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Can I Get Ssi For Bipolar Depression And Anxiety

What Can Cause Ssdi Benefits To Cancel

Can you get Disability for bipolar disorder, depression?

While receiving SSDI benefits, your treatment continues simultaneously.

Once recovery is met, people opt for more stable jobs.

Reasons for the cancellation are:

  • Medical Improvement
  • Going about the Income or Asset Limits
  • Turning 18 if one was on the benefits of the parents
  • Changes in life situations

You can also secure your SSID benefits along with your work, but to do that, you are required to follow certain rules:

Can I Get Ssi For Bipolar Depression And Anxiety

One of the common questions those with severe bipolar have is can I get SSI for Bipolar Depression and Anxiety?

Bipolar disorder is considered a disability. Both by the Social Security Administration and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

So yes, you can get SSI for bipolar depression and anxiety. However, you must qualify and provide facts about your condition before getting your SSI approved.

Lets dig in a little deeper so you know what to expect.

Denied Bipolar Disorder Disability Claims For Ltd Insurance

Marc Whitehead & Associates aggressively represents insurance policyholders that have had bipolar disability claims unfairly denied. We can help you fight the insurance companys denial whether you personally bought the policy, or the policy was issued through your employer.

Many disability insurance policies contain language that classifies mental impairments such as bipolar disorder, as a mental nervous condition. Defined as such, typically only 24 months compensation is allowed. However, this may not be accurate if the bipolar disorder is a biologically based illness. This then becomes an argument of an unacceptable assignment of the disorder in the policy language.

Insurance companies will use many other tactics to defend their decision to deny your award of disability benefits. Common tactics include:

  • Claims of misdiagnosis
  • Lack of medical evidence
  • Pre-existing condition clauses in the policy language

Strategies to overturn denied claims for bipolar disorder disability will vary greatly depending upon which type of long-term disability policy you are fighting.

We understand the reasons and excuses that insurance companies use to deny claims for mental disorders. Let us fight to hold your insurance company accountable, so you may recover the benefits you are due.

As Board Certified Social Security Disability attorneys, we want you to know that we will personally work with you to provide the help you need to appeal the denial. No matter where you live, we can help.

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Experienced Ssdi & Ssi Help From Handler Henning & Rosenberg Llc

If you or someone you love is suffering from bipolar disorder and youre interested in finding out if you qualify forSocial Security Disability, youve come to the right place. AtHandler, Henning & Rosenberg LLC, we have decades of experience dealing with Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance applications andappeals in Pennsylvania. We know how these federal programs work and understand how to deal with state agencies as well, such as the Pennsylvania Bureau of Disability Determination , which is responsible for determining if applicants meet the SSAsdisability qualifications.

Bipolar disorder is a serious condition that can affect your ability to work and make a living. Fortunately, you could be entitled toSSDI or SSI.Our attorneys can help you explore your options.

Applying For Disability Benefits With A Mental Illness

6 Essential Facts You Should Know About Bipolar Disorder ...

Mental and psychological disabilities are among the conditions that can qualify for benefits from the Social Security Administration . You may qualify with severe depression, bipolar disorder, an anxiety disorder, or another mental illness that prevents you from maintaining gainful employment.

Social Security disability benefits can cover everyday living expenses, medical bills, and other financial obligations. Benefits are paid monthly and can alleviate many of your financial worries, making it possible for you to get by without income from employment.

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Tips For Getting Ssi Approval

There are things you can do to improve your chances for approval.

One is to ask friends or family to help. Having them document your behavior changes is one way.

Also ask your family or your caretaker to keep a detailed history of your current and previous medications. Taking the prescribed medication correctly can also support your application for Social Security Benefits.

Your bipolar condition may be managed and improve over time with proper medication and therapy. So it is important to see a healthcare professional regularly.

You can also keep a detailed journal with dates and notes on your condition. In there, make note of any usual activities that you cannot do on a particular day. This can help with your SSI application. It can also be useful for therapy sessions.

Also, keep records of how your bipolar has affected your performance at work.

