent lower overall mean anxiety score, Dr. Butzer reveals.

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Anxiety Vests For Dogs

Anxiety wraps are vest-like garments designed to calm anxious dogs. The vests work under the theory that pressure applied to the dogs torso causes a calming effect, similar to swaddling a crying infant or hugging a distressed person. There are several brands of anxiety wraps, including The Original Anxiety Wrap®, ThunderShirt® , Mellow Shirt®, Surgi-Snuggly®, and Calm Coat®.

What Is The Best Anxiety Vest For Dogs

This anti-anxiety dog vest is ideal for hyperactive dogs or those fearful of thunderstorms, fireworks, travel and other anxious stimuli. The combined deep pressure and comfort offered by this vest allows for a stress-free, drug-free solution to your dogs anxieties.

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Dog Anxiety Wrap Vs Thundershirt

With plenty of popular dog products and brands on the market, it can be difficult to determine what the best choice or most reputable product is. As I started doing more research into the benefits of the best dog anxiety vests, I noticed a common conversation in online dog owner communities around the world:

People are wondering whether the ThunderShirt is the best option, and if it is comparable to other types of dog anxiety wraps.

I want to be clear when doing dog anxiety jacket reviews that I enjoy the ThunderShirt very much, as well as other brands of compression vests. I will do my best to make comparisons and highlight the benefits of each type of vest so you have a better idea of what you should choose for your fur babies.

Final Verdict: Do Thundershirts Work

Heat stress in dogs – do cooling vests actually help?

Based on the science, the experts, and our own experience, the verdict is clear: compression can and does help to calm anxious dogs, and the ThunderShirt is perfectly designed to deliver that helpful pressure. So yes, ThunderShirts do work for many dogs. Theyre also easy to put on in stressful moments and take off when the need has passed. I particularly appreciated the long Velcro strips that allowed for a custom fit.

As a leader in compression apparel for dogs, ThunderShirt is one of the first, most tested, and most convenient options available. But its not the only way. If youre not yet ready to commit to a ThunderShirt but want to try swaddling your anxious dog, try an alternative like a snug dog sweater , an old T-shirt cut down for your pup , or even a small blanket or strips of soft fabric wrapped snugly but gently around their body.

Oscar continues to see improvements with his ThunderShirt.

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When To Use A Dog Anxiety Vest

Like weighted blankets, the anxiety vests for dogs have a time and place. According to Katy Nelson, a senior veterinarian at Chewy, dog anxiety vests create Deep Pressure Simulation , which relaxes the nervous system and decreases the flight or fight response. With that in mind, dog anxiety vests can come in handy in many scenariosnot just on the Fourth of July or when a storm is rolling in. If you know that your dog gets antsier at night, try seeing how they fare with an anxiety vest before bed if they feel anxious around kids, consider testing an anxiety vest in that situation to determine how it affects their mood and demeanor.

Do Anxiety Jackets For Dogs Work

Dogs have been known to suffer anxiety caused by different factors, such as loud noises or exposed to many people at once. Most dogs react to noise caused by vacuum cleaners, nail trimmings, and firecrackers. Dogs can also become anxious when the weather changes like when there are thunderstorms.

Anxiety jackets for dogs can work great, but you have to choose the correct jacket and use it carefully. The jackets are usually designed like vests, and they operate with the theory that dogs behave like humans. As such, when pressure is applied to their torsos, they become more relaxed.

There are several brands of anxiety jackets, which is why you need you to be careful when selecting one.

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What Do Veterinarians Recommend To Calm Dogs

  • Vets Best Comfort Calming Soft Chews.
  • maxxicalm Natural soothing aid for dogs.
  • VetriScience soothing treats for dog anxiety relief.
  • NaturVet soothing treats for dogs.
  • ThunderEase Dog Calming Pheromone Diffuser Kit.
  • Sentry calming collar for dogs.
  • ThunderShirt Classic anti-anxiety dog vest.
  • Smart dog puzzle toys for beginners.

What is the best natural calming aid for dogs?

