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Can Trintellix Help With Anxiety

Coverage And Cost Comparison Of Trintellix Vs Lexapro

Strattera and trintellix medication update (for anxiety, ADHD and depression)

Trintellix is covered by most insurance and Medicare Part D plans. However, it is best to check with your plan for specific coverage details. Trintellix is only available in brand name. It can cost more than $500 for #30, 20 mg tablets. You can use a free SingleCare coupon to reduce the price to approximately $350.

Lexapro is usually covered by insurance and Medicare Part D. The generic version usually has a lower copay. The brand-name product usually has a much higher copay or may not be covered at all. Generic Lexapro costs about $70 for #30, 10 mg generic tablets. A SingleCare card can lower the generic price to about $8.

Suicidal Thoughts And Behaviors Risk

Some antidepressants, including SSRIs, may cause an increase in suicidal thoughts or actions. This risk is higher in children, teenagers, and young adults. Its also higher within the first few months of treatment or during dosage changes.

You and your family members, caregivers, and healthcare provider should watch for any new or sudden changes in your mood, behaviors, thoughts, or feelings. Call your healthcare provider right away if you notice any changes.

What To Ask Your Doctor

Before you start taking Trintellix, talk with your doctor if you have questions about this drug. They can discuss with you its possible side effects, dosage, and more. This will help you and your doctor decide if this drug is the right treatment option for your depression. Here are a few questions to help get you started:

  • Can my dose be reduced if I have side effects from this medication?
  • What should I do if I become pregnant while taking Trintellix?
  • How should I treat side effects that I have from Trintellix?
  • Will my other health conditions or medications increase my risk of side effects from Trintellix?

To learn more about possible treatment options for depression, see this article.

For more information about Trintellixs side effects or dosage, check out these articles:

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Side Effects Of Trintellix

There are a few low-risk side effects associated with taking Trintellix, the main side effect being potential weight gain. However, weight gain is a common side effect for most antidepressants.

It may be that the patient is taking more interest in food now that their serotonin levels have increased, whereas, in the past, they may have had less interest in food for pleasure or even sustenance.

Other common side effects include:

  • Constipation
  • Abnormal bleeding or bruising, especially if you also take a blood thinner medication, such as Coumadin®
  • Visual problems, such as vision changes, eye pain, and eye swelling/redness
  • Low sodium levels
  • Itchy skin

Weight gain is the main side effect of nearly all antidepressant medication, and SSRIs, in particular, are more likely the cause of weight gain in patients. Increased levels of serotonin create an increased mood and may increase appetite. This weight gain is best managed by controlling caloric consumption, good sleep routines, and creating healthy, active habits.

Patients will be more likely to embark on and stick to healthy habits due to elevated moods, but weight gain may still be a factor.

Sticking to an eating and sleeping schedule, paired with an awareness of caloric consumption, may be the only method to control potential weight gain. It is essential to plan and pair these healthy regimens along with taking prescription antidepressant medications.

You Show Symptoms Of Serotonin Syndrome

Trintellix ( Vortioxetine) SIDE EFFECTS

Although antidepressants are meant to help you feel better, in some cases an antidepressant may combine with other medications you are taking or foods you are eating and lead to serotonin syndrome, an uncommon condition involving an overabundance of serotonin in the body, the Cleveland Clinic states.

Symptoms to watch out for, Lim says, include fever, aches, shakes, sweats, fatigue, irritability, a bad headache, confusion, agitation, restlessness, dizziness, difficulty seeing or walking, muscle twitching, muscle tension, or jaw clenching.

Typically, serotonin syndrome happens within days or weeks of starting an antidepressant or after a dose increase, says Lim. The most common factors that affect your risk of serotonin syndrome, per the Cleveland Clinic, are:

  • Too much of one medication that affects your serotonin levels
  • Multiple medications that affect your serotonin levels at the same time

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Trintellix & Weight Loss: Possible Causes

Although most people dont end up experiencing significant weight change on Trintellix, a small percentage of individuals may report weight loss. Included below is a list of potential reasons as to why someone might lose weight while using Trintellix. Understand that the specific reasons that one Trintellix user loses weight during treatment may not be relevant to another.

How To Prevent Weight Loss Due To Antidepressants

When taken as directed, antidepressants can be effective in treating both depression and anxiety.

If you lose an excessive amount of weight after starting an antidepressant, talk to your doctor about the medications benefits and side effects.

If the benefits dont outweigh the weight loss side effects, you can also ask if adjusting the doseor switching medicationsmight be helpful. Discuss the pros and cons with your doctor before making such a decision.