Lastly, if you want more evidence and supporting documents, you can ask your doctor to track the course of your symptoms.

What Types Of Anxiety Qualify For Ssdi

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Suffering from an anxiety disorder can be just as debilitating as suffering from a physical disability. The Social Security Administration has provided guidelines for people with anxiety disorders because of these levels of debilitation. So, what types of anxiety qualify, and what are the requirements? Not to worry our team from SSDA USA is here to explain the link between SSDI and anxiety.

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How Long Can You Be On Disability For Depression

You can remain on disability for depression for as long as your depression prevents you from working. You may no longer be eligible for disability benefits if your mental health improves and you are able to return to work. The SSA will periodically review your case to determine whether you continue to be eligible to receive SSDI. If your depression improves and you return to work, you must notify the SSA right away.

If youre still receiving SSDI when you turn full retirement age, then your disability benefits will transfer to retirement benefits. The amount of money you receive will remain the same.

Bipolar Disorder As A Disability Under Ssa

Social Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder: What It Feels Like | HealthyPlace

When it comes to living with a disability, Social Security provides both Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income .

If youve received a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, the SSA has a 5-step evaluation process to determine if you qualify for benefits.

Youll be asked:

  • Are you currently working? As of 2021, earning an average monthly income of more than $1,310 often prevents you from collecting disability.
  • Is your condition severe? This means that for a period of at least 12 months, bipolar disorder prevented you from performing basic work tasks such as lifting, sitting, walking, or standing.
  • Is your condition found in the list of disabling conditions? Yes, bipolar disorder is included in the list.
  • Can you do work youve done previously? SSA will assess your residual functional capacity , or how your condition has affected your work abilities.
  • Can you do any other type of work? Being unable to work one type of job doesnt always exclude you from other forms of employment.

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What If My Application Is Denied

If your application for disability is denied, you have several different options. When you receive a notice that your application has been denied, you have 60 days to formally appeal the decision. There are four steps to an appeal:

  • You can request a reconsideration if your application was denied based on medical reasons, income, living arrangements, or other reasons that you disagree with. When you file a reconsideration, someone from the SSA who was not involved in your original determination will review your application and any new evidence.

  • If you disagree with the SSAs decision after a reconsideration, you may request a hearing by an administrative law judge who was not involved in your first determination. The hearing may take place in-person or through video.

  • If you are denied benefits after a hearing with an administrative law judge, you may request a review by the Appeals Council. The council will consider all requests, but may deny your request if they determine that the decision made by the administrative law judge was accurate. If the council reviews your case, they will either make a decision on their own or send your appeal to another administrative law judge.

  • The last level of the appeals process is filing a civil suit in federal court. You may do so if the Appeals Council refuses your case or you disagree with their decision. You have 60 days after receiving the Appeals Councils decision to file a civil suit.

How To Apply For Disability Based On Depression

If youre applying for Social Security disability insurance , you can file your whole claim online on Social Securitys website. Applying online is generally the fastest way to apply for benefits, but you can fill out the application at your own speed. Most individuals filing for SSI only cant file the entire application online, but they can get started on Social Securitys website. If youre not comfortable online, you can call Social Security at 800-772-1213 to start your claim. For more information, see our article on applying for Social Security disability benefits.

If youd like help with your application, or you just cant get started, think about working with an SSDI expert. According to a survey of our readers, applicants who filed an initial application without expert help were denied 80% of the time. Click for a free case evaluation with a legal professional to determine whether your depression is severe enough to qualify for benefits.

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Social Security Disability Insurance

SSDI is the first program you may consider if depression has disrupted your ability to work. To qualify for the program, you must:

  • prove you havent been able to work for at least 12 months
  • have paid Social Security through paycheck deductions for the last 5 out of 10 years

The exact SSDI benefits you receive depend on your individual contributions to the Social Security system during your working years. On average, people on SSDI receive $1,165 per month as of 2014.

