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Will Zoloft Help With Anxiety

How Should I Take Escitalopram

How to Treat Anxiety Disorders with Zoloft

You can take escitalopram with or without food.

You should take escitalopram exactly as prescribed, and continue to take escitalopram as prescribed even after your symptoms improve. You should not change your dosing regimen or stop taking escitalopram without discussing with your provider first. A gradual reduction in dosage rather than abruptly stopping is recommended whenever possible.

If your symptoms are not improving or you have any questions about changing or stopping medication, reach out to your Ro-affiliated provider for guidance.

Use Of Zoloft For Anxiety Treatment

Zoloft is a prescription drug approved to alleviate different types of anxiety disorders. Anxiety is an unwanted disorder that is characterized by a nerve disorder, worry, overreaction, mood swings, unwanted thoughts, feelings of guilt and unpleasant fear. Sertraline is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor in the form of Zoloft that is given to maintain a high level of serotonin in the brain. It elevates the mood and controls the anxiety. It is used for various anxiety treatments as below:

  • Pain disorder
  • Mood swings

Studies reveal that men and women suffer from various panic attacks due to anxiety. Zoloft is found to reduce the urge to perform repetitive tasks that interfere in the daily life. It balances the natural substances in the brain and keeps the patient calm. If the medicine is given for premenstrual problems, the doctor may direct you to take the medicine every day of the month or two weeks before the periods to control anxiety disorders.

Strategy No : When Using Ssris Start Low Go Slow Aim High And Be Patient

Because of their safety, tolerability, and efficacy in treating panic disorder and common comorbidities, SSRIs are the first choice of drug therapy for treating panic disorder.2,3 The initial activating effects of SSRIs and tricyclic antidepressants can be especially troubling.4 As a result, many patients abandon SSRI therapy before they experience any benefits. Following are several strategies to help patients overcome resistance to therapy.

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What Are Sertraline Side Effects

Overall, sertraline is a safe and effective medication. However, like most SSRIs, sertraline side effects do occur. Most sertraline side effects are minor and occur during the first few weeks of using sertraline. Common sertraline side effects include:

  • Weight gain. Like other SSRIs, sertraline is linked to weight gain. About 25% of people who use SSRIs and other antidepressants experience some amount of weight gain as a result of appetite, diet and activity level changes.Just like avoiding weight loss, avoiding weight gain from sertraline can be managed by maintaining your normal eating habits, activity level and caloric intake.

Over time, these side effects should fade as sertraline reaches a steady state in your body. If you experience persistent side effects from sertraline that do not get better over the course of one month, you should contact your doctor.

Sertraline is also linked to several serious side effects. These side effects occur rarely and only affect a tiny percentage of people who use sertraline, however, they are worth mentioning. Rare side effects of sertraline include:

If you experience any of the five side effects listed above, you should seek medical assistance immediately. These are rare, potentially serious side effects that need to be treated by a medical professional.

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How To Use Zoloft For Anxiety And Depression

Zoloft For Social Anxiety


Jen Miller, PMHNP-BCPMHNP Director

Zoloft is the brand name for the drug sertraline, which is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, or SSRI. Zoloft is an antidepressant and is commonly prescribed for the treatment of depression, but it can also be used to relieve symptoms of anxiety as well.

When you use Zoloft properly, it may be highly effective at bringing you relief from your symptoms, and it is important to be patient when using Zoloft as it can take several weeks for the effects to be felt.

Whether you are just starting to take Zoloft, your provider has recommended Zoloft, or if youve heard that Zoloft may be a good fit for you, this guide to using Zoloft for anxiety and depression has all of the information you need.

Want to speak 1:1 with an expert about your anxiety & depression?

