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Which Essential Oil Is Best For Stress And Anxiety

When To See A Doctor

Best Essential Oils for Depression and Anxiety

Some people may find that essential oils can help promote relaxation and relieve stress.

However, chronic anxiety can have a detrimental effect to both a persons mental and physical health. If anxiety is causing significant distress or disruption to a persons daily routine, they may wish to consider seeing a doctor.

Symptoms of anxiety can include:

  • difficulty sleeping

Best Essential Oils For Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Essential oils for anxiety and panic attacks are effective go-to remedies if you suffer from stress, worry, and panic attacks and help relieve anxiety.

Im someone whos struggled with anxiety the majority of my life. From my teen years through my 40s, the stress has driven me nuts. Times in my life, my anxiety became so bad that it would keep me from enjoying life and going out and doing things.

Most of my anxiety was emotional and psychological.

I would experience a fast heartbeat, sweats, shortness of breath, insomnia, itchy skin, and a plethora of other symptoms. Not enjoyable at all!

Is my anxiety gone and wholly cured? No, but Ive learned how to control my anxiety, how to calm myself with some techniques and essential oils.

Everyone gets anxiety at some point, and its perfectly normal. Learning to control how bad your stress gets is something that takes work, therapy, and learning.

Work Essential Oils Into A Deep Breathing Routine

One of the simplest ways to tell your body that youre in control is by breathing deeply. Deep breathing calms the body, regulates the heart rate, and can help reduce cortisol levels.

When you regularly practice deep breathing, it becomes second nature, so I recommend scheduling breathing pauses throughout your day. Start by practicing the following deep breathing routine at the top of each hour, pairing it with the calming essential oil of your choice. Lavender is my favorite essential oil to pair with this ritual . Iâll take a whiff before getting started and let the effects of the inhaled oil circulate through my body as I go:

  • Get into a comfortable position and bring your attention to your breath.
  • Allow the rhythm of your breaths to complement a slow count of 10 in your head,
  • Counting to 5 in your head, allow a steady stream of air to flow in through your nostrils, billowing into the deep recesses of your lungs.
  • Pausing gently and hold your breath in for 5 seconds before gently leaking the air out for 5 seconds through your mouth.
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    Variability In Lavender Oil Constituents

    Essential oils, including LEO, are complex compositions of compounds that may contain up to several hundred distinct chemical entities. They vary in constituents in a manner similar to that of herbal products, because the aromatic compounds produced are a function of the botanical products’ genetics, growth conditions, and oil extraction process. Gas chromatographymass spectrometry has aided in untangling which constituents occur most frequently, allowed insight into variability among LEOs, and given clues about which constituents may be primarily active. For example, one analytic study found varying concentrations of linalool and linalyl acetate among 9 different LEO samples.25 This concentration variability leads to significant heterogeneity in products used in different studies and adds to the difficulty in delineating results.

    Although SLO is standardized to 80 mg, a similar dose size can be calculated readily using a nonstandardized LEO. The density of lavender oil has been estimated to be around 0.88 g/mL at 20°C.28 Therefore, 0.1 mL of oil would be weigh approximately 88 to 89 mg. Assuming 20 drops per milliliter, this would equate to around 2 drops of LEO for a dose of 88 mg, although variability is to be expected given the imprecise nature of this calculation, and it may be more accurate to measure a volume or directly weigh the oil.

    How Can You Use Essential Oils Safely

    doTERRA Oils

    The quality of essential oils on the market varies greatly, from pureessential oils to those diluted with less expensive ingredients. Andbecause there’s no regulation, the label may not even list everythingthat’s in the bottle you’re buying. That’s why essential oilsshould not be ingested.

    Johns Hopkins also advises against using essential oil diffusers, small householdappliances that create scented vapor. Diffusion in a public area orhousehold with multiple members can affect people differently. For example, peppermint is often recommended forheadaches. But if you use it around a child who’s less than 30 months old, the childcan become agitated. It could have a negative effect. Additionally,someone with fast heartbeat can react adversely to peppermint.

