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What Natural Supplements Help With Anxiety

Best Supplements For Anxiety

Natural Supplements and Treatments for Anxiety: What the Research Says About Supplements for Anxiety

Taking supplements and vitamins for anxiety relief can address the three most significant biological factors that contribute to anxiety and panic attacks:

  • Low serotonin levels: While the role of serotonin in the brain is not completely understood, it has been found to play an important part in regulating mood and anxiety.
  • Low vitamin B6 levels: Vitamin B6 is an important component required for the body to make serotonin. Low vitamin B6 levels ultimately lead to low serotonin.
  • Low iron levels: Like vitamin B6, iron is a necessary part of making serotonin. Building iron levels helps to avoid a serotonin deficiency.

When combined with methods like talk therapy, building a strong social support system, meditation, journaling and prescription medications , supplements can improve or correct biological factors affecting anxiety and provide relief from many of the most severe anxiety symptoms.

Common Symptoms Of Anxiety

Anxiety can come with a whole slew of physical and emotional symptoms. Many of these symptoms can feel similar to other conditions, which can be alarming for many people. It can be helpful to understand whats a normal part of anxiety and whats a cause for alarm.

If youre experiencing new symptoms or theyre getting worse, seek medical advice from your healthcare provider.

Eat More Whole Foods Less Processed Foods

We all know that a balanced diet helps us feel better and can protect us from a huge array of diseases.

But if you feel like you need to diet, this can cause you more anxiety! Instead, experiment with nutrient-dense whole foods that you truly enjoy, and focus on eating those as often as possible.

Lean proteins such as fish, organic chicken, beans, and eggs provide fuel for your body and brain to keep your energy levels constant.

Asparagus, leafy greens, meat, and avocado contain nutrients that can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, as can omega-3-rich foods like fish, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Even when youre eating a healthy diet, it can still be difficult to get all the nutrients you need, which is why it can be helpful to take natural supplements for anxiety.

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Vitamins As A Management Tool

The benefits of vitamins are endless. Vitamins give the immune system a boost, manage moods, and fill nutritional gaps. The body naturally produces some vitamins, and others must be consumed through diet. Managing stress and anxiety is critical to a healthy and happy life. B-complex, E, C, GABA, and 5-HTP are 5 of the top vitamins which can help with anxiety and stress management. For more supplement recommendations, consult a pharmacist or healthcare provider.

Proven Ways To Control The Symptoms Of Anxiety Without Medication

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You’re anxious, worried, freaked. You’re upset about : money, health, work, family, love. Your heart is beating fast, your breathing is shallow and rapid, your mind is imagining doom, and you wish you could just relaxnow! Whether you have a full-blown anxiety disorder or are just freaking out, you may not want to try medicationat least not yet.

There are many safe, drug-free remedies for anxiety, from mind-body techniques to supplements to calming teas. Some start working right away, while others may help lessen anxiety over time.

Not sure where to begin? Here, 19 tips and tricks to practice, including the best natural supplements for anxiety.

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Supplements For Anxiety: A Good Idea

Medically reviewed by Vicky Davis, FNP

Anxiety is a common problem that affects people of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, anxiety disorders are some of the most common mental health issues in the United States, with more than 19 percent of American adults affected in the past year according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

There are numerous different anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder , panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and specific phobias.

Most of the time, anxiety disorders are treated using options such as anti-anxiety medications and therapy.

These are generally effective, although they may not be the first treatment option youd like to turn to if you only have mild or occasional anxiety.

Although research is limited, some clinical studies have found that certain herbs, minerals and vitamin supplements may help to treat anxiety.

Weve shared these below, along with more information on how you can get your anxiety under control for good.

Megafood Vitamin D3 5000 Iu

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Many people are deficient in or have suboptimal levels of vitamin D, a fat-soluble nutrient thats essential for brain function and mood regulation .

Studies show that vitamin D inadequacy or deficiency is particularly common in people with mental health conditions, including anxiety disorders .

Furthermore, research suggests that taking high doses of vitamin D may be effective in reducing the severity of anxiety symptoms in people with anxiety disorders, including those with GAD .

A 2020 study in 106 people with depression found that treatment with 1,600 IU of vitamin D per day for 6 months led to significant improvements in anxiety symptoms, compared with a control group .

MegaFood Vitamin D3 is one of the best vitamin D supplements for anxiety, as it combines vitamin D with vitamin K.

These nutrients work synergistically in the body to help maintain healthy levels of vitamin K and to promote heart and bone health .

This supplement delivers 5,000 IU of vitamin D and 100% of the Daily Value for vitamin K in just 1 capsule. As a result, its a good choice for people with low vitamin D levels.

Keep in mind that while higher dose vitamin D supplements may be necessary to treat deficiency, for people who simply want to maintain healthy vitamin D levels, a supplement that provides 1,0002,000 IU per day may be more appropriate.

Your healthcare professional can test your vitamin D levels and recommend a dose of vitamin D for your specific needs.

