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Does Marijuana Help With Anxiety

Can I Get Medical Marijuana For Anxiety In Florida

Ask an Expert: Dr. Jasmin Zavala on Whether Marijuana Helps Stress, Anxiety or Depression | You Can

Anxiety, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, is not a direct qualifying condition currently in Florida. However, your physician can qualify anxiety as a comparable condition if deemed appropriate after consultation. Anxiety is currently one of the most common conditions for which patients qualify in Florida.

A Washington State University Study Has Examined How Cannabis Combats Stress Anxiety And Depression By Looking At Different Strains And Quantities Of Cannabis Being Inhaled By Patients At Home

The work, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, suggests that inhaling cannabis can significantly reduce short-term levels of depression, anxiety, and stress but may contribute to worse overall feelings of depression over time.

This new study is one of the first attempts by United States scientists to assess how cannabis with varying concentrations of THC and CBD affect medicinal cannabis users feelings of wellbeing when inhaled outside of a laboratory.

Facts V Fiction: What The Research Says

  • What is cannabis ?
  • Yes – cannabis can be an effective anxiety treatment – but the opposite is also true
  • Participate in a clinical trial about cannabis
  • Proceed with caution and keep these considerations in mind

With the growing legalization of medical cannabis throughout the United States, researchers are often tasked with answering the question of whether cannabis can be useful in alleviating conditions like anxiety-related disorders. Typically, cannabis use will likely worsen anxiety symptoms and interfere with evidence-based treatments, such as exposure therapy. However, preliminary research may suggest some positive benefits. For novice users looking to medical cannabis as an alternative method for anxiety reduction, using CBD is often a recommended starting point, so long as it is managed under the care of both a medical provider and mental health professional.

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Consuming Medical Marijuana For Adhd

In addition to its effectiveness, proponents of cannabis for ADHD highlight its wide variety of consumption methods and dosing options. While smoking is a popular method of consuming cannabis, studies warn against the lung damage that could be caused from regularly smoking it even for medical purposes. However, with medical cannabis becoming legally available in a growing number of places, patients now have other options.

Those who wish to take cannabis to get relief from their ADHD symptoms can take a dose in the form of oral sprays or convenient drops. Patches can help deliver medication through the skin. Vaporizers can deliver cannabis extract in a smoke-free form that is easy to dose and kicks in immediately. Children who consume cannabis for ADHD often do well with cannabis-infused treats that make taking their medication a pleasant experience.

Is Marijuana Good For Treating Your Anxiety

Does Weed Help Anxiety » CBD Oil Treatments
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The following is intended for readers 18+

I was 18 the first time I smoked weed. Unlike most other pot-smoking 18 year olds, I did it for medicinal purposes honestly! In fact, I was very anti-weed, and admittedly, judgy towards people who smoked. The year prior, I was the vice president of the Students Against Destructive Decisions club at my school.

However, desperate times called for desperate measures. My anxiety was at an all-time high during my freshman year in college. I had trouble adjusting . I came home almost every weekend to try to seek solace in my comfort zone. But my stress level was so horrible that even being home couldnt help.

I was hanging out with two of my friends who were still in high school, and I was feeling extremely on edge and extremely, extremely nauseous. You see, my anxiety loves to manifest itself physically through my gut. Stress always made me sick to my stomach. Pinching the skin on my thighs, trying not to vomit, I meekly asked in an unrecognizable voice, Can I have some of that weed? This wasnt a destructive decision, right? Right!?

They looked at each other in disbelief, laughed, and then handed me a bowl and lighter neither of which I knew how to use. I smoked, coughed up a lung, and repeated. Then, at some point I felt better. It was a miracle.

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Collecting Cannabis Impact Data

The study used data taken from an app which provides medical cannabis users a means of tracking how different doses and types of cannabis affect a wide variety of symptoms of wellbeing.

The users rate the symptoms they are experiencing before using cannabis on a scale of 1-10 and then input information about the type of cannabis they are using. Twenty minutes after inhaling, they are prompted to report how many puffs they took and to rerate the severity of their symptoms.