    The safest ways to use essential oils include:

    • Aromatherapy accessories: Necklaces, bracelets and keychains made with absorbent materials you apply essential oils to and sniff throughout the day.
    • Body oil: A mixture of essential oils with a carrier oil such as olive, jojoba or coconut oil that can be massaged into skin. Because essential oils are concentrated, they can cause irritation. Avoid using them full-strength on skin.
    • Aroma stick: Also called an essential oil inhaler, these portable plastic sticks have an absorbent wick that soaks up essential oil. They come with a cover to keep the scent under wraps until you’re ready.

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    Which Essential Oils Are Best

    There are dozens of essential oils, all with different fragrances andchemical makeups. Which essential oils are best depends on what symptomsyou’re looking to ease or fragrances you prefer. Some of the most popularessential oils include:

    • Lavender oil: Many people find the lavender scent relaxing. It’s often used to help relieve stress and anxiety and promote good sleep.
    • Tea tree oil: Also called melaleuca, this essential oil was used by Australia’s aboriginal people for wound healing. Today, it’s commonly used for acne, athlete’s foot and insect bites.
    • Peppermint oil: There’s some evidence peppermint essential oil helps relieve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms when taken in an enteric-coated capsule . It may also relieve tension headaches when applied topically.
    • Lemon oil: Many people find the citrusy scent of lemon oil a mood booster. It’s also often used in homemade cleaning products.

    Aromatherapy And Stress: How It Works

    While researching how aromatherapy works, I was really excited to find out about the direct connection between smell and the part of your brain that responds to threats. This connection fast-forwarded my understanding of how effective aromatherapy can be for helping people deal with stress, anxiety, PTSD, anger, and other mood challenges.

    It appears that aromas from concentrated essential oils send messages to the limbic system in your brain. The pathway is:

    aromaolfactory bulbs in your nosetothe limbic part of your brain.

    The limbic system includes the amygdala and is the center of instinctive behavioral responses, mood, and memory.

    The limbic system gets involved in your emotional responses and behaviors that are stimulated by drives for survival .

    Its the part of your brain that responds to stress with fight, flight, or freezeso if we can relax the limbic system, we can potentially relax that response.

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    Inhaling Essential Oils For Anxiety And Stress Relief

    Using an essential oil diffuser to diffuse an essential oil for anxiety relief is considered to provide the fastest stress-relieving results. The diffuser warms the essential oil, dispersing molecules into the air and releasing the aroma.

    If a diffuser isnt available, add several drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming water. Cover your head by placing a towel over the back of your and lean forward over the bowl. Inhale the steam for several minutes, keeping your face about 12 inches away from the bowl.

    Essential Oils That Reduce Stress And Anxiety

    Which Essential Oil is Best for Reducing Anxiety?

    Listed below are brief entries about recent studies conducted on essential oils that can be easily bought online by clicking on the links or from health and wellness stores, or sometimes even big-box stores.

    Most of the entries will also give you some information on how best to use the essential oils whether through aromatherapy, massage and others.

    The entries do not include dosage information, as this can vary based on how and where you want to use the essential oils. For doping information, look for instructions on the packaging, consult an expert, or do further research.

    This doping and safety information can also be found in our Essential Oils Complete Guide and our Quick Reference Essential Oils Chart. Check them out to see which best suits your need.

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    Essential Oils For Anxiety And Stress

    Anxiety and stress are natural responses to real or perceived threats to our safety and well-being. Its normal to experience each of these states from time to time, especially during challenging or highly emotional events.

    We need a certain amount of stress in our lives to facilitate motivation. However, most often when we say we are stressed, were experiencing symptoms that negatively affect body, thoughts, feelings, and behavior.1

    Prolonged bouts of anxiety and stress can disrupt a persons daily life and overall health. In these situations, people often seek stress and anxiety remedies from a range of sources. In 2012, approximately 33% of adults in the United States used a complementary health approach to resolve their health issues.2

    Stress and anxiety can affect anyone, at any age. Diagnosis and treatment for persistent anxiety and/or stress should be discussed with a qualified professional.

