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How To Calm Person With Anxiety

Remember That It Will Pass

How to Calm Down Instantly in 10 Seconds (When You’re Anxious)

During a panic attack, it can help to remember that these feelings will pass and cause no physical harm, however scary it feels at the time.

Try acknowledging that this is a brief period of concentrated anxiety, and that it will be over soon.

Panic attacks tend to reach their most intense point within 10 minutes of their onset, and then the symptoms will begin to subside.

How To Calm Anxiety

Are you struggling to cope with anxiety? Do you find youre anxious often? How do you calm your nervousness and apprehension? Dont give into these feelings and run from the world. Millions of other people feel like you and are looking for an answer.

People have different temperaments and personalities, and some individuals undoubtedly have a tendency toward excessive anxiety. But God wants to help us at the exact places where we are weak, and He wants to help you overcome this problem.

The key is to realize that nothingnot a single thingtakes God by surprise, because He knows all about your future. And when we are in His hands, then we dont need to be anxious about the future either, because we know He is with us every step of the way. Dont be afraid, because Im with you dont be anxious, because I am your God. I keep on strengthening you Im truly helping you. Im surely upholding you with my victorious right hand .

Want to calm your anxiety? First, commit your life to Jesus Christ by asking Him to come into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior. Next, turn to Him every day. Talk to Him daily and put each of your problems into His hands.

Let Him speak into your life. The Bible is His Word so make it part of your day and learn to trust the promises God has placed in it for you. God knows your weaknesses, anxiety and fears, but He will strengthen you as you learn to trust Him and thank Him.

Put your anxiety behind you and step toward Jesus today.

Who Can Diagnose Anxiety Disorders

If your provider finds no signs of physical illness, they may refer you to a psychiatrist or psychologist. These mental health professionals specialize in diagnosing and treating mental illnesses. They may use specially designed interview and assessment tools to figure out if you have an anxiety disorder. Typically, the provider bases a diagnosis on:

  • Your reported symptoms, including how intense they are and how long they last.
  • Discussion of how the symptoms interfere with your daily life.
  • The providers observation of your attitude and behavior.

Providers also consult the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders . The American Psychiatric Association publishes the DSM-5. Its the standard reference manual for diagnosing mental illnesses.

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You Can Support Someone Struggling With Anxiety By Holding Space For Them

There are three steps to supporting someone who is struggling, explains Whitney Goodman, LMFT, Show up, listen, be patient and perhaps most importantly, alwaysask before giving advice. In other words, the best thing you can do for someone struggling with anxiety is hold space for them.

What does it mean to hold space for someone?

Heather Plett, the author of the book Pathfinder, explains

Holding space for someone means that we are willing to walk alongside another person in whatever journey theyre on without judging them, making them feel inadequate, trying to fix them, or trying to impact the outcome. When we hold space for other people, we open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgement and control.

There are different types and levels of anxiety, but the underlying foundation of them all is the same: excessive worry and fear that can make daily life feel like a battle.

In an effort to help out, we did some research and pulled together expert advice about exactly what to say to hold space for someone when their anxiety is getting particularly severeas well as a few responses you should avoid too.

How Can I Best Cope With An Anxiety Disorder

How to calm down during an anxiety attack, panic attack ...

There are several steps you can take to cope with anxiety disorder symptoms. These strategies can also make your treatment more effective:

  • Explore stress management: Learn ways to manage stress, such as through meditation.
  • Join support groups: These groups are available in-person and online. They encourage people with anxiety disorders to share their experiences and coping strategies.
  • Get educated: Learn about the specific type of anxiety disorder you have so you feel more in control. Help friends and loved ones understand the disorder as well so they can support you.
  • Limit or avoid caffeine: Many people with anxiety disorder find that caffeine can worsen their symptoms.
  • Talk to your healthcare provider: Your provider is your partner in your care. If you feel like treatment isnt working or have questions about your medication, contact your provider. Together, you can figure out how to best move forward.