Yes, in general, calming treats are safe for dogs. Most are made with natural ingredients such as melatonin, chamomile, valerian root, L-tryptophan, and hemp to promote calming and stress relief. That being said, all dogs react differently to the active ingredients in soothing treats.

Whats The Best Calming Tablets For Dogs

The Best Dog Anxiety Vest That Actually Works by Trusty Tails Pet Care

At a glance: The best calming treats and supplements for dogs Front of the Pack Harmony Best for on-the-go. Premium Care Calming Chews Helps dogs stay calm without drowsiness. Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Bites Great for general anxiety. Vetriscience Composure Pro The most powerful rescue relief.

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How Long Can A Dog Wear An Anxiety Wrap

Whether you are doing your own anxiety wrap or using a store bought version, we would not recommend a dog wearing it for more than a couple of hours at a time. Even then, it is important to make sure your dog does not have any irritation from the wrap or becomes to hot or sweaty.

If you leave your dog in a vest or wrap for too long it can cause them to become comfortable in it and the stresses they feel when it is off may become worse without the vest. These are meant to be short term fixes not a permanent fix.

How We Tested The Thundershirt For Dogs

For pets who arent used to wearing clothes like dog coats, gradually introduce the concept under non-stressful circumstances. Dont wait for a storm to roll in before presenting the ThunderShirt.

I opened the package and laid the jacket out flat on the floor. My dog, Shadow-Pup, immediately wanted to roll on ithis way of sharing his scent and also a favorite game. Shadow also enjoys wearing his cold-weather jackets, and he loves his harness, so I knew hed readily accept wearing the new dog apparel.

Another introduction tip is to leave the ThunderShirt in the dirty laundry basket. That helps the fabric absorb your familiar, comforting scent, so it smells safe. You could also spread the jacket on top of your pets bed, or leave it inside his crate. That helps him recognize this new item as something familiar. If you only bring it out during storms, your fearful pet may instead associate the ThunderShirt with noise, making his anxiety worse.

Next, we played with one of his favorite dog toys to help associate wearing the shirt with fun. This first time, Shadow wore his jacket for about an hour and settled down for a nap shortly after our play session ended. It didnt appear to bother him. For the next several days, Shadow wore his ThunderShirt for 30 to 90 minutes. After the second day, he didnt fuss with the straps as I fit it on him.

Courtesy Amy Shojai

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What Is A Dog Anxiety Vest Or Wrap

They are typically a material that utilizes maintained pressure and/or acupressure on your dogs body to help alleviate stress and reduce their fears. Wraps are typically more lightweight and use materials that are a little better for airflow while the the coats or shirts are often a bit heavier.

They literally wrap around your dogs body to give them a sense of comfort which in turn can reduce the stress, anxiety or unwanted behaviors they may be exhibiting.

Why Do These Work With Pets?

Well, think about a baby what do you do when it cries? You swaddle it.

Think about older kids and adults when they are upset or scared, what do you often do? You hug them.

Just like people, dogs like to feel close to people they love and it gives them a sense of calmness.

What Studies Say About The Thundershirt For Dogs

ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket | Vet Recommended Calming Solution Vest for Fireworks

While scientific studies have been previously lacking, there are many anecdotal accounts of how these methods and products have helped with anxiety which unfortunately is also where many of the manufacturers success claims originate. Luckily, more research is being done to determine the effectiveness and extent of touch therapy for conditions such as noise phobia and separation anxiety.

In 2011, the ThunderShirt company commissioned a survey of dog owners in the United States which found that 29% of dogs suffered from at least one anxiety or fear issue, with the most common anxiety being noise phobia, such as fear of thunderstorms, fireworks, or the sound of the vacuum cleaner. At the time, separation anxiety came in second with 13% of dogs reported to show symptoms. They then surveyed dog owners who had purchased the ThunderShirt product and asked them to rate the level of improvement of their dogs anxiety, finding:

  • For Owner-Reported Noise Anxiety
  • 87% of owners reported that ThunderShirt was helpful in improving behavior during noise events .
  • No improvement was reported by 14% of surveyed owners.
  • For Owner-Reported Separation Anxiety
  • 77% of surveyed owners reported the ThunderShirt as being helpful when the dog was left alone
    • 23% of surveyed owners saw no improvement when trying the ThunderShirt to alleviate their dogs separation anxiety.