    Want to learn more about essential oils? Get our FREE Video Series here

    For occasional or mild stress and anxiety, essential oils may be a suitable option. In most cases, essential oils for anxiety relief can be used interchangeably with those labelled as essential oils for stress.

    Ingredients For Lavender Milk

    DIY lavender milk is a breeze to throw together. All youll need are these 7 ingredients :

    • Milk: Lavender latte can be made with any milk you like or have available. Regular, dairy-free, full fat or skim will all work well. Cow milk, almond milk, and some other plant milks contain tryptophan, a sleep-inducing amino acid.
    • Lavender: Edible lavender is the key ingredient in this homemade moon milk. Lavender contains compounds that calm the mind and decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. I also found a study suggesting that drinking and smelling 1 cup lavender tea each day positively affects wellbeing.
    • Chamomile: My recipe includes dried chamomile flowers. Chamomile tea is an age-old folk remedy, and studies have shown that the herb really does help to relax and fall asleep faster.
    • Vanilla has a mild sedative effect, and the sweet vanilla aroma alleviates anxiety and promotes deep sleep. Either use the seeds from a fresh vanilla bean or vanilla extract.
    • Ashwagandha powder: Ashwagandha root is a popular Ayurvedic herb. The powder is said to ease stress and strengthen the immune system. You can find more information on this below.
    • Sweetener : Swirl a spoonful of raw honey or maple syrup into your lavender milk recipe for a light sweetness.
    • Natural food coloring lends the drink a beautiful lavender hue. The colorant is optional, and you can omit if you prefer a more natural look. Read on to learn more about different coloring options.

    Lets look at some of the key ingredients:

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    Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil

    Vanilla was an ancient Aztec spice from Mexico but is now often used in baking and making delicious infusions. Vanilla Oleoresin oil is sweet and sensual, perfect for setting the mood for allowing you and your partner to soothe stress and anxiety for a romantic night.

    Scent Profile: Creamy and sweet

    Not to be confused with coriander, cilantro refers to the leaves on the coriander. Cilantro oil’s fresh and comforting scent is used to soothe stress, nausea, and discomfort.

    Scent Profile: Herbaceous, sweet and fresh

    Curious About Trying Essential Oils For Anxiety And Stress Relief Here Are Several Expert

    Organic Best Essential Oil for Relief Anxiety,Reduce Stress,Sleep 100% ...
    MAJESTIC PURE Lavender Essential Oil
    MAJESTIC PURE Lavender Essential Oil

    According to a 2012 study, lavender essential oil has been shown to help treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. This might be due to how it impacts the limbic system of the brain, which controls your emotions. Research has also shown that inhaling this essential oil can significantly reduce anxiety levels, says Dr. Gandhi. It can be applied topically, or used with a diffuser or humidifier.

    NOW Essential Bergamot Oil

    If youre pregnant and hoping for a Zen birth experience, a 2015 study suggested that orange essential oil may help lower feelings of anxiety during labor. Use this one with a diffuser.

    Plant Therapy Organic Peppermint Essential Oil
    Plant Therapy Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

    The menthol content in peppermint oil has been shown to help relieve tension and discomfort, which can in turn help you feel more calm and relaxed. Try it with a diffuser.

    Sun Essential Oils Frankincense Essential Oil
    Sun Essential Oils Frankincense Essential Oil

    Frankincense comes from the resin of the Boswellia tree. Massaging a blend of this oil in combination with bergamot and lavender oils helped to relieve anxiety, depression, and pain in terminal cancer patients in a 2008 study.

    Gya Labs Organic Myrrh Essential Oil
    Gya Labs Organic Myrrh Essential Oil

    Similar to lavender, myrrh essential oil may help you feel relaxed and less stressed in general. It is best used with a diffuser.

