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What Stones Are Good For Anxiety

Top Crystals For Stress: Discover Stones Containing Lithium

Crystals For Anxiety

The best known crystals for stress from the group that contain lithium are Pink Kunzite and the lovely yellowish green Hiddenite pictured below, which is also known as yellow Kunzite.

Other lithium based stones are not as well known even though they have very calming nature.

Some of the strongest calming stones that contain lithium includes Holmquistite, Amblygonite, Pink Tourmaline, Eucryptite, Lilac Lepidolite and Lithium Quartz.

Some of my favorite crystals to assist you to feel calm and relaxed also assist emotional healing.

This includes the following stones: Scolecite, Black Tourmaline, Amazonite, Diaspore, Vivianite, Aquamarine, Ocean Jasper, Maori Greenstone, Sillimanite, Howlite, Spurrite and Mt Hay Thunderegg.

There are also a large number of other crystals for stress and these are listed at the bottom of this page with images, so check them out too.

Crystals For Social Anxiety

If you are having trouble interacting and socializing with other people, bring some crystals for social anxiety whenever you go to work, school, shopping, and others. The rose quartz is self-empowering, allowing you to value yourself, which will help you to avoid worrying about what others think. Smoky quartz can replace negative emotions with positive ones while red and yellow jasper is a stone for communication and unity.

Smoky Quartz Crystal To Dissipate Suicidal Thoughts

This crystal is known as one of the most powerful purifying and grounding stones. It soothes fear, apathy, anxiety and helps us to keep our energy level uplifted. It can be an excellent aid to complement the treatment of depression or repetitive suicidal thoughts.

Smoky Quartz at the Village Rock Shop:

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What Causes Anxiety Disorders

There is no single identifiable cause. Rather, a combination of factors are thought to contribute to anxiety disorders.

Factors contributing to anxiety disorders:
  • Genetics: Anxiety can sometimes run in families. However, having a parent or close relative experience anxiety doesnt necessarily mean an individual will develop it.
  • Stressful or negative environmental life events like work issues, or family and relationship problems.
  • Some medical conditions can lead to disorders.
  • Alcohol and substance use can aggravate anxiety conditions.

What Are The Properties Of Black Tourmaline

crystal healing posters

This is an excellent choice of crystal when your worries, anxiety or fears feel overwhelming or insurmountable. Black tourmaline can also help to protect you from negative energy, including electromagnetic smog. This crystal removes heavy energy and transforms it into a lighter vibration. It helps to balance and align the chakras. By bringing about prosperity, it gets rid of the victim mentality.


Grounding, cleansing, diminishes fear.

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How To Use Crystals For Anxiety

The first thing to adopt when using crystals for anxiety is an open mind. The mind plays a vital role in how effectively we are able to receive healing. This goes for all forms of medicinal and metaphysical healing, including Western medicine. Placebo clinical trials are testament to this, as people receiving mock medications made from sugar often heal even more significantly than those who received the actual medicine.

An open mind allows all forms of treatment the space and respect they need to properly penetrate the body and mind. Since crystals are largely energetic this is a vital component.

How you use your anxiety crystals is dependent on your familiarity with stones and your general lifestyle. Once you dive into the comprehensive list of the 15 best healing crystals below, youll read the properties of each and hopefully be called to a few of them that ring true to your specific experience of anxiety. There is no single best crystal for anxiety, there are merely many crystals with the potential to alleviate certain symptoms associated with anxiety.

Ideally, you want to have your chosen crystal on your person as much as possible. Some will wear their stones as jewelry, either in rings, earrings, or neck pendants.

If youd like to reserve your crystal healing for the comfort of your own home, then you can work with the selected crystal on the chakra/energy center that feels most vulnerable to your anxiety levels.

What Are The Properties Of Blue Lace Agate

This calming blue crystal is regarded by many as the best choice for reducing anxiety and stress. Its soothing vibrational energy encourages relaxation and calms the nerves. Blue lace agate helps reduce anger and fears of being judged. By dissolving repression, it allows for freedom of expression and speaking the truth. It may be used on the throat chakra.


