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How To Get A Job When You Have Social Anxiety

How To Get A Job With Severe Social Anxiety

I Want To Get A Job, But I Have Social Anxiety

The above suggestions are great if you already have a job. But how do you get a job in the first place? You can practice most of the techniques outside the workplace. Anxiety is rarely confined to work. You can practice identifying and challenging anxious thoughts in all your interactions with people. You might also have friends who can help you prepare for work. For example, you might set up job interview role-plays.

SAD represents severe social anxiety. I strongly recommend you seek professional help in these circumstances. You will be experiencing anxiety right across your life . A structured, intensive intervention is required here. Some preparation through anxiety management training will be needed if you are wanting to apply for a job.

Some problems are similar to social anxiety and require separate assessment. Social anxiety at work may also lead to other issues . Seeking help for these problems can boost your chances of getting a job and keeping it.

Avoid The Temptation To Find An Isolated Position In An Office In A Basement

The challenging part about social anxiety is after the initial clinical symptoms are treated exposure is the next part of overcoming. Find a job with secondary benefits.. maybe high pay or health insurance.. maybe a job youre passionate about.

Hopefully, find a job that the motivator is enough to tolerate the uncomfortable. After that jump in. Social Anxiety will not improve if you isolate yourself. Decide that youre going to fight and then decide that even tho you may never love social environments, they wont defeat you or prevent you from experiencing a good successful life.

Licensed Psychotherapist

Tip : Make A Small Step

The best way to challenge your social anxiety is to strategize rather than leaping directly into a social setup. In this sense, you should consider taking a small step at a time as you adjust all along.

You may start with a small conversation with your workmates or attending celebrations held at your place of work. These small steps can help you to gradually transition from minor social anxiety situations to major social setups without affecting your mood or state of mind.

What triggers your social anxiety? Learn to overcome your anxiety triggers through professional tips- Click the button below.

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Animal Care Or Training

A dog trainer is one example of a job working with animals that might be appealing if you live with SAD. Other possibilities include:

  • Kennel operator or caretaker
  • Veterinary technician
  • Zookeeper

If you enjoy working with animals, these can be rewarding positions requiring some social interaction and giving you space to work quietly and independently. You may also enjoy the reciprocal affection that animals often provide.

Keep challenging your social anxiety in these positions by interacting with clients and other animal care professionals.

Why Job Hunting Sucks When You Have Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety in Women

We all get anxious when were looking for a new job or a change in career. Scanning through job boards, writing cover letters, filling out applications, tailoring your resume with all the right verbs and skills, practicing for an interview its something were expected to go through at some point in our lives. However, if youre unemployed, recently laid off or fresh out of college and with little work experience, the pressure is even more intense to secure a source of income as soon as possible. It seems most people succeed with little hassle. Unfortunately, as someone with moderate social anxiety and chronic depression, job hunting is 10 times more challenging and stressful for me.

The depression afterward is so draining, a never-ending repetition of failure, failure, failure usually accompanied by tears. My depression says what I really want to do is not feasible, wont pay the bills, wont buy food, wont allow me to support my dreams. My anxiety says I shouldnt pursue jobs with a lot of responsibilities and challenges because Im not strong enough to handle them. As a result, I tend to apply for positions that are objectively equal to or below my skill set. I even turned down an assistant manager position and became a sales associate instead because my anxiety was so debilitating, even though the hours and pay were not that great.

We want to hear your story. Become a Mighty contributor here.

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Tip While Looking For Careers With Anxiety

There are several careers for people with anxiety. Here are some guidelines that may help you look for less stressful jobs that will make you less anxious.

  • Look for jobs that offer flexibility in terms of deadlines and workspace.
  • Do not refuse job opportunity because it is not work-from-home.
  • If do not have a college degree look at certificate course offered at your local technical or community college that may bridge the gap.
  • Analyze and identify what is causes anxiety. You can consider jobs that do not need that skill set. E.g. if commuting causes you anxiety, consider work-from-home or remote work options.

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Jobs For Social Anxiety

One response to anxiety is finding a job with minimal social contact . Working from home is another possibility. But this approach has pros and cons as suggested above.

Avoidance relieves distress in the short term. But this approach holds back anxiety-management skills. You can’t build confidence or a better life. We have many good treatments for social anxiety. So, you do not have to be ruled by anxiety. Life can get better.

Here are some suggestions if you know a colleague who struggles with anxiety.

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What To Look For In A Low

The best type of job to look for is one that can be flexible depending on your needs. The term flexibility is extremely broad and may mean different things to different people. Consider the things that make you the most nervous about landing a new job. Is it interacting with customers, keeping up with your to-do list, or managing finances?

Whatever is causing your anxiety, try your best to identify it and then consider jobs that do not require those skills. For example, if commuting makes you anxious, you may be better suited for a work-from-home job or one that offers remote work part-time.

If youre worried about the number of responsibilities you need to manage, you may be better suited in a retail job that does not require after-hours responsibilities. If managing a team makes you nervous, you may be better working as a postal worker or delivery driver.

Whatever the case, you will want to look for a job that gives you personal space within the workday and a work-life balance so you can take time off to recharge your batteries.

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How To Earn Money When You Have Social Anxiety


This article was co-authored by Trudi Griffin, LPC, MS. Trudi Griffin is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Wisconsin specializing in Addictions and Mental Health. She provides therapy to people who struggle with addictions, mental health, and trauma in community health settings and private practice. She received her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marquette University in 2011.There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 148,407 times.