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    Other Lavender Uses And Benefits

    Lavender is an amazing herb that is great in the kitchen to give your dishes distinguished flavors, as well as being used for other purposes.

    • Lavender contains calcium, iron, and vitamin A, making it a good supplement in smoothies like this
    • Can stabilize your mood
    • Can clear up acne on skin when applied topically
    • Works as an anti fungal

    Are you convinced you need this healthy lavender smoothie in your life? Are we feeling the anxiety melt from our bodies and enter into a zen-like state?

    But seriously. This recipe is incredible. It is light and fruity, aromatic, gluten-free and vegan, even !

    It’s like the superwoman of the smoothiesit contains all the superfoods and antioxidants. I’ll take 20 lavender smoothies, thanks. They are blueverry delicious!

    Be sure to check out my almond butter açaí smoothie bowl and go-to super green smoothie!

    Grab the recipe below, and enjoy this tasty, healing treat!

    Other Measures That Could Help With Anxiety

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy works by encouraging people to think differently about their anxieties. By making your problems more manageable, CBT can help change negative thought patterns and improve the way you feel.50
  • Counselling as we briefly mentioned above, sharing your worries and talking them through with another person can potentially make them feel more manageable and reduce the stress associated with them. Some people choose to do this by speaking to a professional counsellor.

    Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues. It can help with:

    • Mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety or an eating disorder
    • Difficult life events, such as a bereavement, a relationship breakdown or work-related stress
    • Difficult emotions for example, low self-esteem or anger
    • As well as many other issues
  • Identify your anxiety triggers everybodys anxiety is caused by different things. If you know what your triggers are, then hopefully you can then minimise or remove them from your routine. Some examples of general triggers include driving/travelling, phobias, caffeine and work-related stress.51
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    Revives Synergy Blends: The Best Essential Oils For Stress And Anxiety

    To be honest, stress-reducing essential oils are always in demand. That is why REVIVE offers so many options for you.

    One of our absolute favorites, Stress Easy, is actually our version of Young Livings Stress Away. This soothing blend of Essential Oils contains relaxing oils like Lavender essential oil and Cedarwood essential oil with heart-warming essential oils like Vanilla and Ocotea. It is perfect for easing anxious feelings and encouraging a sense of calm.

    Another blend that we love is REVIVEs Stress Relief. This is a great essential oil synergy to use when you need to ease your body along with your mind. This essential oil makes a great addition to a bath or massage.

    Lastly, if you are on the go, Anxiety Ease Roll-on is a great option to bring with you. This essential oil roller can easily be tucked in your pocket or purse and is ready for use when in need of some balance. Simply roll onto pulse points and inhale deeply to help alleviate tension.

    How To Use Essential Oils To Reduce Depression

    Essential Oils For Sleep

    The essential thing when using essential oils for depression is to purchase 100% pure oils from a licensed or trusted seller. Do some research on the manufacturer and the seller before buying anything from them. In recent years many of the sellers on the internet doesnt have pure and potent essential oil. Essential oils from doTERRA, Edens Garden, Mountain Rose Herbs are generally pure and safe according to their websites. So I would suggest starting from them.

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    How Fragrances Influence The Body And Mind

    Its believed that the sense of smell is the closest and most immediate to the brain. It has profound effects on mood, and apart from music may be the only thing that can help us travel through time. Just as a song takes us back to earlier memories, fragrance transports us and often resurrects people and places.

    When we inhale an aroma, the molecules go up the nose and are absorbed into the mucous membranes. There, they are warmed, cleaned, and filtered. From there, they are transported to the olfactory bulb, a dime-sized piece of membrane home to no fewer than ten million fragrance receptors.

    Each receptor is connected to a nerve taking information from the nose to the rain so it can make decisions about the safety of our environment.

    Based on what it perceives, it will either trigger our sympathetic system to make us more alert or our parasympathetic system. This is responsible for the bodys ability to rest and restore.

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