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How To Use Healing Crystals For Anxiety

Overcome Your Anxiety Attacks With Shungite

How to perform a Crystal Healing Session for Anxiety | Crystals to help with Anxiety

This mysterious black stone can be used to relieve anxiety and insomnia. It is a very old, ancient healing stone. It attracts peace, tranquility, and protection.

How to use it:

  • Shungite is considered the best stone for EMF protection, place it near laptops, computers, phones
  • Wear Shungite jewelry, pendants, or bracelets to benefit from its revitalizing energy
  • Display Shungite cubes, spheres, or pyramids at home or at your office to protect you from negative influences

At the Village Rock Shop, we offer authentic Shungite products, including:

Ways To Use Healing Crystals And Gemstones For Anxiety

Gemstones can be used in all sorts of ways when it comes to healing. Often times, your desired healing determines how to use the best gemstones for anxiety.

For example, if you have difficulties sleeping at night , placing some amethyst at your bedside may help.

Here are some of the most popular ways to use healing crystals for anxiety:

  • Hold a healing crystal during meditation
  • Create a crystal grid
  • Focus on the crystal for concentration meditation

How to use the best gemstones for anxiety healing?

Seems simple enough, right? It most certainly is, but like most things in life, we can always elaborate on how to use the best gemstones for anxiety as well.

Crystals and Meditation

Crystals are calming items that can be used during meditation in various ways. You can simply hold the crystal that suits your intention . You can also use the crystal for concentration meditation or visual meditation where, instead of closing your eyes, you focus on the crystal.

Creating a Crystal Grid

A crystal grid is aligning your crystals for anxiety in a specific, symmetrical pattern to create the energy you want within a particular space. We will touch more on this in a later post, but this whole theory is based on Feng Shui principles.

If crystal grids arent your thing, simply place them around your home however you like. The energies will still manifest and create a calming space. The key is to choose crystals specific to your intention.

Crystals and Yoga
Gemstones as Jewelry

Crystal Healing: Fact Or Fiction

Harnessing the mystical power of crystals to ease anxiety certainly sounds plausible, but is there any proof that it actually works?

Despite its growing popularity, there are, as yet, no peer-reviewed scientific studies to validate crystals healing properties. Reports that they work tend to be anecdotal, and crystal healing does not have medical or scientific backing, meaning it is labelled a pseudoscience.

So, how can you explain the fact that so many people still believe that they work? The most common and most widely accepted scientific theory is that of the placebo effect. Indeed, in a research study published in 2001, Professor Christopher French, Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit in the Psychology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London, found that when 80 study participants were given either a real or fake crystal to meditate with, all reported effects from the crystal even those that were fake. Whats more, participants who were primed to believe that the crystal would make a difference noticed stronger effects.

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How To Use Crystals For Depression

Whether youre looking at Western, Eastern or metaphysical medicine for healing from depression, the first thing anyone needs to adopt is an open mind. Look at any medicinal trial where placebo drugs were used and youll see the major role that the mind plays in the process of healing. Subjects unknowingly fed the placebo medicines often heal better and faster than those subjects taking the actual drug.

Its what we brush off as miracles, but really its the power of the human mind. Tapping into it is one of the most life changing things a person can do, and with the aid of crystals your potential is uncapped. Its simply up to you to adopt this as truth, as and when you feel ready.

How and when you choose to use your crystals for depression will depend on your personal point of view when it comes to this kind of treatment. It will also largely depend on your individual lifestyle and how the stones are able to fit into your days.

All crystals come with a unique list of properties that make them effective or ineffective to different ailments. There are some stones with powerful energetic properties that would simply have no effect on someone suffering from depression, simply because that specific stone may be more concerned with attracting monetary wealth, or making the physical body more agile.

Rose Quartz The Relisher

lights for anxiety  Anxiety Gone: Self Care for your Inner Healing

As its beautiful, calming pink hues suggest, this crystal is the crystal of lurrrve. Here at ___Retrealm, more than anything, we believe in the absolute power of self-love and with this crystal nearby youll be feeling love, creativity and inspiration in all forms. When were under pressure, feeling anxious or just plain stressed, its so easy to forget about loving ourselves. Just gifting time to yourself to be truly present in your heart and your existence. Keeping a piece of Rose Quartz where we can always see it will honour respect, trust, and worth within yourself and open your heart, mind and soul to soar free from the challenges of life.

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Best Healing Crystals For Anxiety And Stress

Want to get past your anxiety? Each crystal is known to have its own unique healing properties. Some are great for protection and confidence, while others can bring abundance and success. Below we’ll zone in on some crystals that are specifically excellent for alleviating anxiety and stress.

Since there are quite a few, we recommend experimenting with different ones to find the crystals that you resonate with and work the best for you:

What Causes Anxiety Disorders

There is no single identifiable cause. Rather, a combination of factors are thought to contribute to anxiety disorders.

