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How To Overcome Test Anxiety

Ideas To Overcome Test Anxiety

How to Overcome Test Anxiety

Just as most speakers who get up on the stage feel apprehensive before an important talk, a bit of stress is plausibly good too, as it gets your adrenaline running, makes you wide-awake for the big event.

But, sadly, not everyone can keep it in check, and thats when it starts affecting our performance.

This brings us to the inquest: How to manage test-anxiety?

Here is a list of some important ideas which will help you to overcome the Test Anxiety:

Commit Yourself To Complete The Exam

Commit yourself that you will complete the exam with full energy and enthusiasm. When you make commitments your brain gets curious to see the positive results.

This commitment boosts your internal energy of your brain and you feel more confident. This will decrease your test anxiety and develop some interest and excitement for writing an exam. When you are excited about your test you lose all the stress and worries.

So commitment before starting the exam works very well to overcome anxiety.

Perform Better Under Pressure Every Time

Performance Anxiety is common before a big event or performance. For some of us, the stakes are extremely high and we have to perform at our absolute best! PerformZen was created for you the high level performer who wants to stay focused & creative while delivering the best performance of your life, without the crippling anxiety & nerves. 100% natural and with none of the side-effects of beta blockers. Try PerformZen today:

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Try Performzen For Calmness And Focus During A Test

PerformZen is a natural supplement that is designed to promote calmness and mental focus, so you can perform at your optimal level, whether its during an exam, a performance, or at a social event.

PerformZen works primarily by boosting GABA levels in your brain.

As we mentioned before, GABA is one of the neurotransmitters that is closely associated with social anxiety. The primary function of GABA is to act as an inhibitor. It reduces brain activity by blocking specific signals . The reduction in brain activity can have a calming effect, which is beneficial to someone who experiences anxiety during a test or a performance.

Evidence shows that low levels of GABA have been associated with a higher risk of anxiety and stress. On the other hand, boosting GABA can help reduce stress and anxiousness .

And it gets even better. PerformZen comes with a unique formulation of GABA that is designed to cross the blood-brain barrier, instead of having to be metabolized through the digestive system.

As a result, the effect of GABA in PerformZen is quicker and more potent, and it works just in time for your exam, performance, or speaking gig.

But thats not all, other ingredients in PerformZen also boost the effects of GABA and improve cognitive performance.

L-theanine promotes calmness and boosts GABA levels

L-theanine is an amino acid that is most commonly found in green, black, and oolong teas.

Magnesium and vitamin B6 improve mental focus and bioavailability of GABA

What Are Alternative Considerations

10 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Test Anxiety

What am I supposed to do? Can I do the best I can? Whats the worst thing that can happen Its not the end of the world. Doesnt mean Im always gonna fail. Its true that I dont have enough time, but how can I use my time most effectively? Even if I cannot study all the resources, I can prepare for the exam by giving priority to important sections, at least I earn points from these sections. If I succeed, I will surpass an important turning point in my life. Failure doesnt mean Im lazy and incompetent. It means I have to work harder. Its in my hands to use time for my own benefit

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Tips For Overcoming Test Anxiety

So, how can you get over test anxiety? Here are some tips to help:

  • Be prepared: Lack of preparation can significantly worsen test anxiety. Make sure you are fully prepared next time you take a test. This includes thoroughly studying, getting a good nights sleep, and arriving to class early.
  • Modulate your breathing: Anxiety causes shortness of breath and a racing heart. In order to modulate these, practice regulating your breathing. Try breathing in deeply through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. This will slow your breathing and help to control your heart rate.
  • Maintain positive thinking: Negative thinking and catastrophizing can lead to more severe symptoms such as depression. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and remember that your self-worth should not be tied to the results of a test.
  • Laugh more: Laughter is a natural medicine that improves your mood and combats stress. Try watching YouTube videos or listening to a funny podcast the next time youre feeling stressed.
  • Stay healthy: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for your physical and mental well-being. Remember to always get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and practice self-care.
  • Chew gum: Chewing gum during a test can help keep your mind focused on the task at hand and away from negative thoughts.
  • Hang out with pets: Research suggests that spending time with pets can decrease stress and anxiety in humans. If you dont have a pet, consider fostering a pet or pet sitting.
  • Develop Healthy Study Techniques

    An all-night cram session the night before an exam can leave you feeling anxious and underprepared, as will strolling into class on exam day without having studied at all. By focusing on healthy study techniques, you can build better habits and feel more prepared for tests.

    According to PsychCentral, how you approach a study session can make a big difference. Practicing positive self-talk and avoiding catastrophizing is key to reducing test anxiety. Instead of cram sessions, plan ahead and set aside time to study in the days leading up to your exam. Schedule in break times, and make sure you get plenty of fresh air and rest.

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    Focus On Calm Breathing And Positive Thoughts

    Deep breathing can slow down a beating heart or a racing mind, so practice these techniques at home. The very act of concentrating on breathing and thinking can biometrically alter those anxious feelings.

    Sometimes just remembering that some test-taking anxiety is a normal part of school can help make it easier to handle. If you need a confidence boost, try a session with an online tutor. From PhDs and Ivy Leaguers to doctors and teachers, our tutors are experts in their fields, and they know how to keep your anxiety at bay.

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    How to Overcome Test Anxiety

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    Recognize Your Test Anxiety Symptoms

    It’s important for you to recognize when you are experiencing test anxiety symptoms. In reference to the Performance Pyramid, this is both Managing Emotions and Managing Anxiety.

