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How To Stop Shaking Hands From Anxiety

What Causes Hand Tremor

Shaky Hands Anxiety

The types of hand tremor are caused by a variety of different diseases, disorders, and conditions.

  • Essential tremor is most common of the many types of tremor. The exact cause of essential tremor is not known, but a genetic component is involved in many cases. This means that you can inherit essential tremor from your parents. is usually amplified by extreme emotion, stress, physical exhaustion, and low blood sugar.

  • Parkinsonian tremor is caused by changes in the brain that lead to abnormal movements. People with Parkinsons disease also experience rigidity of the arms, legs, and trunk and eventually develop bradykinesia, which is a slowness of movement that includes sudden freezing of muscle movement. They also have problems with balance and coordination. The exact cause of Parkinsons disease is not known, but research suggests that both genetic and environmental factors play a role.

  • Cerebellar tremoris caused by brain damage from a stroke, tumor, or degenerative disease, such as multiple sclerosis. Chronic can also cause cerebellar tremor. Cerebellar tremor is most pronounced in the hands during a particular action, such as reaching out for something or touching the tip of your nose. Cerebellar tremor may also be called intentiontremor.

Possible Reasons Your Hands Are Shaking

If youve ever wondered why your hands are shaking during a terrifying job interview, first date, or other extremely inopportune time, well, welcome to the club. Weve all been there, wanting to shake our…well, shaky fists at our bodies for the poor timing, or the simple WTF-ness of it all.

The interesting thing is that your hands actually shake way more than you might realize. In fact, youre experiencing a teeny hand tremor all the time. If you put electrodes onto peoples fingers…you can record a very, very fine, tiny tremor, Andrew S. Feigin, M.D., co-executive director of the Marlene and Paolo Fresco Institute for Parkinsons and Movement Disorders at NYU Langone Health, tells SELF.

A tremor is when your muscles contract rhythmically and unintentionally, and one or more of your body parts end up shaking, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke . Its most likely to occur in your hands, but it can also affect your arms, head, torso, legs, and vocal cords.

Even as you read this, youre experiencing whats called a physiologic tremor. That may sound a little worrisome, but its really not. It just means that your body, that endless source of surprises, trembles a bit as a result of the physical work required to keep you alive, like your heart beating, the NINDS explains.

This is what experts often call an enhanced physiologic tremor, which is when your bodys normal inconspicuous quivering becomes more noticeable for some reason .

How To Deal With Anxiety

If you find yourself anxious every day and your body is shaking due to an anxiety attack. Then you must find stress- reduction habits and incorporate them into your regular routine. Yoga, massage, good sleep, and a healthy diet are some of the ways to deal with anxiety.

a. Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga is best to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Because many of the moves of yoga help stretch your muscles. It can relieve excess adrenaline. As a result, you will feel relax. By practicing yoga regularly, you can manage your nerves.

b. Massage for Anxiety

Stress relief massage also helps to keep down the levels of stress hormones. If you do your foot massage daily for just five minutes only, you will feel much better. Or you can have this massage from a professional as a stress reduction strategy. Or you can ask a friend or a partner to trade massages with you instead of paying of massages.

Foot massage is very easy. Just take little oil in your hand and rub the sole of your feet especially toes of feet. you will feel relaxed and you will have a sound sleep.

c. Anxiety and Sleep

Life is too busy that we often miss good sleep. We often forget how important sleep is for a healthy life. Symptoms of chronic anxiety especially shaking get worse if you are not getting enough sleep. It is very important to have a good sleep for seven or eight hours daily at night. You will notice that your issues of anxiety and shaking are dramatically reduced.

d. Foods that Help with Anxiety

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Can Heart Disease Cause Tremors

Heart disease is not linked to tremors, but one of the drugs, supplements, and medications that treats heart disease can help. These are known as beta blockers. Beta blockers are one of the drugs, supplements, and medications that is commonly prescribed for heart disease, and might be used to reduce essential tremors. Talk to your doctor for advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and after advice, diagnosis, or treatment, see if beta blockers are right for you. Even if they’re commonly prescribed for heart disease, they still could help you with your problems.