Factors contributing to anxiety disorders:
  • Genetics: Anxiety can sometimes run in families. However, having a parent or close relative experience anxiety doesnt necessarily mean an individual will develop it.
  • Stressful or negative environmental life events like work issues, or family and relationship problems.
  • Some medical conditions can lead to disorders.
  • Alcohol and substance use can aggravate anxiety conditions.

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Healing Crystals For Anxiety: Feel Calm And Relieve Stress

Use crystals to naturally heal your body, mind, and soul from excessive stress and anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal emotion for your body. It is a brains natural response to fear, pressure, and stress. Moreover, everyone feels anxious at some point in life. For example, you can feel stressed out before any big event or worry about the test results.

There are specific ways to mitigate this feeling of stress and anxiety. However, healing crystals are one of the natural instruments that can relieve stress. They can calm your mind by promoting positive energy. Additionally, they help you to bring emotional balance to your life.

How To Clean Your Crystals

Crystals For Anxiety

Why do these calming stones need to be cleansed?

Did you know that crystals can become jeopardized by negative vibes if exposed to outside elements for a long period of time? The best way to counteract this is to cleanse your crystals for optimal crystal healing.

Now you know what calming properties these stones can deliver, it helps to understand how to clean your crystals to maintain their good energy.

There are several ways in which you can actively cleanse your crystals, depending on your personal preferences and the stones you wish to clean. To cleanse your crystals once a month:

  • Place them on your windowsill to recharge during a full moon.
  • Bury them underground, in your garden for 24 hours. This allows the absorption of negative energy via the earth.
  • Use a cleansing crystal, such as a selenite tower, to clear their negative energy.
  • Smudge your crystals with palo santo or sage.

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Rose Quartz Crystal For Depression

The rose quartz crystal for depression is typically used for the hopeless romantic, but it can also help with depression and anxiety. The rose quartz can open your eyes in ways that will help you start to heal yourself.

The rose quartz crystal helps you recognize that you need compassion and shows you that you deserve forgiveness, love, and understanding from yourself. It helps you realize that if you are suffering from mental health issues, you need to be gentle with yourself and express self-love during difficult times. The rose quartz for depression gives you a sense of healing and comfort.

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What Are The Best Healing Crystals For Stress And Anxiety

And it comes from all walks of life men, women, young and old, mums for daughters, pregnant women, school students and people with all different stories and backgrounds. So if youve ever asked yourself or have even looked into natural tools for relieving anxiety and helping with stress management, consider yourself a living, breathing, blinking human.

Although stress is an inevitable, normal and in some cases a healthy and even motivating part of life, if you don’t get a handle on your stress it can seriously ruin the whole vibe on your life .

Healing crystals are just some of the natural tools for relieving anxiety and curbing stress, anxiety, fear, worry or even panic attacks. Each with their own healing abilities for the mind, body and soul, crystals promote good energy flow and help you take control of your own life.

Here are 6 healing crystals for those who deserve the sacred space of serenity that is taking back the life you deserve by kicking anxiety and stress in the butt:

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A Guide To Finding The Right Stone That Matches Your Energy

The practice of crystal healing dates back to about 6,000 years ago, when crystals were used by the earliest groups of civilization such as the Sumerians of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Egyptians. Primarily used for relieving stress and anxiety, crystals are also believed to have the ability to heal your body from within.

According to soul coach and spiritual advisor Coco Alexandra of OMSA, crystals come in seven chakra colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white/violet and each serves a different purpose. These spiritual stones can either help you channel your creativity, focus on your self-worth or balance your emotions. For those who arent familiar with the term chakra, it essentially refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. The stones can be used during meditation, crystal grid work, altar magic, energy healing and manifestation work. Some utilize crystals as home or office to bring in positive energy, while others treat them as jewelry to call in desired energies.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, we spoke to Coco about some of the best healing crystals for alleviating stress and anxiety. Read on to learn more.

For other ways to improve your mental health during this global crisis, here are six meditation livestreams and online classes to help you stay calm at home.

Crystals For Social Anxiety

Anxiety and Stress Relief Crystal Healing Set

For those with social anxiety, youll want to choose crystals that promote relaxation, inner peace, and stress relief. Think about what negative feelings you are experiencing when you have anxiety. Then, choose crystals that tend to counteract or balance those feelings with more positive energies.

Youll also want to consider which crystals appeal to you specifically, as particular crystals may resonate with you stronger than others do. And they may work better for relieving your symptoms of social anxiety when you feel a connection to that crystal. Trust your instincts on which crystals draw you in. Crystal healers can also help guide you.

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The Practice Of Healing Is Similar To An Art Or A Spell

To calm my mind and body, I usually turn to writing, yoga, meditation, or crystal healing.