It can be incredibly difficult to make money when you have social anxiety. The stress of interviewing can make it difficult to get a job, and anxiety can make it difficult to keep jobs particularly ones requiring lots of interaction or multitasking. However, people with social anxiety can have amazingly productive careers think of Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, J.K. Rowling, or Warren Buffett. To get the most out of your career, you’ll want to work on coping with your anxiety, choose the right type of job, and learn how to present yourself in a way that impresses potential employers.

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What Are The Tips That Can Help You Overcome Your Social Anxiety

Your selection of the job that you think suits your situation does not guarantee any improvement of your social anxiety symptoms. What this means is that you will have to find ways to manage your condition to lead a happy life.

This is due to the fact that you are likely to face numerous situations that might raise your anxiety levels. Luckily for you, there are tips that you can apply to make you work comfortably and normally just like those people with social anxiety disorder.

These valuable tips are as follows:

Computer Programmer And It Specialist

A computer programmer and IT specialist is one of the top jobs for people with social anxiety. Programming is a lucrative career where you can work independently. The job offers the flexibility of working from home. You will need coding and programming experience. There are several job opportunities for entry-level positions as well.

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Talk About Your Social Anxiety More

This one sounds intimidating but its also really powerful!

Im sure you saw Talk about your social anxiety more and thought something along the lines of Yeah, right! Being socially anxious is hard enough without sharing it with other people at the same time!

I get it.

But, the psychology of social anxiety is pretty counterintuitive in this respect.

First of all, talking about your social anxiety will help you feel less alone. WAY more people than you would imagine suffer with social anxiety. Seriously, many of the people you interact with on a daily or weekly basis likely also have some social anxiety but are just good at hiding it.

See, when you start being a little more open about the fact that you struggle with social anxiety, you open the door for other people to share that they do as well. And when it happens, its often profoundly validating and relieving to know first-hand that other people struggle like you do.

But when you acknowledge and express upfront that you tend to get a little anxious in social situations you A) immediately disarm other people by being vulnerable, and B) take off that entire second layer of pressure to not appear anxious.

Thanks to Michelle Cadieux for inspiring this section!

How Is Social Anxiety Disorder Treated

29 Hard

First, talk to your doctor or health care professional about your symptoms. Your doctor should do an exam and ask you about your health history to make sure that an unrelated physical problem is not causing your symptoms. Your doctor may refer you to a mental health specialist, such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, or counselor. The first step to effective treatment is to have a diagnosis made, usually by a mental health specialist.

Social anxiety disorder is generally treated with psychotherapy , medication, or both. Speak with your doctor or health care provider about the best treatment for you. If your health care provider cannot provide a referral, visit the NIMH Help for Mental Illnesses web page at www.nimh.nih.gov/findhelp for resources you may find helpful.

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Best Jobs For People With Social Anxiety Disorder

Finding a job that you enjoy and feel comfortable doing can be challenging for anyone. However, for those living with social anxiety disorder , a condition characterized by an intense fear of being watched and judged by others, this task can feel overwhelming. Not only does the job have to fit your interests and skillset, but it also shouldn’t exacerbate your SAD symptoms.

Bookkeeper Tax Preparer Or Accountant

Accounting is another great job idea for people with social anxiety because it allows them to work independently. Although there will always be a need to interact with others, the interaction itself is minimal, and its a great way to challenge your fears gradually through meetings with employers, coworkers, and clients. Accountants and financial advisors can also work independently and have their own businesses, further limiting social interaction.

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Take An Incremental Approach To Overcoming Social Anxiety

Keep in mind that working through a significant social anxiety habit is going to take time.

There are no quick fixes or silver bullets, tempting as that possibility is.

Unfortunately, many people start strong in their journey to overcome social anxiety only to have a setback or two, get discouraged, and then give up.

There are a couple reasons why this happens:

  • Unrealistic expectations. If your expectation is that you should be able to completely free yourself from social anxiety in 7 days or something, youre inevitably going to get frustrated, disappointed, and likely self-judgmental. If you want to genuinely overcome social anxiety, its going to be on a months or years timescale, not days.
  • Relying on motivation. Feeling inspired and motivated to work through your social anxiety is great, but that initial burst of energy wont last. Which means if your plan for overcoming your anxiety relies on high levels of inspiration or willpower, youre screwed.
  • The solution to both of these issues, I think, is to foster an incremental attitude and approach to overcoming your social anxiety.

    For example, after reading this guide, homely there are at least a handful of good ideas and strategies you want to implement in order to overcome your social anxiety.

    Dont try to do them all at once!

    Instead, pick one and focus on that until you start to see some progress and it feels more automatic for you. Only then move on to implementing another.

    Apply For One Of The Best Jobs For People With Anxiety

    Feeling Incapable To Work Because Of Your Social Anxiety?

    Remember, this isnt an exhaustive list, and there may be other jobs that work for you.

    Whats more, with mental health counseling and medication, you can live a normal life. While these jobs may still be a good fit, with the right care and treatment, anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

    If you struggle with anxiety and have been looking for a job that can support you, hopefully this list of the best jobs for people with anxiety helps. Apply for any one of these jobs above with the peace of mind that it wont massively interfere with your mental health or cause you unnecessary stress.

    Want more career tips and advice for improving your work, life, and work-life balance? Be sure to check out the rest of our articles here on the Goodwall Blog. And, if you have any questions or other great careers for people with stress and anxiety, let us know below in the comments!

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