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Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is a nutrient that functions as a powerful antioxidant in the body, and researchers suggest that vitamin C may help combat damage caused by oxidative stress in people with neuropsychological disorders, including anxiety (

27 ).

For instance, one study in 42 high school students found that taking 500 mg of vitamin C per day for 14 days increased blood vitamin C levels and reduced anxiety levels, compared with a placebo .

Vitamin C supplements have also been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety symptoms in women and in adults with diabetes .

Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C delivers 1,000 mg of highly absorbable vitamin C per teaspoon .

The supplement contains liposomal vitamin C, a form of vitamin C thats encased in tiny lipid spheres and has been shown to be more bioavailable than non-liposomal vitamin C .

This vitamin C supplement comes in a convenient liquid form, which makes it an excellent choice for people who cant or dont like to swallow pills.

Whats The Difference Between Stress And Anxiety

Top 5 Best Supplements For Anxiety | Mental Health | Panic Attack | Natural Remedies

Because the symptoms of stress and anxiety are so similar, many people use the terms interchangeably. It is useful to understand the difference as many vitamins help both but the definition is different. Shared symptoms between the two conditions include:

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • A hard time concentrating on tasks, conversations, etc.

  • Mood swings or mood changes, such as irritability

  • Chronic fatigue and loss of motivation

However, while stress is a response to a short-term trigger , anxiety is a persistent feeling that never goes away.

Whether youre experiencing long-term anxiety or short-term stress, psychologists point out that both are emotional responses within your brain and nervous system. And an ever-expanding body of research is investigating how the foods you eat affect how you feel, and whether specific vitamins and minerals can help your brain to better moderate your emotional responses to lifes difficulties.

Get the nutrients you need to help feel less anxious with the Heights Smart Supplement.

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Water Soluble Vitamins For Anxiety

Water-soluble vitamins are extremely important and can be taken on a regular basis to help support mental health and functioning. While vitamin C and a vitamin B complex can help support brain functioning and regulate mood and improve symptoms of stress and fatigue, speak with your doctor before you consider taking them.

The 10 Best Vitamins For Anxiety According To Experts

Lina Zangers/Stocksy

To be honest, it seems as though anxiety has become a bit of an umbrella term, effortlessly manipulated and thrown to and fro in order to describe, explain, and defend our perpetualâand ever-increasingâfeelings of stress, worry, or nervousness. Of course, all of these feelings are serious and are often symptoms or side effects of anxiety or other mood disorders, but in our stressed-out society, we’ve also gotten to the point where we use anxiety as a Band-Aid term to describe whatever negative feeling or emotion is currently ailing us.

However, true anxiety is a very real, very prominent disorder, and the rate at which its growing in the United States is alarming, to say the least. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States, affecting 40 million adults every year.

Kanawa_Studio/Getty Images

We wanted to take a deeper dive into the realm of vitamins and supplements and how they might be able to ease anxiety, so we asked our experts for their takes on the topic and which vitamins, adaptogens, and minerals they personally recommend for those struggling with anxiety or other mood-related symptoms.

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Natural Remedies For Depression And Anxiety

Tension, depression, and stress have become the part of our daily lives. Though, every person is facing pressure in some ways however, the intensity is probably different for every person.

Combating the anxiety and depression is a daunting task, but you can make it easier by managing stress with natural herbs.

Nature has offered many gifts to us, and the legal herbs for social anxiety are one of them. It is smarter and safer to manage stress with these herbs, instead of going for pharmaceutical options.

These herbs for managing anxiety offer a safer alternative to many harmful chemicals and medicines.

Also, the natural herbs are natural to tolerate for your digestive and body system. Since ages, people prefer to use natural herbs for managing stress and to treat minor health issues to avoid the dangerous side effects of medicines.

Keeping in view the high ratio of depression in our society, here we are discussing the best 25 remedies for depression and anxiety that are entirely yet effective in treating stress-related issues.

General Warnings About Supplements For Anxiety

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Before you take supplements for anxiety, here are some things to consider:

  • The evidence for supplements varies. You may feel more relaxed or less anxious when taking certain herbal remedies or vitamins. But clinical trials havent proven that they can treat an anxiety disorder.
  • The supplements you buy online or in stores may differ from the ones researchers have used in clinical studies.
  • Supplement makers must label their products correctly. But federal rules for dietary supplements arent as strict as they are for prescription drugs.
  • Dietary supplements can have serious side effects, including liver damage.
  • Researchers havent tested supplements in pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children.

If you are struggling with anxiety, see a doctor for help.