Cuttler and WSU colleagues Alexander Spradlin and Ryan McLaughlin used a form of statistical analysis called multilevel modelling to analyse around 12,000 anonymous app entries for depression, anxiety and stress. The researchers did not receive any of the app users personally identifying information for their work.

Cuttler said: This is to my knowledge one of the first scientific studies to provide guidance on the strains and quantities of cannabis people should be seeking out for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Currently, medical and recreational cannabis users rely on the advice of bud tenders whose recommendations are based off of anecdotal not scientific evidence.

The study is among several cannabis-related research projects currently underway at WSU, all of which are consistent with federal law and many of which are funded with Washington state cannabis taxes and liquor license fees.

Acute Human Clinical Trials

The anxiogenic properties of isolated THC has have been firmly established in humans and as demonstrated in Table , and no human studies provided any evidence of anxiolytic effects. However, the dosages administered varied widely in the studies described ranging from 2.5 mg to 30 mg . In addition there were two studies which utilised mg/kg . While these two studies are able to be compared more easily with the animal studies, this difference in measurement means that they are not comparable to the other studies as the masses of the participants are not provided.

Table 5 Studies of cannabinoids for anxiety in humans

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Thc Vs Cbd Strains For Anxiety

  • THC strains are the most common. They produce the euphoric high associated with cannabis. While some find THCs intoxicating effects to be relaxing, others may be sensitive to them and find that they actually worsen anxiety.
  • CBD strains are less common, but theyre highly recommended for anxiety reliefespecially if youre new to cannabis or seeking little to no euphoric high.

After determining whether you prefer THC, CBD, or a mix of the two, you can take your strain search to the next level by exploring different terpenesthe aromatic compounds in cannabis that imbue each strain with its unique scent and possibly, to some extent, effects.

Does Marijuana Help With Anxiety Are There Alternatives

Does cannabis help with stress and anxiety?

Regardless of the debate, marijuanas popularity is growing, and public perception of the drug shifts. In the 2020 election, every state that had marijuana legalization or decriminalization on the ballot got it passed. And the trend of legalization may only grow. One positive effect legalization has is that it opens up the door for more research as scientists have fewer barriers to taking a closer look at the substance. Though many studies have been performed, there is still a lot we dont know about marijuana and how it affects the brain.

Still, many people are turning to it for its potential therapeutic effects when it comes to anxiety, pain, and other ailments. Anxiety is one of the most common problems Americans deal with, affecting 40 million adults each year. Could marijuana be another tool in the belt of doctors and clinicians that treat anxious patients? Or is it a potential harm that only makes anxiety problems worse?

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Does Medical Marijuana Help Your Anxiety

Whether or not marijuana helps anxiety is largely unknown . The evidence is mixed regarding the effectiveness of cannabis . This is largely because there isnt a great amount of research into the use of medical marijuana for anxiety marijuanas federally illegal status inhibits research.

One thing is known: Marijuana affects the brain . According to Casarett, the brain has numerous cannabinoid receptors throughout multiple areas. These bind to components of cannabis and affect conditions like anxiety. It seems that cannabis for anxiety can act on the brains circuitry in quite a focused manner rather than providing general relaxation.

What Are The Benefits Of Treating Anxiety With Marijuana

There are many reported benefits of medical marijuana use, including reduced nausea, increased appetite, and decreased pain and inflammation. The drug has been used to treat cancer patients for years. Cancer treatments like chemotherapy often cause nausea, pain, and appetite suppression, and marijuana has helped to alleviate discomfort. Marijuana may also be used to treat neuropathic pain, which can be tricky to treat with traditional painkillers.

But what can marijuana do for anxiety?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasnt approved marijuana for medical use, but it has approved the use of CBD in specific cases. Still, you can get marijuana-based medications that doctors prescribe off-label, which is a term used to describe when a doctor uses medication for something beyond the purpose stated on the label. One of these off-label uses is anxiety.

In fact, CBD may be helpful in treating anxiety on its own. According to a 2015 review, CBD may have therapeutic benefits when it comes to anxiety, though it also called for more study. The review from The American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics states, Current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders, with a need for further study of chronic and therapeutic effects in relevant clinical populations.

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The 3 Different Strains Of Marijuana

Now, lets talk more about the 3 different strains of marijuana that are used in cannabis, just to give you a better idea about how it may or may not help your anxiety.

