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Is Medical Marijuana Good For Anxiety

Research About Medical Cannabis And Anxiety Disorders

Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) for Anxiety

Research into the benefits of medical cannabis for anxiety is still in its early stages, but indications show that marijuana can help people suffering from anxiety a great deal.

A.R. Schier et al. conducted a comprehensive review of scientific research on the use of CBD for anxiety relief. They looked at studies on both rats and humans.

The researchers found a lot of promise in preclinical studies conducted on lab rats. The results showed potential for treatment for PTSD, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder . Their results suggested that lower doses of CBD worked more effectively than higher doses.

The studies addressing CBDs effect on human psychology also indicated a chance of medical marijuana acting as an anti-anxiety drug. Schier et al. went back as far as the 1980s to compile data on CBD and found it tended to reduce anxiety symptoms in human patients.

So far, we dont have enough clinical evidence to completely understand how cannabis impacts anxiety disorders. But were on the right track toward learning about the calming properties of medical marijuana.

However, we should also keep in mind that marijuana has the potential to cause psychosis that triggers anxiety. As marijuana laws change, well have more opportunities for research that can tell us when and how to use marijuana for anxiety properly. In the meantime, we recommend working closely with your doctor so you can figure out whether or not it works for you.

Are People With Social Anxiety More Likely To Use Marijuana

A 2012 questionnaire study showed that people with clinically meaningful social anxiety were more likely to use marijuana to cope with social situations and to avoid social situations if they could not use marijuana. In addition, a 2011 study found that social avoidance was related to marijuana problems and that men with greater social avoidance showed the most severe in terms of marijuana-related problems.

These findings suggest that as a recreational user, you may be more likely to use marijuana if you live with social anxiety, particularly if you are male and tend to avoid social situations. You might find yourself needing to use marijuana before a social event in order to get through it, or may avoid events where you know that you won’t be able to get high to cope with your anxiety.

Is Marijuana Good For Anxiety

Cannabis has been shown to be beneficial with conditions such as social anxiety, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder . Marijuana has also been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as induce sleep for insomnia patients. Feeling more comfortable in your skin can dramatically lower your anxiety.

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Examples Of Medical Marijuana Strains That Help Lessen Panic Attacks

Below are some of the most popular and effective cannabis strains that can help you reduce panic attack episodes :

· Valentine X

If you want to reduce your panic attacks effectively, you should go for the Valentine X cannabis strain. This fantastic strain offers optimal relaxation effects and helps with irritation, spasms, and fatigue, among other conditions.

· Sour Tsunami

This is yet another remarkable remedy to help alleviate your panic attacks. It boasts great characteristics and effects that help you deal with panic attacks and keep you calm and relaxed.

· Haoma

Known for its powerful stress-relieving effects, Haoma works to make you feel relaxed and calm. The Haoma strain is also an effective way of reducing anxiety.

Traditional Treatments For Depression

Marijuana and Anxiety: What You Should Know!

Treatment of depression is unique to you and the severity of your case. Its possible to successfully manage and treat mild, moderate, and severe depression.

Mild depression may respond well to psychosocial treatments, such as psychotherapy . Drugs usually arent recommended as a treatment for mild cases of depression.

Psychological treatments, such as behavioral or interpersonal psychotherapy, are also a good first step for people who have moderate to severe depression.

Antidepressants are another tool some doctors use for more severe depression cases. Examples include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants. Drugs can carry potential side effects and should only be used under a doctors supervision. Antidepressants must be used with caution in children and teenagers with depression.

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The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

When it comes to depression, many people simply dont feel like sitting down and enjoying a healthy meal. Lack of appetite is also one of the most common symptoms of depression. And this is another problem that marijuana use can help overcome.

Stress is one of the most common causes of depression. Marijuana lowers stress levels. Of course, the ideal would be to eliminate all stress by practicing activities such as yoga and meditation. However, medical marijuana, although controversial, is also an effective technique for eliminating stress. Marijuana use can help reduce stress levels and relax both body and mind.

Suicidal thoughts, and worse, suicide attempts, are very common among patients with depression. One study, published in 2012, revealed a decrease in the suicide rate. The use of medical marijuana reduces the risk of suicide among patients with depression by decreasing their alcohol consumption.

Does Marijuana Interact With Anti

When it comes to mixing cannabis with other anxiety drugs, there are a few things to consider.

There hasnt been much research investigating the interplay of cannabis and anxiety medications, but based on available studies and patient reports, we have a sense for which medications are riskier than others when it comes to mixing. Due to the lack of extensive research, it is advisable to first consult your doctor before combining cannabis and other medications.