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    A Review On Dog Anxiety Vests: Comfort Your Stressed

    • Best Overall Dog Anxiety Vest: Honest Paws Calm Vest for DogsThis dog anxiety vest provides all-around performance, is available in three different sizes, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • Most Reliable Dog Anxiety Vest: Thundershirt Classic Dog Anxiety JacketThis patented dog anxiety vest has over 80% of success rate, according to reports, making it the most reliable anxiety vest on the market.
    • The Statement Maker Dog Anxiety Vest: Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety JacketDesigned especially for sport-loving dogs, this dog anxiety vest comes in a polo design and is recommended by vets.
    • Most Affordable Dog Anxiety Vest: Cattamao Comfort Dog Anxiety Relief CoatThis lightweight, soft, and comfortable dog anxiety vest is available at the lowest price, making it the most affordable choice.
    • Most Therapeutic Dog Anxiety Vest:CozyVest 3-in-1 Anxiety Vest Three-in-one calming coat that uses three sensory stimulations to provide therapeutic relief for anxious dogs.
    • The Honest Paws Calm Vest design provides a constant gentle pressure to ease anxiety, fear, or over-excitement because of environmental triggers.
    • The vest is machine washable to make cleaning easy.
    • This is a drug-free anxiety solution for dogs.

    How Effective Are Anxiety Vests

    • Anxiety vests have been a major help to dog owners who are confused on how to properly manage the symptoms of an anxious dog.
    • Users of anxiety vests have claimed that there has been a decrease in harmful stimuli and anxiety triggers after using it on their dogs for a short period of time.
    • In most cases, the dogs wearing anxiety vests appear less agitated than before, even when faced with the same anxiety triggers that used to send them over the edge without the vest.
    • Even when you are not around to calm your dog, you can be sure that the anxiety vest can take care of your precious pet as well as it can.
    • They are comfortable and painless to the dog. Top quality anxiety vests fit like second skins to dogs and are always very comfortable.

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    How Do Anxiety Wraps Work

    When worn properly, anxiety wraps distribute pressure over the back and sides of the dogs chest, serving as a calming hug. Scientifically, gentle pressure releases chemicals called endorphins that promote a sense of well-being. That ists why stroking a dog firmly and slowly calms him down while a quick pat on the head gets him more excited.

    What Is The Best Product For Dog Anxiety

    ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Vest

    25 products specially designed to calm your anxious dog

    • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplement Soothing care.
    • Zesty Paws Soothing bites for stress and anxiety.
    • Pet Honesty Hemp Calming Anxiety Chewing.
    • NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Chews.
    • PremiumCare soothing treats for dogs.
    • NaturVet Quiet Moments Soothing Hemp Oil.

    How long should a dog wear an anti-anxiety vest?

    So if this is your dogs first time being introduced to wearing the ThunderShirt, it is recommended that you only wear it for 1-2 hours. If all goes well, you can then slowly allow your dog to wear it for longer periods of time during the day.

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    When Is A Dog Anxiety Vest Important

    Just like humans, canines are very different and every pooch has to be considered as an individual. But an anxiety coat for dogs can effectively handle some of the more common and severe anxiety issues. Examples include an anxious response to certain objects, travel anxiety, being left alone, and aging.

    Should you find your pooch, who you know to be brave, whimpering and shaking every time you are about to leave the house, it could mean a case of separation anxiety. Other behaviors that should raise a red flag and might mean anxiety include:

    • Responding to certain situations or objects by holding her ears down and whimpering
    • Wetting herself
    • Tucking her tail
    • Showing aggression

    It’s always advisable to seek the intervention of a vet when you see some of these red flags pop up in your mutt. This will ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. Often, a calming vest for dogsmay be one of your vet’srecommendations, depending on the severity of your dog’s anxiety.

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