1. Sativa The sativa strain is considered to be more of anupper.

This means, you will experience a more energized high which is caused by higher levels of THC.

Sativa is known for its anti-anxiety and an antidepressant properties but that doesnt mean that its going to be the best option for you.

With sativa, you can expect to experience more of a mental high as opposed to a body high .

2. Indica Indica can be thought of as more of a downer.

The indica strain will promote a more calmer, relaxing effect on the body, and is also known to help with insomnia.

For those reasons, indica is generally a better option for someone who suffers from anxiety, more so than sativa.

Indica has lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD , which is commonly known to treat patients with high-functioning anxiety.

3. Hybrid The hybrid strain is a mix of sativa and indica.

You can think of it as half decaf coffee.

Youre getting a little bit of both , so its a more neutral strain.

If youre trying marijuana for the first time, the hybrid strain might be a good option for you to start with.

Using Cannabis To Treat Anxiety

Does Marijuana Help With Anxiety?

Like any medical condition, anxiety requires proper dosing and mode of delivery as well as monitoring. Cannabis products such as CBD merit addition to daily diet regimen. Nonetheless, using them for specific medical conditions, such as anxiety, requires an emphasis on quality, mode of delivery, dosing and tracking. There are various degrees of anxiety, so it is essential to discuss your unique needs with your doctor.

Cannabis comes in different forms, including dry herbs and flowers, concentrates and isolates, supplements and capsules, waxes, shatters, edibles and gummies, oils and tinctures, among others. Between these forms, there are four best ways you can take cannabis for anxiety. This includes inhaling, ingesting, sublingual and topical applications. If you are looking to mitigate the symptoms of anxiety using cannabis, use CBD-based products.

You can find safe CBD vape juice to reduce anxiety just a few seconds before you face your nerve-wracking moment. Experts merit CBD for the medicinal properties of cannabis and preliminary tests indicate that CBD can temporarily relieve anxiety symptoms. THC cannabis, on the other hand, can induce anxiety, so it is essential to avoid self-medicating with THC products.

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Can Marijuana Use Cause Social Anxiety Or Make It Worse

A 2009 review study found that frequent cannabis users consistently had a high prevalence of anxiety disorders and patients with anxiety disorders had a relatively high rate of cannabis use. However, it was not determined if cannabis use increased the risk of developing long-term anxiety disorders.

This means that we know there may be a relationship between using marijuana and having social anxiety however, it is not clear which comes first. It could be that people who already have social anxiety are more likely to use marijuana . It could also be that using marijuana frequently leads to a greater likelihood of being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

What Is In Marijuana

Both of these chemicals can interact with your bodys endocannabinoid system, which helps to regulate homeostasis, which is your bodys internal balance. This system is designed to manage everything from your body temperature, circadian rhythm, heart rate, appetite, and many other things. Once THC and CBD bind with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system, they can start to affect the brain and body in different ways.

THC is the active ingredient thats most commonly associated with the marijuana high. It may also cause an increase in your appetite, heart rate, and suppress memory. CBD isnt associated with a high, but it may cause some other effects throughout the body and brain. Very high doses of THC may be the cause of some adverse effects like psychosis, especially in people with psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. A 2013 study found that CBD might actually counteract some of the harmful effects of THC when theyre taken together in a typical dose of marijuana.

Todays illicit marijuana may have more THC than CBD. Since THC is the active ingredient that causes the high, growers and dealers have an interest in elevated THC levels to increase potency. Growing plants with more THC can mean shipping profitable supplies in smaller packages. This highly potent marijuana with low CBD levels might cause uncomfortable side effects and psychotic symptoms in high doses.

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What Is The Difference Between Psychosis And Schizophrenia

Psychosis and schizophrenia arent the same illness.

Psychosis is the name given to symptoms or experiences, which include hallucinations and delusions. Hallucinations make someone experience things differently to other people. This might be seeing things or hearing voices. Delusions are when people have unusual beliefs that other people dont have.

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that affects how someone thinks or feels. Symptoms of schizophrenia include hallucinations and delusions. But often it will have other symptoms like feeling flat or emotionless, or withdrawing from other people.

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