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How Long Do Antidepressants Take To Work

Antidepressants can take about a month to start having any sort of effect. From there, your doctor may advise you to continue taking it over a period of 6 months to a year. The use of antidepressants increased nearly 400 percent between 1988 and 2008. SSRIs are the most common class of antidepressants in the U.S. and are believed to be safer and generally cause fewer side effects than other antidepressants. Most side effects from the antidepressants will go away after a few weeks of taking the medication. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for those wanting to improve their anxiety symptoms.

Some ways to do so include:

  • Exercising often
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Exposure therapy

Practicing healthy lifestyle habits can significantly improve your life, while dealing with anxiety. If you are not feeling better on a certain medication, your doctor may suggest trying a different medication.

If you are currently taking antidepressants and decide to stop, it is important to reduce the original dose gradually over time. Quitting abruptly can lead to symptoms such as headaches or dizziness and even increase your chances of symptoms returning. Always discuss quitting a medication or changing medications with your healthcare provider first.

Strategy No : When Needed Use Inexpensive Treatments

One barrier to adequate treatment of panic disorder is the potentially high cost of therapy .1,46 The monthly cost of SSRI therapy can exceed $100 for the higher dosages of medication that are often required.21 Imipramine has proven efficacy in treating panic disorder, depression, and generalized anxiety disorder. The monthly cost of therapy can be as low as $8.21 Generic benzodiazepines are also inexpensive .1,46

Formal CBT programs can cost more than $1,000 for one course of treatment. Anecdotally, self-help groups like Agoraphobics in Motion, 1719 Crooks Rd., Royal Oak, MI 48067 telephone: 248-547-0400, can be inexpensive and helpful.

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The Best Time Of Day To Take Zoloft

If youre taking Zoloft or sertraline for anxiety, you may be wondering what time of day you should take it. The answer is simple: It doesnt really matter.

What does matter? Being consistent with when you take it. You should take this medication around the same time each day. If you forget a dose, dont double up the next day.

One thing to consider when determining what time of day to take sertraline for anxiety is the side effects.

If you generally have trouble sleeping, some medical professionals may recommend taking it in the morning.

Also good to know: You can take sertraline with or without food.

To make sure you dont forget to take your dose, try to build it into your routine. For example, if you have breakfast at the same time each morning, you could take it then.

Another option would be to set an alarm on your phone to go off at the same time each day.

Oh, and if you want to stop taking Zoloft, its important to do so under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Stopping suddenly could lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment Options For Generalized Anxiety Disorder


Generalized anxiety disorder can dominate your life, and often lasts a long time. But there are a number of different treatment approaches that can help you learn to better manage your anxiety and lead a normal life again. Some medications are also effective.

People who have generalized anxiety disorder arent afraid of specific things or situations, but of a wide range of things, which is why it is referred to as generalized anxiety. This can take a great emotional toll and also cause a number of physical symptoms such as drowsiness, muscle tension and a racing heartbeat. Being in a state of constant worry is exhausting, but there are different treatments that can help reduce the anxiety down to a tolerable level.

Unlike other kinds of anxiety disorders, generalized anxiety disorder often first develops in middle-aged people. But anxiety disorders can affect people of all ages.

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Antidepressants For Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is defined as an unpleasant feeling of nervousness or fear that is often accompanied by unrealistic thinking, dread, and panic. For some individuals, anxiety is an uncontrollable part of life no matter what they do, they cannot escape the anxious thoughts, constant worry, and physical symptoms such as a fast heart rate. If left untreated, anxiety can become so extreme that a person can becomes afraid to leave the house, form social bonds, and hold down a job.

In the event that a person fails to adequately treat their anxiety, it may lead to a nervous breakdown and/or social isolation. Fortunately there are many effective treatment options for anxiety sufferers. Although many doctors will recommend natural treatment options such as cognitive behavioral therapy , meditation, and physical exercise antidepressants are considered first-line treatments.

How Common Is Anxiety And Does Zoloft Help

Although Zoloft is considered an antidepressant medication, and was initially marketed to treat patients with depression, it is now FDA-approved to treat people with certain forms of anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are some of the most common mental health conditions in the United States.