Journal of PsychopharmacologyMediterranean Journal of Nutrition and MetabolismBiomedical ResearchNutrientsBrain, Behavior, and ImmunityIndian Journal of Psychiatry

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Is There Any Harm In Trying Them

Some might think that taking a supplement for their depression or anxiety could not hurt, so why not try it? But the experts cautioned that there could be potential risks and downsides. Supplements can be expensive and may cause side effects or adverse drug interactions. And supplements are not as rigorously regulated as F.D.A.-approved drugs and over-the-counter medications are, and they do not have to be proved safe and effective before they can be sold. Theres not nearly as much oversight compared to traditional pharmaceuticals, which require pills be manufactured in a consistent way, with consistent dosing, said Dr. Paul Nestadt, a co-director of the Johns Hopkins Anxiety Disorders Clinic and an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Another potential risk of supplements is a paradoxical one: They could exacerbate a mental health condition. Dr. Nestadt said that theres some evidence, for instance, that St. Johns wort can potentially induce a manic episode in people with bipolar disorder.

Perhaps one of the biggest dangers is that people may take a supplement instead of seeking a proven treatment for their anxiety or depression. Im not so worried that someone is going to try lavender or chamomile, Dr. Sanacora said. Im much more worried about the risks associated with delaying an effective treatment.

Are Supplements Ok With My Prescriptions

If a doctor diagnosed you with an anxiety disorder, theres a good chance youre taking a prescription drug. Many people with anxiety or depression take drugs known as SSRIs that work by changing your brain chemistry. Celexa, Lexapro, Prozac, and Zoloft are common SSRIs.

You should be aware that herbal remedies are not harmless. Adding them to other drugs might cause serious problems. Those problems may include fever, diarrhea, chills, extreme drowsiness, or seizures. Taking vitamins is often OK. To be on the safe side, dont take any supplements before asking your doctor. If you are taking supplements or any over-the-counter medications, make sure to tell you doctor about them.

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How Else To Get Help For Anxiety

A simple thing you can have at home for anxiety, especially when it affects your sleep, is herbal tea:

  • Lemon Balm can help reduce anxiety and promote sleep
  • Lavender is useful for restlessness and nervous stomach irritation
  • Chamomile may help you feel calm and get to sleep

Some other things you can do to reduce anxiety include:

Sometimes anxiety can be a side effect of medications or a symptom of an underlying medical issue such as hormonal imbalances or neurological conditions.

If you experience a sudden onset of anxiety with no obvious cause it is important to check in with your doctor. Anxiety also often goes hand in hand with depression.

Treating Anxiety: Medications Home Remedies Therapies And Functional Testing

10 Natural Remedies For Dealing With Anxiety And Stress

Many people turn to prescription medications such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, or sedatives to treat symptoms of severe anxiety. Unfortunately, many of these are highly addictive and are accompanied by a laundry list of potentially dangerous side effects.

Fortunately, many natural remedies may provide hope. Even adjustments to daily routines may offer effective treatment and reduce anxiety symptoms.

Habit changes related to sleep, exercise, and diet are among the many options available, as well as mindfulness routines, therapy, and various herbal-based remedies.

Can I heal my anxiety without medication? In many cases, you can improve anxiety symptoms without prescription medications. Techniques like therapy, supplements, and even changing your diet can help to naturally reduce anxiety.

Caution: Its smart to get medical advice from your physician or another provider before starting a new routine, especially when it comes to major dietary or supplement changes.

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Are Anxiety Supplements Safe

Supplements are generally considered safe, but specific factors can put you at a higher risk of unpleasant or dangerous side effects, including:

  • pregnancy
  • prescription medications
  • chronic medical conditions

Its important to talk with a healthcare professional before adding supplements to your diet, especially if any above applies to you.

Supplements should also not be given to infants or small children without first consulting a doctor.

Foods & Natural Supplements That Can Help Anxiety

May 2, 2018

Affecting roughly 40 million adults, anxiety disorders in America are not uncommon. And with anxiety diagnoses continuing to rise, many people are beginning to seek more holistic treatments. Medication and therapy have been the standard treatment options for decades. While these methods may help people find relief, others dont achieve the results theyre seeking.

This discrepancy has prompted many experts to research other treatment options and to take a broader look at mental health. One area of growing interest is the diet. Recent research has suggested that our diets may play a bigger role in our mental health than we previously thought.

Research has shown that certain types of natural supplements found in various foods can help with anxiety. These natural remedies include:


Research has linked lower levels of magnesium to lower levels of serotonin a naturally-occurring chemical linked to stabilizing mood. Magnesium is also thought to work at the cellular level to help block stress hormones from entering the brain. If youre feeling anxious, try adding more magnesium-rich foods like eggs, spinach, and chard.


Vitamin B


While research is still emerging about the importance of certain foods to lower anxiety, there is strong research supporting that certain foods can support brain health. So, if youre looking for some extra help in managing your anxiety, diet changes may be an area to explore.

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Cbd For Anxiety: Dosage Benefits And Side Effects

Cannabis products you put in your mouth are CBD oils and tinctures, and edibles . Other CBD products include creams you apply to skin or vaporizers that you inhale. CBD products come in different strengths and flavors. THC products are federally illegal, but hemp-derived cannabis products are federally legal because they have almost no THC. Medical-grade marijuana products are legal in 36 states. The FDA has not approved any non-prescription CBD products yet .

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