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When To See A Doctor

If your depression symptoms return for more than a few days, it’s time to see your doctor. But even if you feel like your antidepressant isn’t working, it’s important to keep taking it until your doctor advises otherwise. You may need a dosage increase or a slow tapering off process. With many antidepressant medications, stopping their use too quickly can cause withdrawal effects such as:

  • Headaches
  • Greater anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts

Early warning signs of breakthrough depression are the symptoms you typically experience when an episode of depression is coming on, says Nestadt. Depression symptoms vary from person to person, but signs include:

  • Low mood
  • Changes in sleep or appetite
  • Loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities

If your symptoms return, don’t worry adjusting the dose or switching to another antidepressant often solves the problem.

What Causes Depression Medications To Stop Working

Brintellix Trintellix (vortioxetine) helps my Depersonalization Derealization Anxiety Depression

Multiple factors can change the way your body responds to an antidepressant, including:

  • Drug or alcohol use. Illicit drug use and alcohol can cause strong mood changes, which can make antidepressants ineffective.
  • Pregnancy. Your bodyâs weight and blood volume increase when youâre pregnant. Talk to your doctor about taking antidepressants while pregnant, and about potentially adjusting your dosage to continue relieving symptoms.
  • New stressors. A new stressful situation at home or work can result in a mood response for which the antidepressant canât compensate.
  • Other medications. Interactions between antidepressants and medications for other health conditions can affect how well an antidepressant works.

Most often, though, antidepressants stop working for what seems to be no reason. âThereâs no good research that shows why a medication may stop working for someone,â says Nestadt. âI think itâs less an issue of building up tolerance and more likely constantly changing stressors and factors in the brain.â

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Can I Use Trintellix Or Lexapro While Pregnant

Consult your healthcare provider for advice. He or she will weigh the benefits of taking an antidepressant versus the risk to the baby. Neonates exposed to certain antidepressants, including SSRIs, in the third trimester of pregnancy, have developed complications.

If you are already on Trintellix or Lexapro and find out that you are pregnant, consult your OB-GYN immediately for advice. If you are breastfeeding, consult your OB-GYN as well.

What Is The Most Effective Antidepressant For Anxiety

There isnt one medication that is most effective at treating anxiety. What works for one person may not work for another, but the good news is that there are many different types of antidepressants that can treat mental health conditions like anxiety. In addition to SSRIs, here are some other categories of antidepressants:

  • Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors : increase the availability of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain.
  • Tricyclic antidepressants: increase levels of serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain and block acetylcholine.
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors : prevent the enzyme monoamine oxidase from removing dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine from the brain.

Here are some of the most effective antidepressants for anxiety.

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What Other Medications May Interact With Trintellix

Taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors , another type of antidepressant, with Trintellix can increase the risk of serotonin syndrome. Serotonin syndrome is a rare but potentially fatal disease caused by the buildup of the chemical serotonin in the body. It is usually caused when different medications that increase serotonin are used together.

MAOIs and Trintellix should not be taken together. Your healthcare provider will have you wait at least 14 days between stopping an MAOI and starting Trintellix. If you are obese, your provider may extend this period to 32 days.

Other drugs can also affect how Trintellix works. If you take any of the following medications , you may need a reduced dose of Trintellix:

  • Cardioquin
  • Paxil
  • Wellbutrin or Zyban

If you are also taking strong CYP inducers, such as the following, your healthcare provider may increase your dose of Trintellix:

  • Dilantin
  • Rifadin or Rimactane
  • Tegretol or Epitol

Tell your healthcare provider of all the medications you take. Your provider will help you determine how to take Trintellix safely or determine whether you need an alternative medication.

Can I Drink Alcohol While On These Medications

Trintellix Tapering, Weaning and Titration Help ...

Many patients drink alcohol while on these medications and handle it well, but be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist if it is safe. It is important to keep in mind that alcohol may have a greater effect on individuals who are taking these medications one drink could affect an individual as if it were two drinks. Also, alcohol may limit some of the medications benefits, so it may be wise to try not to drink alcohol during the first couple of months after starting any new medication.

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Common Side Effects Of Trintellix Vs Lexapro

The most common side effect of Trintellix is nausea, which is usually mild to moderate and lasts about two weeks. Other common adverse events include sexual side effects, nausea, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, and dizziness.

The most common side effects of Lexapro are headaches, nausea, sexual problems, drowsiness, and insomnia.