Temporary Relief From Affected Hands

How to Stop Shaking Hands: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

The key way to temporarily relieve any hand problems is to target the symptom directly. Sometimes, all you need to do is take a break – move your hands around so that they feel calmer. There is no immediate way to stop shaking hands without burning off adrenaline, but if they’re causing you anxiety then your best bet is to get up and move around so that you burn off some of the excess energy and improve blood flow to your extremities.

Those that are hyperventilating need to gain control of their breathing. Slow down your breathing dramatically. Don’t worry about expanding your chest or trying to get a deep breath – remember, even though hyperventilation may cause you to feel like you need more air, it’s actually a lack of carbon dioxide that leads to hyperventilation. So take slow breaths, hold at the peak, and help your body regain its carbon dioxide levels.

None of these are permanent treatment. If you want to truly treat your anxiety and along with it your related hand symptoms, then you also need to make sure that you learn to manage your anxiety in the long-term.


Anxiety is known to affect the hands and fingers, often in different ways. Causes can vary from hyperventilation to adrenaline to muscle tension, but all can be linked back to anxiety. Controlled breathing can help with some of these issues, but the only way to eliminate them is by reducing anxiety.

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Look Through Your Medication

This is one of the best tips on how to stop hand tremors naturally at home that people should not look down yet try making use right from today for good results and saying goodbye to this stubborn condition once and for all!

Your hand tremors can be a side effect that you do not want to have when taking medication. This is because many medicines cause side effects including causing your arms, hands and/or head to shake. This unwanted side effect is known as a drug-induced tremor. From antidepressants to cancer medications, to antibiotics, they are almost all of the medications that cause hand tremors. If you are getting a tremor and you think it may be a side effect of the medications you are taking, you have to re-check your medication with a doctor and then make some necessary changes.

Nowadays, the pharmaceutical industry offers a variety of medicines that you can opt for, so you should choose medicine, which does not cause other problems that need more medical attention. Your doctor may adjust your dosage, give you a different medication or add another medication to aid in controlling your hand tremors. Also, do not pause to take your medication without consulting your doctor first. This is one good solution of how to stop hand tremors naturally.

How Anxiety Affects Your Hands

  • Anxiety can cause several issues that all affect the hands.
  • Burning and shaking are only some of at least 5+ different ways the hands can be affected by anxiety.
  • The likely cause of these issues varies depending on the type of hand symptom.
  • Typically, the only way to get some immediate relief is to engage in distracting, relaxing activities.
  • Managing anxiety in the long term is the only way to prevent or reduce the frequency of hand-related anxiety symptoms.

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When Should Someone See A Doctor For Shaky Hands

If you have hand tremors, seeking professional help sooner than later could prevent the worsening of a severe medical condition. Medications that slow the onset and progression of neurological disorders could be an essential step to managing your wellness. On the other hand, your healthcare professional may inform you that you just need to reduce stress in your life or switch to decaf. Either way, finding out why you have hand tremors should be a priority.

How To Stop Shaky Hands Naturally

How to Stop Shaking From Anxiety | EASY TIPS HOW To Stop Shaking Hands When Nervous

Hand tremors can be annoying, embarrassing, and affect how you live. Lifestyle changes and natural remedies such as altering your diet, exercise, therapy, and even surgery are options for relieving hand tremors. Natural home remedies could significantly reduce or eliminate shaky hand symptoms and reduce the need for medicinal or surgical treatment.

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What To Do Instead To Make Nervous Shaking Stop

The next time you are anxious, stressed out, or going through an anxiety attack, and feel your body start shaking allow it. Keep it up. Its perfectly o.k.

If you want to stop your anxiety faster dont use relaxation techniques right now. Encourage the shaking. Exaggerate it.

If you are sitting, tap your feel and bounce your knees more than you normally would. If you are alone, stand up and shake your body out. Shake your hands and arms.

Even better, put on some booty-shaking music on. Shake each leg and bounce on your toes like you see sprinters do before a race.

Shake it out, shake it off.

What Are Hand Tremors

Tremors are involuntary muscle contractions that cause shaking movements. Tremor can lead to shaking hands, legs, head, and even a shaky voice. Different diseases, most notably, Parkinsons disease, can cause hand tremor because they damage the parts of the brain that control movement. Other causes include an overactive thyroid, chronic alcohol use, or anxiety.