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Anxiety Disorders: Why You Cant Calm Down

Anxiety disorder is the most common mental health disorder in the US today. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, it may be difficult to calm down in stressful situations. And if this happens to you far too often, you are not alone.

There is help for people suffering from an anxiety disorder that interferes with their daily life. If you feel like your mental health is spiraling out of control, you can find hope from the team at Rosecrance on your journey to recovery.

Please read further to learn why you feel like you cant calm down during an onset of anxiety, and how you can seek treatment today.

Theres No Shame In Taking Medication

Many people avoid taking, or even looking into, medication for anxiety because of the stigmas associated with psychiatric drugs. They may worry about dangerous side effects, that theyll become dependent on them or that loved ones will see them as weak or flawed.

But the fact is, modern pharmacological treatments for anxiety disorders are safer and produce fewer side effects than they did 30 years ago. At the same time, attitudes toward mental illnesses are improving: a 2019 survey by the American Psychological Association found that 87 per cent of adults agreed that having a mental-health disorder is nothing to be ashamed of.

If youre ready to explore medication, Dr. Debra Kissen, CEO of Light on Anxiety CBT Treatment Center, suggests talking to a primary care doctor, who can prescribe the medications most commonly taken for anxiety.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are considered a good starting medication for many forms of anxiety. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in feelings of well-being and happiness, as well as thinking, memory, sleep, digestion and circulation. SSRIs increase levels of serotonin in the brain and are considered non-addictive and safe for long-term use.

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Write Yourself A Letter

A study showed that doing an exercise that involves writing down your concerns and feelings once a day for seven days decreased depression for three months and increased happiness for six months, according to Dr. Kristin Neff.

Neff is a pioneering researcher into self-compassion, which she defines as stepping outside of yourself, and treating yourself with the same kindness you would show to someone you care about. She says showing yourself compassion comprises three elements: mindfulness, kindness and a sense of connectedness.

The writing exercise from the study is a great way to put this into practice. Sit down with a piece of paper, think of a situation thats troubling you, and begin by writing a paragraph that just acknowledges how youre feeling. This gives you some perspective and space for your reactions, says Neff.

Next, write a paragraph that reflects on what Neff calls our common humanity, the understanding that were not alone in our suffering, and that its a normal part of being human. Compassion recognizes that everyone struggles, and were all imperfect, she says. Finally, write a paragraph of kindness, speaking to yourself the way you would a good friend.

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That Must Be So Difficult

How To Calm Anxiety Before Bed and Get Deep, Restful Sleep

âSomeone who is experiencing anxiety may feel overwhelmed, worried, stressed, fearful, isolated, insecure, and even agitated or irritable,â Myers says. So another way to validate their feelings is by acknowledging how stressful and taxing anxiety can be. Even if they donât want to verbalize what theyâre experiencing, this is a way to say âI get itâ without saying âI get it.â

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Shine Daily Mental Wellness For All $6499 For An Annual Membership

Shine is specially designed for better mornings, brighter days and the truest you. With that in mind, this BIPOC-founded app was born as the two female founders felt their bodies, their skin color, their financial access and their past traumas often felt otherized, as explained on Shines website.

With daily meditations, self-care courses, a personalized library of more than 1,000 meditations and virtual community workshops to receive professionally given support from its inclusive network, Shine is a meditation app designed for all and like no other.

Heres What You Should Do To Help Calm An Anxious Person

Listen calmly and without judgement. If someone is feeling anxious and they are talking to you, know that its a big step. This is difficult for them and the best way you can help ease their anxiety is listen to them without judgement. Make them feel comfortable and theyll feel better. Be supportive, non-judgemental and even say, I am here for you.