What Is Bipolar Disorder

Taking Manic Depression Seriously Curing Anxiety Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is characterized by unusual shifts in mood, energy and activity levels. People who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder often have varying abilities to carry out daily tasks. Bipolar disorder involves clear changes in mood, from manic, highly energized periods to more depressed, sad times.

There are four primary types of bipolar disorder. They include:

1. Bipolar I Disorder: the most severe type of bipolar disorder, this type includes manic episodes that last for at least seven days or that are so severe that they require hospitalization. Depressive episodes usually last for at least two weeks.

2. Bipolar II Disorder: this type has both depressive and manic episodes, but with less extreme manic periods.

3. Cyclothymic Disorder: also known as cyclothymia, this type involves numerous periods of hypomanic symptoms and depressive symptoms for at least two years.

4. Other Specified and Unspecified Bipolar and Related Disorders: this type involves bipolar symptoms that do not meet the criteria for one of the other diagnoses.

Signs and symptoms of a manic bipolar disorder episode include:

  • Feel very up, high, or elated
  • Have a lot of energy
  • Have increased activity levels
  • Eat too much or too little
  • Feel tired or slowed down
  • Think about death or suicide

Bipolar disorder affects people in different ways. While medication and psychotherapy can help to control the symptoms of bipolar disorder, it may not completely eliminate them.

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Residual Functional Capacity Evaluation

For the SSA to approve a claim for depression or anxiety when you do not have a condition that meets the listings, your limitations and your work history and education must show that you cannot perform SGA in any occupation youve worked in the past and in any new occupation. To do this, the claims examiner considers the skills you have from prior work, your education, and your age as well as your mental health residual functional capacity and compares those elements to the mental requirements of potential occupations.

Your physician or a consulting physician may be asked to complete a mental status RFC questionnaire, which evaluates your ability to work with people, concentrate, follow instructions, submit to authority, and other mental and emotional capacities needed to work. Alternatively, the examiner may extract this information from existing medical records. Your residual capacities will then be compared to the mental and emotional demands of occupations that you could do if you did not have mental health limitations.

Depression Disability Benefit Programs

Finding yourself in this situation may seem hopeless, but it isnt. There is the hope of solving the problem. The SSDI is a certified program created to support individuals going through the tough phase. The program doesnt cater to every person battling depression, not unless you fit the criterion used.

When you qualify to receive some benefits if your depression leads to disability, you and your family members receive benefits once you enroll in the program. Supplemental Security Income covers adults and children with less financial capabilities and resources.

Even though the two programs work separately, their main aim is to assist individuals with disabilities, and depression disability is included. If you plan to apply to the program, do your research and know what is required during application to smoothen the process.

The medical requirements for both programs are the same. For the non-medical criterion, you are entitled to monthly benefits if your medical condition lasts a year or longer and if the illness may lead to death.

The requirements for enrollment in disability programs include:

  • Inability to work due to depression.
  • Low-income.
  • Assets are lower than $2000 worth.
  • Spouses also have insufficient support, and combining you and your spouses assets should be lower than $3000 in total.
  • Your depression should be considered severe to be a disability.
  • You cannot work based on your current condition, age, disability, and work history.

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Get Experienced Ssdi Lawyers To Make Your Claim For Benefits

If you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or experience some of the disease symptoms, you might be eligible to receive disability payments. For a proper assessment and presentation of your claim, you should contact our social security law attorneys. The lawyers as Tabak Law LLC work hard every day to get social security benefits for deserving Americans. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Veterans With Bipolar Disorder Disability

How Nikki Got Approved For Disability At 33 For Anxiety And Bipolar

Veterans suffering from disabling mental disorders that occurred in or were aggravated during service may obtain disability compensation. Bipolar disorder is considered a disability by the VA. Its listed in their Schedule for Rating Disabilities under Mental Disorders, and specifically under Mood Disorders.

The VA rates disabilities according to loss of function and the effect on your ability to work and earn a living. The VA schedule doesnt cover all forms of mental illnesses, despite how disabling the condition may be. An incorrect diagnosis could result in denial of benefits you would otherwise be entitled to receive for bipolar disorder.

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