You may notice a hand tremor when you have trouble holding objects or you notice a change in handwritingor when someone else notices the shaking movements.

Tremors can look different depending on the condition that causes it. These differences can often help diagnose the cause of the tremor.

Medication is the most common treatment, but injections, or surgeries may also help control shaking hands. In some cases, people dont need treatment.

Dr. Rx

If your hands shake when you hold something, it may be an essential tremor. Some tremors are made worse by doing an activity, like holding a cup or using a fork. To determine the type of tremor, your doctor will ask about any difficulties you have with these tasks and may even have you replicate some of the movements. Dr. Karen Hoerst

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What Causes Shaking From Anxiety

I realized that most people have the wrong information about anxiety tremors when I got this comment on my post about anxiety breathing exercises:


Shaking from anxiety is mother natures way of de-stressing

In the wild, when an animal has just avoided an attack, it will shake intensely for several minutes and then return to eating grass as if nothing has happened its part of the fight or flight response.

This shaking allows it to release the build-up of stress hormones that occurred during the anxiety attack.

But we are not wild animals and our culture frowns upon anxious shaking. Shaking is seen as a sign of weakness so we suppress it. We tense up.

How Online Therapy Can Help With Shaking

How To Stop Shaking When Youâre Nervous

If you’re suffering from shaking in your hands, hand tremors, or you’re shaking for any other reason, even as a natural response to an event, online therapy may be able to help you.

Home care will always be important, and by having a therapist to talk to you at home, they can help you quiet your anxiety, give you coping tools, and assist you with any other method of communication. Here’s how they can do it.

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Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Limiting your alcohol intake is one of the best tips on how to stop hand tremors at home that you should not skip out. In fact, drinking moderate amounts of alcohol may not cause damage to your body. Some people even find that alcohol may help you reduce shaking, but once the alcohols effects wear off, your hand tremors returns. Even, excessive intake of alcohol will make your hand tremors worse due to its effect on the nerve system. Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum, or stop drinking alcohol. In case you live with an alcohol addiction, it will be best to find professional treatment to keep yourself under control.

Shaking Is A Part Of The Fight

When youre extremely anxious, your body activates a fight-or-flight response to danger, even when no real danger is present.

This response triggers a rush of adrenaline, which feeds your body with energy, arouses your nervous system, and prepares to be able to fight or flight.

Contrary to what you may believe, shaking is a sign that your body is releasing energy . It happens when your fight-or-flight response winds DOWN.

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Ways To Get Rid Of Shaky Hands With Natural Remedy

Shaky hands or usually being called tremor is an unintentional rhythmic movement of any part of the body. This situation is when your hands are shaking or trembling, this is typically a tremor of the hands. Sometimes tremor is a normal reaction to a situation such as fear, fatigue or anger.

It also can be a side effect of too much caffeine, a medication, or withdrawal from a drug or medicine. But instead having shaky hands, you may experienced numbness in your hands, you can check on Way to Get Rid of Numbness in Hands

Causes of Shaky Hands

There are some common cause of shaky hands :

  • Neurogical problems
  • Over Consuming alcohol or caffeine
  • Drugs Used such as amphetamines, corticosteorid
  • Lack of exercising and rest
  • Liver failure
  • Thus, lets check out the best ways to get rid of shaky hands below.

    How to Treat Shaky Hands with Natural Remedy

    After knowing the causes of shaky hands, it is time to know how to treat it in case it happens. Given below are some home remedies that are helpful in treating shaky hands.

  • Drink Herbal Tea
  • In most cases, tremors occur as a result of anxiety. If this is the case with you then you may consume herbal teas such as those of chamomile tea, lavandula tea, wild thyme tea, and more herbal on a regular basis. These help to bring down stress levels and can ultimately help in curing tremors.

  • Breathing Exercise
  • Coordination Exercise
  • Massage with Herbal Oils
  • Valerian Treatment
  • SkullCap Treatment
  • Passion Flower Treatment
  • Lemon Balm Treatment
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