According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, roughly 19% of adults have an anxiety disorder. An estimated 7% of children also suffer from excessive anxiety. When we break down those statistics even further, we find:

For many patients, taking an SSRI medication like Zoloft can ease symptoms and improve their mood.

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Does Zoloft For Anxiety Really Help

Drugs for anxiety disorders abound, especially because depression is a common occupational hazard in all countries, particularly developed ones. It is not uncommon to find at least one employee under anti-anxiety medication in the workplace. There is no sign that the person is taking medication, and they usually blend in with everyone else without much drama.

Anxiety medicines have taken a lot of flak from users that claim to be addicted to the drugs. Many psychologists still maintain that the drugs work well until a person loses confidence to be able to succeed in conquering the disorder without the drug. The problem with anxiety medicines is that they usually foster dependence behaviour.

When you start looking for medication to treat your anxiety disorders, you will often hear the term zoloft mentioned by people who have been using anti-anxiety drugs for years and your own therapist. Some of the questions you may be asking now would be the following:

What is Zoloft?

How Does it Work?

The simplest way to describe Zoloft in terms of how it works is saying that its a mood modifier. People that use Zoloft are less prone to sinking into a depressive state. To a normal person, the effect can manifest by showing hyperactivity. To a person struggling with depression, the mood change could mean he can act normally around others and actually get something done during the day.

Is It Effective?

Who Shouldnt Take Zoloft

Zoloft Child Anxiety

While Zoloft can offer some good anxiety-reducing effects, there are some people for whom the drug may not be a good match.

Conditions that can impact the effect of Zoloft include:

People with angle-closure glaucoma

People with angle-closure glaucoma conditions can experience an increase in glaucoma attacks if they take Zoloft. Therefore, they should talk to their doctor to determine if the SSRI is appropriate.

People with seizure conditions

Since seizures are already a potential side effect of Zoloft, the medication should be considered carefully in people with a seizure condition lest it increases their frequency or severity.

People with liver issues

Patients with liver problems should take care when starting Zoloft as they can experience stronger doses than normal due to their livers inability to break down the medication.

People with bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a possible complication of Zoloft as you can experience a higher risk of manic symptoms.

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What Are The Most Common Side Effects Of Zoloft Medication

There are two types of possible side effects that Zoloft can cause: common, serious, and uncommon.

Common side effects that Zoloft can cause include:

  • High levels of serotonin can lead to Serotonin Syndrome. This is characterized by severe muscle tightness, confusion, fever, and shivering.
  • Young adults are at greater risk for suicidal thoughts.

Without consulting a doctor, patients who stop taking Zoloft may develop withdrawal symptoms. Patients may also experience an allergic reaction to Zoloft.

Is 25mg Of Zoloft Enough For Anxiety

According to a health report, 31% of adults experience anxiety at some point in their lives. To some people, anxiety might sound like a hoax. But the sufferers know how it feels to live through every single day.

Over time, many medications and methods have been developed to help anxiety disorder patients to relieve the tension. Zoloft drug serves a similar purpose. 61% of Zoloft consumers have reported a positive impact of this medicine.

Now, what dosage of the medication will be perfect for you? Is 25mg of Zoloft enough for anxiety? What are the side effects of this drug? All these questions are vital if your doctor has prescribed you Zoloft. Read on to the article to get an overall idea of this medicine.

Table of Content

  • 7 Final Thoughts
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    Strategy No : Avoid Ineffective Therapies

    Beta blockers, once widely touted as effective antipanic medications, have proven disappointing as monotherapy in subsequent placebo-controlled trials.5 Buspirone is ineffective as monotherapy for panic disorder, as is the antidepressant bupropion .5 Traditional forms of psychotherapy have little proven benefit in treating panic disorder, but they may be efficacious in treating comorbidities or to help patients adapt to their condition.10

    Should You Try Another Medication

    How To Take Zoloft For Social Anxiety Disorder?