    It means that instead of sitting there chewing your fingernails off while your teacher is preparing to hand the test out, you can:

  • Identify the symptoms of test anxiety
  • Take steps to reduce it
  • Here are the common anxiety symptoms:

    • Physical symptoms. Headache, nausea, diarrhea, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, light-headedness and feeling faint can all occur. Test anxiety can lead to a panic attack, which is the abrupt onset of intense fear or discomfort in which individuals may feel like they are unable to breathe or having a heart attack.
    • Emotional symptoms. Feelings of anger, fear, helplessness and disappointment are common emotional responses to test anxiety.
    • Behavioral/Cognitive symptoms. Difficulty concentrating, thinking negatively and comparing yourself to others are common symptoms of test anxiety.

    Begin Building A Growth Mindset

    Sometimes, children may view tests as a measure of their self-worth, further contributing to the amount of pressure they feel to succeed. It is important to remind them that tests are just a snapshot of who we are in a particular moment in time, and that there is always time to grow and learn more in the future. This can help kids re-frame their perspective what tests mean for them and help reduce some of the pressure surrounding individual tests.

    Test anxiety can be a tough hurdle for some kids, but providing support and validation can help them build the self-confidence they need to overcome it. If you would like extended support, please check out our Therapy Servicesand Parent Consultation Services.

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    Here Are Some Successful Strategies For Test Anxiety

    We all experience some level of anxiety before a test. A little nervousness can actually help motivate us to perform our best. Too much anxiety can become a problem if it interferes with your performance on tests. Some strategies for dealing with test anxiety:

    Before the test, take good care of yourself:

    • Be prepared. Study the material in advance do not leave cramming for the day before your test. Do not do a last minute review.
    • Get plenty of sleep, it is hard to function at your best when overtired
    • Avoid any use of drugs and alcohol, they can interfere with your mental ability.
    • Exercise may increase your alertness and sharpen your mind.
    • Have a moderate breakfast, fresh fruits and vegetables help reduce stress avoid caffeine, sugar and junk foods.
    • Allow yourself plenty of time arrive at the test location early.
    • Choose a seat where you will not be easily distracted.
    • Use abdominal breathing to help reduce anxiety. Place one hand on your abdomen, right beneath your rib cage. Inhale through your nose and feel your abdomen fill like a balloon…count to three on your inhalation and then slowly exhale counting to four, feeling your abdomen contracting with the exhalation.
    • Do a reality check, how important is this exam in the grand scheme of things? Put it in perspective.
    • Use positive affirmations, say a phrase to help keep things in perspective, “I’ve done this before, I can do it again.” or “I have all the knowledge I need to get this done.”

    How To Treat Exam Anxiety With Cbt

    How to Overcome Test Anxiety

    It is considered exam anxiety when someone worries about, preoccupies themselves with, obsesses over testing situations. This can manifest in the school setting as well as the work setting. On a cognitive level this anxiety may show up as an obsessive rumination that thoughts are not clear or unfocused.As experts talk about it being exam time, people often experience thoughts of terror and panic start to run through their mind-imagining what if they should fail? What will I do for work? How will I provide for myself or my family?

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    Just Relax And Stop Overthinking

    Find ways to relax your mind and body before you take an exam. Ive discovered that deep breathing exercises and meditation have worked for me.

    Just relax and stop overthinking, although it is easier said than done. Creating more worry wont add more points to your grades. Dont get too stressed if one or some of your tests didnt go as well as you had hoped for. If you were hoping for an A but you got a B instead, you should still be thankful. You passed! Celebrate your success even if it is something as simple as completing the test!

    Q Is Test Anxiety More Prevalent Today Than Ever Before

    Driscoll: I think so, possibly because there is more emphasis on testing today. I also think there is more loneliness and isolation today than ever before. Many of us have fewer close friends. If you are with all your buddies, you’re probably not going to be anxious because you know no matter how the test turns out, you’re one of the family. In the sense that no matter how you do on the test, there is a place for you to fall. That’s part of the dread if you don’t do well on the test, that there isn’t a place for you in the world. So isolated people who don’t test well have a harder time.

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    Tips To Help Overcome Test Anxiety

    There are several relatively simple things students can do to ease their test anxiety. Its important to remember, what works for one student might not work for another. Below is a list of suggestions and strategies that you can try before and during exams. Some are easy no-brainers others might be surprising. Try one, some or all of these to find out what works for you.

    Inhale Positivity And Exhale Negativity

    How to Overcome Test Anxiety

    Being Positive is very important when you are writing an exam. I understand you do not have control over your feelings but you can still think about positive things.

    Thinking about positive things encourages you from inside. Your confidence automatically boosts up when you think positive.

    More than 90% of negative thoughts that develop into our mind are just your illusions, and those are not real. So why to think about something that is not real.

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    Reach Your Examination Class Early

    Reaching your examination class before 15- 20 minutes is very important for each student.

    When you are before time you do not rush in anything and your mind remains calm. However, if you are late for your exam, you will have to rush through everything and you may feel stressed, anxiety, and even low in confidence level.

    Moreover, reaching late in examination does not makes your flow for the complete examination. In this situation you may think that you will get less time compared to others and this feeling develop test anxiety in you.

    These are very small things but they have a very big effects on our daily routines. Make everything easy for yourself rather than making it complicated.

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