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The 22 Best Stones For Anxiety And Panic

Be it mild or severe, anxiety can take over your peace and make you feel out of touch with yourself. Though it can cause many problems, there is an end in sight and a solution to your problems. The healing power of crystals can rid you of the issues that mental disorders can bring.

The use of crystals to heal the mind has been documented since ancient times and has since become a popular form of holistic healing. The may varieties mean that you have plenty of choices to choose from should you turn to these semi-precious stones for assistance. If you want to take back your control and live a life that is free of anxiety then these 10 crystals can help.

Can Crystal Therapy Help With Managing Anxiety

Which Crystals Are Good For Anxiety?

While scientific evidence points to the effects of healing crystals for anxiety as largely due to the placebo effect, this does not mean that the therapy makes no contribution. Doctors and scientists agree that the placebo effect is real. Research has identified physiological responses to placebos including the release of feel-good hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and natural painkillers. With regard to anxiety, it has been suggested that the placebo effect can calm the mind, boost positive thinking and improve the ability to cope. It may thus contribute to managing the symptoms of anxiety disorders .

However while the therapy might help reduce symptoms, there appears to be little scientific evidence that it can address underlying issues which cause the disorders. The professional literature suggests that successful management requires these are underlying issues be identified and addressed. The literature further suggests that psychotherapies, often in conjunction with medications and alternative therapies, are the most effective approach to managing anxiety and stress .

Information in this article is not a substitute for informed professional advice. If considering seeking help to manage to manage an anxiety disorder, appropriate health professionals should be consulted.

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Rose Quartz The Relisher

As its beautiful, calming pink hues suggest, this crystal is the crystal of lurrrve. Here at ___Retrealm, more than anything, we believe in the absolute power of self-love and with this crystal nearby youll be feeling love, creativity and inspiration in all forms. When were under pressure, feeling anxious or just plain stressed, its so easy to forget about loving ourselves. Just gifting time to yourself to be truly present in your heart and your existence. Keeping a piece of Rose Quartz where we can always see it will honour respect, trust, and worth within yourself and open your heart, mind and soul to soar free from the challenges of life.

How Do Crystals Work

So is the growing popularity of crystal healing simply a question of the power of the mind, rather than the power of the crystal?

One of the things I come up against a lot is, Theres no proof Its not science You dont really believe all that rubbish, do you? and Its a placebo effect, says Carlton.

But if you want to go down the road of the placebo effect its still an effect. The placebo effect is a real phenomenon, where scientists have proven physiological and chemical responses and reactions to certain stimuli that cause bodily change and healing. So thats the first thing I always say even if its a placebo effect, it still works.

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Calming Crystals For Anxiety & Stress Relief

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is one of the best crystals for anxiety and stress relief, in our opinion. Its beautiful periwinkle color emits calming and soothing vibrations that bring peace of mind to help you relax. Holding and meditating with these crystals daily can help to calm your nerves and reduce your anxiety. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety every day, try wearing a bracelet made of blue lace agate or carrying one of these healing stones in your pocket, so that if you feel yourself becoming too overwhelmed, it can help bring a little comfort throughout the day. Blue lace agate is also a wonderful stone to use to help calm overly hyper or anxious pets.


One of the most effective crystals for anxiety is Lepidolite. It naturally contains lithium within it, which is often used in anti-anxiety medication. Connecting with this gentle stone brings balance during times of stress and chaos. It is especially wonderful to use during meditation. Place it over your third eye or hold a piece in each of your hands to bring comfort and harmony.


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a highly grounding stone that helps you release any unwanted energies stored in your energy field. By letting go of anything that leaves you feeling anxious, you can hand over the lower vibrations to your stone so you donât have to carry them with you any longer.