    While Zoloft has been proven to be a highly effective medication, its not for everyone. If you dont feel that Zoloft is helping your symptoms or youre experiencing side effects from the medication, talk to your doctor. It may be time to try another medication.

    Zoloft takes a while before it starts working. You may need up to four weeks of taking the medication before you start noticing benefits. The good news is that most people will see some relief in under 3 months.

    Some people experience anxiety because of chemical imbalances in their brain, which means they may need more than just medication to help relieve their symptoms. Your doctor may prescribe other treatments like psychotherapy or psychiatric therapy as well as Zoloft.

    If you are experiencing long-term and persistent anxiety, Zoloft can help manage your symptoms and make them less severe over time, but it wont cure the disorder immediately. Youll need more than just medications to get better.

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    What Is Sertraline Used For

    Given its potential to boost your mood, sertraline has found itself as part of the management for conditions including moderate to severe depression, panic attacks, generalised anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. One lesser-known role for this SSRI also includes the management of premature ejaculation, but more on that later.

    Zolofts Immediate Neurochemical Action

    Research suggests that Zoloft starts working in terms of its action upon neurochemical targets almost immediately. In other words, within an hour or two of taking Zoloft, the medication is modifying neurotransmitter levels throughout the brain, as well as receptor sites. Zoloft functions primarily by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin, but to a lesser extent , it interacts with the dopamine transporter and sigma-1 receptor.

    Within a few hours of ingesting Zoloft, concentrations of extracellular serotonin will be noticeably increased compared to pre-treatment. Increased extracellular serotonin leads to greater serotonin signaling throughout the brain, which might explain rapid responses to the medication. It is known that increased serotonin signaling alone can enhance mood, reduce anxiety, and mitigate obsessive thinking.

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    Who Should Not Use Fluoxetine

    Do not use fluoxetine if:

    • You are taking a class of medications called monoamine oxidase inhibitors . Examples of MAOIs include isocarboxazid , phenelzine , selegiline , and tranylcypromine , linezolid, or intravenous methylene blue. MAOIs may increase the risk of serotonin syndrome.
    • You are taking a medication called pimozide or thioridazine. Taking these medications with fluoxetine can increase the risk of prolonged QT interval, which is a potentially dangerous change to the electrical signals that make your heart beat.

    Zoloft Initially Raise Anxiety Then Anxiety Subside

    Zoloft 25 Mg Effective

    Question posted by Anonymous on 14 Aug 2011

    Anyone that has a panic disorder/major depressive disorder/OCD… begin Zoloft only to have the anxiety level go up as a side effect, but the longer you stayed with it that side-effect subside?


    I have been having the same issue. I started Zoloft a little over three weeks ago and still feel that my anxiety has not completely subsided. I have been taking Klonopin over the past couple of weeks with the Zoloft to help me get through the day. My doctor told me that it could take between 4-6 weeks for the medication to kick in.


    I’m currently going through the same thing and have been on zoloft for about a week alone total of 3 weeks if I count the transitional period when they were dereasing my paxil. Does anyone know how long it takes before the anxiety gets back down again? Wish us both luck!!!

    +0sweetie pie+2

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    What Is The Best Time To Take Zoloft Morning Or Night

    Zoloft should be taken once a day in the morning or evening. Different people find different times of the day to be more effective for taking their medication. If you work a 9-5 job, you may want to take your Zoloft in the morning, but if you work from home, you may prefer to take it at night.

    Youll need to find what works best for you and your schedule. It is important to note that morning dosing is more effective at reducing anxiety symptoms than evening doses. This is because there are fewer distractions and interruptions during the day.

    However, because most people get up in the morning hours, its also easier to remember to take your medication when you wake up in the morning. Ultimately, whichever time of day works best for you is whats most important.

    This will help alleviate any anxiety symptoms and help you live a more comfortable life with less worry or stress.

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