SSRIs like Prozac, Paxil, Celexa, Zoloft, and Lexaproare among the most common prescriptions for anxiety. Very few adverse interactions between cannabis and SSRIs have been reported by patients. This also seems to be the case with NDRIs like Wellbutrin, Aplenzin, and Forfivo.

Other medications call for greater caution as cannabis could amplify adverse side effects such as increased heart rate and blood pressure. These higher-risk combinations include:

  • Sedatives
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • MAOIs

Another consideration is how cannabis may complicate symptom tracking. If youve just started taking anti-anxiety medication, you may want to hold on using cannabis so you can clearly see whether your anti-anxiety medication is working on its own.

Read our guides on Leafly for more information on how cannabis may interact with antidepressants and other drugs.

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Can Marijuana Cause Anxiety

Marijuana isnt known to cause an anxiety disorder to develop in people that otherwise wouldnt have had one, but it can cause anxiety symptoms in some people. Marijuana is a complicated drug, and it can cause relaxation in some and anxiety symptoms in others. This is especially true for people that take marijuana with high levels of THC, which have been associated with symptoms like anxiety, discomfort, increased heart rate, and psychosis. Someone with an anxiety or panic disorder may see a worsening of symptoms when they take high doses of THC. If youre treated for anxiety with medical marijuana, its likely that youll take lower doses of THC than some illicit sources of marijuana can provide.

What Type Of Cannabis Is Normally Prescribed For Anxiety

MEDICAL CANNABIS FOR ANXIETY: One woman answers the question “Is marijuana good for anxiety?”

Most doctors who prescribe cannabis will treat you slightly differently because cannabis is not your traditional one size fits all medication. Some doctors are very wary of using THC for anxiety disorders. Doctors who have practiced cannabis medicine a bit longer have the experience to use THC.

While cannabis medicine is unique to each patient, Dr Jim said that a rough approach to start with patients is as follows.

Start with a morning and afternoon dose of CBD oil. If the patient had sleep disturbances then theres potential to use a THC based formulation at night time.

In terms of administration method, the CBD and THC would likely be in an oil form.

If a patient has acute breakthrough symptoms throughout the day then a dose of flower, most likely administered via vaporisation may be prescribed. This method offers rapid onset relief for anxiety, but again needs to be used cautiously because of THCs potential to increase anxiety. For individuals hypersensitive to THC, high dose CBD flower may be prescribed.

Having a base of CBD can help reduce the impairing and anxiety provoking effects of the THC.

In conclusion, using CBD and THC in combination can often be very beneficial for patients with anxiety.

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Cbn Is A Natural Sedative

CBN has strong sleep-promoting effects as has been elucidated by a few studies. A study done in 1995 on mice showed that CBN is essential in prolonging a persons sleeping time. CBN can help with drowsiness during the day. Moreover, its good for your sleep onset in the evening.

A recent study showed that CBN significantly improved the duration and quality of sleep. Participants were able to sleep faster, stay asleep for longer, and progressed well through the various stages of sleep. As a result, the participants woke up feeling rested.

Earlier on, not much was known about the sleep-promoting effects of CBN. But thanks to the recent CBD Shaman study, it is now clear that this cannabinoid is a powerful sleep enhancer that can be used to tackle several sleeping disorders.

Can Medical Cannabis Help Treat Anxiety

Australian Access Clinics

Although medical cannabis has often been used to treat anxiety, a history of misrepresentations, misunderstandings and misinterpretations clouds public perception of cannabis.

This has resulted in cannabis being perceived as an addictive hippie drug that leads to the use and abuse of more severe substances.

Nevertheless, an increasing number of people are beginning to use medical cannabis to help manage their anxiety and depression but what does the science say?

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Can Cannabis Treat Anxiety

There are limited human clinical trials that look at cannabis to treat anxiety. However, growing evidence, from animal studies to cannabis user surveys, suggests the drug could be effective. This is particularly the case when cannabis is in CBD oil form.

One 2010 study found that CBD oil reduced anxiety symptoms in people with social anxiety disorder. Participants had their brains scanned, revealing that CBD oil triggered changes in blood flow to regions in the brain linked with feelings of anxiety.

These findings suggest CBD oil can help treat anxiety. It also reveals the mechanism of how CBD interacts with the brain to achieve this.

A analyzed previous research into CBD oil, stating the vast majority of the research used animal models. However, based on these studies, CBD oil could potentially reduce several anxiety disorders.

These included post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

Human studies are needed to confirm these findings in animals. Furthermore, this research generally only used acute CBD dosing. Therefore, scientists need to conduct more studies to establish whether chronic dosing has similar effects, sustained effects, or both.