Ask them how you can help. Rather than giving them advice or suggestions in a bid to make them feel better, ask them what you can do for them. People who are anxious may not want your advice and may just want to vent. Moreover, your advice may be something they have already tried, so it would not help. Giving them the chance to tell you what to do will help them feel more comfortable, in control and allow you to help them further.

Validate their feelings. A simple way to help is to tell a person what they feel is okay. They will feel better about it and calmer. A person who is anxious is facing a lot of problems and many thoughts. Their fears and worries may cloud their judgement, creating doubt. By validating and reassuring them, you are helping them feel better and calmer.

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How To Help Your Child In An Anxious Moment

When your child is in the middle of a very anxious moment, they may feel frightened, agitated or worried about having a panic attack. The important thing to do in the moment is to help them calm down and feel safe.

These strategies can help:

Remember that everyone is different, and that over time you and your child can work together to find the things that work best for them in these moments.

Understand That Anxiety Isnt One

Anxious? Three Ways to Get Out of Panic Mode

Anxiety triggers vary wildly from person to person, as do solutions for calming an anxious mind. For some, perhaps theyd appreciate you joining them in a moment of mindfulness, Dr. Anisha Patel-Dunn, the Chief Medical Officer at LifeStance Health, tells us. Other people may prefer you take a walk around the block with them or simply offer a safe space to talk and be heard. Its OK, she explains, to ask the persons preference so you can support them in a way that will be most beneficial for them.

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Get Moving And Calm Anxiety

Sometimes we want to just curl up in bed or hideaway when we are feeling anxious and panic. I made this mistake for weeks during the early days of my Anxiety and massive Panic Attacks. What was actually more helpful for me was to MOVE my body!

Think of it this way, have you ever witnessed an animal escape a dangerous situation or like my dog, Rocco, its fireworks. What you will see them do is shake. This is how their bodies naturally release stress hormones and calm their systems down.

You can quite literally get up and shake your body . This is what I did at first and then gently moved on to gentle exercises, like getting on my treadmill, yoga, or taking a walk outdoors. You can read more about, how to start exercising for mental health


I hope that you find this helpful. I understand firsthand how difficult anxiety and panic attacks can be in your everyday life. Often I felt misunderstood or even shame at times.

What I want you to know that you are not broken, you are simply a human being with some unmet needs!

Bonus Tip: Sometimes if all fails simply distracting yourself and diverting your attention away from anxious thoughts and emotions can help as a short-term solution. . Distraction can work because your mind cant be in two places at once. So if you can, try engaging in any activity that requires concentration. A few ideas, doing a puzzle, organizing around your home, journaling on a specific topic that is positive in nature, drawing, or coloring.

Do I Need Treatment For Anxiety

Thereâs a lot you can do on your own to relieve anxiety, but sometimes you need help. Psychotherapy and medication are the two main treatments for anxiety disorders.

Signs that itâs time to talk to a mental health professional include:

  • Constant or nearly constant anxiety
  • Anxiety that gets in the way of your daily activities, like work or social life
  • Anxiety about things that donât actually threaten you
  • Panic attacks

Check your health insurance policy to see what mental health services your plan covers. Then, review a list of your in-network providers to find one to connect with.

âYou donât want to add to your anxiety by paying big out-of-pocket fees,â Kissen says.

Your primary care doctor may also be able to recommend a mental health professional with experience treating anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Rosmarin notes that itâs important to find a provider you click with and trust. He also says therapy doesnât need to go on indefinitely to be effective.

âA course of cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety may be eight to 10 sessions,â he says. âThereâs also data to suggest that people feel substantially better after just one therapy session for panic disorder.â

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Release The Anxiety Or Anger

Dehorty recommends getting the emotional energy out with exercise. Go for a walk or run. in some physical activity serotonin to help you calm down and feel better.

However, you should avoid physical activity that includes the expression of anger, such as punching walls or screaming.

This has been shown to increase feelings of anger, as it reinforces the emotions because you end up feeling good as the result of being angry, Dehorty explains.

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