Black Tourmaline




Rose Quartz


Ocean Jasper

What Are The Properties Of Rose Quartz

Crystals that help with anxiety THAIPOLICEPLUS.COM

Rose quartz is considered by many to be the stone of unconditional love. It is strongly associated with the heart chakra. Its gentle and loving vibrations are particularly useful for easing any upsets connected to emotions, confrontation and relationships. This stone will help to bring you comfort and increase your feelings of self-love and self-worth. Rose quartz is commonly found in jewelry.


Unconditional love, self-love.

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How Can Crystals Help Anxiety

Despite there being no scientific evidence to back the use of crystals for healing, there remain mass amounts of people who seek out the use of these energetically charged rocks from the Earth for the purpose of attaining wellness.

One can work with crystals for a myriad of purposes. Some use them to dispel negative energy, attract opportunity, or amplify love. Others use them to relieve stress or manage chronic pain. There are some crystals that supposedly even work to connect one to plains of psychic ability.

Its unsurprising then that there is help in the form of specific crystals for anxiety and PTSD. If youre looking for hard facts about how these anxiety crystals work on the human body, youll be searching until the end of time.

Understanding how crystals can help with anxiety requires a certain level of surrender to the powers that be: those that are beyond what can be observed physically with the eyes and only experienced on an energetic level.

Crystals work by affecting the energy of objects and beings within close proximity of the stones themselves. These crystals are naturally occurring rocks found in the Earth , and they are charged with the energy of the elements.

When we introduce energy specific crystals into our personal vibratory field, we can attract relief from various conditions, including anxiety and stress.

Anxiety And Stress Stones As Bracelets

Anxiety and stress stones will work perfectly when worn as a bracelet because they will be close to your personal auric field.

Any stone or crystal thats always close to your skin or within your personal auric field will help you manage your stress and get rid of your anxiety.

The power of gemstones and crystals lies in their abilities to carry and transmit healing energies. Each stone has its own unique properties that will help you in many different ways.

When you wear anxiety and stress stones as a bracelet, you also promote healing and help set intentions for healing in your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

You manifest your lifes desires and find the motivation to reach your goals for your highest good as well.

Anxiety and stress stone bracelets can help you achieve your strongest abilities so that you can perform your best and achieve the best results.

These bracelets are a convenient and beautiful way that you can benefit from the stones powers.

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Make Sure You Use These Ways To Let Go Of Stress

There is another article where I have listed a number of ways to relieve stress that you may not be aware of and these include:

  • Meditation with crystals is one of the tools you can use to aid you to relieve your stress.
  • Using any of the ways to relieve stress will benefit you, and daily meditation is very useful to help you to relax and think more clearly. This may in itself aid you to let go of some of your stress.
  • If you hold a crystal listed on this page in your hand while you meditate, this may aid the process.

The process of going within is simple, yet many people attempt to make it seem more difficult than it is.

The more you do it, the easier the process of meditation gets. After a while it becomes second nature.

Start by closing your eyes and simply allowing your thoughts to be still. Stilbite is a stone that helps to still your thoughts, and its easy to obtain.

On the page about crystals for deep meditation there are other crystals you can use as well as Stilbite to get deeper into meditation.

Many crystals are talked about in detail on this page, so check this out if you wish to use crystals for meditation.

For some people stilling your mind is easy, but for others stopping those annoying thoughts can be difficult, especially if you are not sure how to meditate.

Here are some easy instructions for meditation to help you. Check this out if you feel you that you need more help with this.

Do Healing Crystals Help With Anxiety

Healing Crystals For Anxiety To Calm, Sooth And Relax

Despite its growing popularity, reports of successful crystal healing tend to be anecdotal with little scientific evidence. There is no evidence that diseases are the result of energy flows throughout the body. Nor is there evidence that crystals can be differentiated to treat a particular ailment. Crystals may help induce relaxation, although scientific evidence is not definitive .

However research does suggest that the therapy may induce a placebo effect. A placebo is anything that seems to be a real treatment but isnt. The placebo effect is the positive impact experienced after taking or using a placebo. Thus, a person may feel less anxious and more relaxed after undergoing crystal therapy, but there may be no scientific proof that this has anything to do with the intrinsic characteristics if the crystals themselves .

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