Learn more about CBD oil for anxiety here.

A 2018 survey looked at cannabis use in easing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It reveals that medical cannabis users reported a 58% reduction in anxiety and stress.

What Causes Anxiety

Medical Marijuana For Anxiety

Anxiety disorders have many possible causes. We dont understand the exact reasons behind the development of this condition. However, professionals notice factors such as:

  • Trauma
  • Comorbid mental illnesses
  • Drug or alcohol use

You may have anxiety because of one or more of these causes. On the other hand, your condition might come from a different source. Regardless of the reason, you have a valid disorder that requires treatment like any other health condition.

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Why Is This New 2

Cannabis use proponents claim it is a medicine and treatment for anxiety, stress, pain, and also the opioid crisis. It is easier to make claims of safety and efficacy than to prove them. A formal study may determine safety and effectiveness, but in the meantime, cannabis has many advocates who argue that it is as good as any medication or therapy for anxiety and stress. But, no one has provided the kind of evidence that would be presented to the FDA as part of a new drug application. These claims have not been studied in random assignment, double-blind or comparable efficacy scientific trials. In the interim, it is safer to conclude that this also is not true.

Cannabis And Anxiety: Customizing A Cure

More study is needed on the long-term side effects of using medical cannabis to treat anxiety, but for many, it provides a welcome relief from both the daily feeling of impending doom and the emotional and physical effects of taking prescription anxiety medications.

As with prescription anxiety medications, marijuana for anxiety isnt a one-size-fits-all cure. Patients need to work with their healthcare practitioners to experiment with different high-CBC/low-THC strains, dosages, and consumption methods to find out which ones work best to relieve their anxiety. Because each persons brain chemistry is different, what is effective for one person may not work for someone else.

As researchers learn more and medical cannabis becomes more widely available, a larger number of people will gain access to medical cannabis. As anxiety sufferers are offered the choice between prescription medications and all-natural cannabis, their options for treatment will be greater than ever.

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Examples Of Strains That Improve Mood:

Several different medical marijuana strains are known as mood improvers. These strains can effectively change your mood from bad to good almost instantly. Here are some of the mood-enhancing medical marijuana strains

· Harlequin

This is among the most effective strains of medical marijuana for improved moods. Besides helping change your mood, harlequin doesnt get you high. This is mainly because this particular strain comprises fairly low THC amounts, a psychoactive element that makes marijuana users high. The best time to take your medical marijuana prescription to boost your mood is during the day.

· Northern Lights

If you want a medical marijuana strain that gives you a soothing effect, then Northern lights are your best bet. This is a medical marijuana strain commonly used for sedation and will calm your mind down and eradicate your anxious feelings.

· Pineapple Express

Like its counterpart, pineapple express is also a powerful strain for boosting your mood. Pineapple Express also causes euphoria, it is best to use when you are feeling down, or you feel like the weight of the world is all on your shoulders.

· Jack Herer

Another remarkably effective strain is Jack Herer. This strain is particularly popular with anxiety patients for its ability to treat anxiety and depression. Whats more, it is also a potent strain for mood improvement, and you, therefore, need a small dose to enjoy its effects.

Benefits Of Medical Marijuana Studies Prove Cbd Treats Anxiety

Using medical marijuana for anxiety

Certain medical marijuana strains with higher levels of CBD have proven to help treat anxiety disorders. The CBD produces therapeutic affects for patients and can also help patients with Crohns Disease or glaucoma. Animal studies suggest that CBD present in cannabis lessens anxiety and reduces the severity and frequency of seizures.

According to a study published by the Institute of Psychiatry, CBD proved to offer great psychiatric potential, including uses as an antidepressant-like and anxiolytic-like compound. During the study, animals who had been given CBD experienced lower levels of anxiety and depression in a series of tests, such as swimming and puzzle mazes, than animals who had not been given CBD.

Another study aimed to investigate the use of CBD for treating a social anxiety disorder. The study, published by the Department of Neurosciences and Behavior, Division of Psychiatry, found that CBD was associated with significantly decreased subjective anxiety.

The study states that in the first session, subjects were given an oral does of CBD or placebo. Results suggested that CBD reduced anxiety in social anxiety disorder patients because it is related to CBDs effects on activity in specific mood-altering brain areas.

History of Medical Marijuana For The Treatment of Anxiety

Today, many states across America have legalized the use of medical marijuana, but usage still remains illegal under U.S. federal law.

Arguments Against Medical Marijuana Use to Treat Anxiety

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