With each new or refilled prescription of Trintellix or Lexapro, you will receive a medication guide that discusses side effects, warnings, and other important information.

This is not a full list of side effects. Other adverse effects may occur. Consult your healthcare provider for a full list of possible side effects.

Readers Reveal The Therapists And Drugs That Helped

An estimated 14 percent of Americans will experience a serious bout of depression during their lifetime, and 20 percent will experience an anxiety disorder. The ubiquitous advertisements for antidepressant drugs suggest that pills are the only answerand that they work for everyone. Neither is really true, but you don’t have to take our word for it: We surveyed more than 1,500 respondents toConsumer Reports‘ 2009 Annual Questionnaire who had sought professional help for depression, anxiety, or both.

Our results provide a window onto mental-health treatment as it’s practiced in the real world, as opposed to the carefully controlled environment of clinical trials of psychiatric drugs.

Among our key findings:

Talk therapy helps

Respondents to our survey who stuck with talk therapy for just a little whileat least seven sessionsreported as much improvement as those who only took medication .

Some drugs have an edge

People who took medications from the SSRI class of antidepressantswhich includes citalopram , fluoxetine , sertraline , and their generic equivalentsreported lower rates of side effects than those taking SNRIs, a newer, often more expensive class of antidepressants that includes venlafaxine and duloxetine . Yet patients found SSRI treatment at least as helpful.

Anxiety rises

Side effects shift

Type of therapist doesn’t matter

Psychologists , social workers , and licensed professional counselors received equal helpfulness ratings from those who had talk therapy.

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Is Trintellix Or Lexapro More Effective

A meta-analysis published in 2018 evaluated 21 antidepressants. Both Trintellix and Lexapro were found to be more effective than other antidepressants. They were both better tolerated than other antidepressants as well.

A study done by the manufacturer of Trintellix concluded that Trintellix and Lexapro are both effective antidepressants. The study also reported that Trintellix had a higher incidence of certain side effects, such as nausea and itching than Lexapro.

Your healthcare provider can determine the most effective drug for you, taking into consideration your medical conditions and history as well as any drugs you take that can interact with Trintellix or Lexapro.

Variables That Influence Trintellix Weight Change

strattera, trintellix, and insomnia (treating adhd, anxiety and depression)

There are several variables that may influence the amount of weight change that you experience while using Trintellix. These variables include: prior substance use genetics lifestyle concurrent substance use duration of treatment and Trintellix dosage. It is the combination of these variables that likely determine which Trintellix users experience weight change as well as its significance.

  • Prior medication use: If you used antidepressant medications before Trintellix, theres a chance that those medications may have caused weight gain or weight loss. If you took a medication that made you gain weight , you may end up losing weight when you switch to Trintellix. Oppositely, if you took a medication that made you lose weight , you may end up gaining weight while using Trintellix. In these cases, the weight gain and/or loss experienced after switching Trintellix will largely be due to homeostatic rebound effects .
  • Genetics: Individuals who gain or lose a significant amount of weight while taking Trintellix may have genetics that differ from the majority of the population. For example, someone might have genetics that interact with Trintellix in a way that increases appetite or fat storage to a significantly greater extent than other users. Though the specific ways in which genetics interact with Trintellix arent fully known, drug-gene weight interactions are likely.
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    Does Trintellix Cause Weight Gain

    Clinical studies showed that Trintellix does not affect weight. There was no difference in weight changes between people who took Trintellix and people who took a placebo . Post-marketing data mentions weight gain but does not state the percent of people who experienced weight gain. Consult your healthcare professional if weight gain is a concern.

    Does Trintellix Cause Weight Gain Sleepiness Headache Insomnia Or Hair Loss

    No, you shouldnt have these side effects from taking Trintellix.

    In studies of people taking Trintellix, no major changes in weight were reported. But other antidepressants, such as amitriptyline, may cause weight gain.

    Sleepiness, headache, and insomnia also arent side effects of Trintellix. But you may develop these side effects if you suddenly stop taking Trintellix. So its recommended that you do not stop taking Trintellix without first talking with your doctor.

    If you need to stop taking Trintellix, your doctor will likely recommend that you slowly stop taking the drug over time. This will allow your body to adjust, so youre less likely to have these side effects.

    Although Trintellix doesnt cause hair loss, it can be a side effect of other antidepressants, such as fluoxetine .

    If youre experiencing weight gain, sleepiness, headache, insomnia, or hair loss during your treatment with Trintellix, talk with your doctor. They may be able to determine whats causing these symptoms and suggest the right treatment options to address them.

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