My crystals are some of my most precious possessions. Not only do they remind me of my childhood growing up as a third-generation New Age energy healer, but Ive also learned how to identify and categorize them, love and care for them. I personify each one as an ailment, emotion, or desire. I learn from it and practice healing, guidance, self-assurance, and self-love.

Im more than aware that modern witchcraft or New Age practices arent everyones cup of tea especially when it comes to medicine. But I do encourage you to think about the minds ability to heal. Just look at the placebo effect.

Researchers have studied this interesting effect. They claim that the placebo effect is a form of interpersonal healing thats different from natural spontaneous healing and healing from the aid of medication or medical procedures.

Those researchers consider the placebo as neither a homeopathic or pharmaceutical treatment. Its something else entirely that can help treat conditions and disorders just the same. Harvard Womens Health Watch also reports that even when a person knows theyre taking a placebo, they still often feel better.

These studies suggest that the placebo effect is real and powerful. How can we harness this power of the placebo to enhance healing?

Traditional And Historical Uses

Ancient practices, primarily from the Asian tradition, employed crystals as charms for health and protection. People used certain crystals for specific purposes. For example, the ancient Egyptians used chrysolite to ward off nightmares and evil spirits, and used green stones for burial purposes.

Crystals also played a role in some religious traditions, and people used them up for healing up until the Renaissance period. They are mentioned in several sacred texts, including the Bible, the Koran, and Buddhist writings.

The ancient Greeks used amethyst to prevent drunkenness and hangovers, and hematite, a type of iron ore, for protection in battle.

In addition, as late as 1609 in Germany, the court physician to Rudolf II suggested that good or bad angels transmitted powers to certain crystals, giving them their power.

The placebo effect may produce some benefit in people who use crystals. However, they are not a cure or long-term remedy for anxiety and depression. Instead, a doctor may recommend any of the following treatments for long-term success:

  • recurring therapy sessions

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Amethyst The Anxiety Alleviator

Amethyst and its tranquil purple hues is incredibly protective, healing and purifying. If theres a crystal you want nearby during an anxious time, its this beauty. Not only will it dispel negativity from our being, it simultaneously attracts positive, calming vibes. Known as “the all-purpose stone”, Amethyst also has the ability to settle the mind chatter that keeps us awake and is perfect for those who suffer from insomnia or nightmares.

Carry Crystals To Shield Against Danger & Fear

CRYSTALS FOR ANXIETY || 9 crystals that can help cope with and prevent anxiety

Fear stems from a sense of danger, so let crystals for fear work as a coat of armor.

You can simply carry a few tumbled stones in your pocket to keep a protective aura around you throughout the day. Or, better yet, you can wear your protective crystals as jewelry a pendant on a necklace or a crystal-embedded bracelet.

The act of putting on crystal jewelry will feel like you are suiting up, ready to confront any fear or anxiety ahead and conquer it.

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What Are The Best Types Of Crystals For Anxiety

  • Howlite: This crystal is your queen hereit soothes tension from the body and assists you when you need to slow an overactive mind,” Knowles explains.
  • Lepidolite: Breathing is key in enabling us to reduce our anxiety and this soothes not only the mind but also creates a deeper fulfilling breath. This, in turn, helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to produce feelings of calm and relaxation.
  • Lemon chrysoprase:This piece gives us confidence and strength when we feel alone.
  • Amethyst:A stone that opens and cools the mind. Reach for this when you need clarity on making a big decision but don’t know who to turn to for advice.
  • Jade:A nurturing green stone that channels serenity and intuition in stressful situations. Use this crystal when you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Crystals & Stones To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

    Stress can affect everything we do, think, or feel. It can also affect our body functions. We can experience and cope with stress differently and the signs can also manifest in different ways:

    • Stress signs on the physical level: muscle tensions, frequent colds and infections, allergies, diarrhea or constipation, indigestion, ulcers, hyperventilating, palpitations, nausea, high blood pressure, heart problems, sexual problems, menstrual problems.
    • Stress signs on the psychological level: inability to concentrate or make simple decisions, memory lapses, depression, anxiety, negative thinking, mood swings, frustration, irritability, lack of motivation, confidence, and self-esteem.
    • Behavioral stress signs: increased reliance on coffee, smoking, alcohol, recreational or illegal drugs, workaholic, relationship problems, self-neglect, insomnia, recklessness, aggressive and anger outbursts.

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    A Simple Crystals For Anxiety Ritual

    • Sit comfortably in a quiet space and light a candle.
    • Hold one of these three crystals for anxiety in your hands and recite the following: I ask this crystal to release all of my fears and replace them with love and light.
    • Now, close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out three times, and allow a sense of bliss and tranquility to take over. Feel your anxiety as if itâs melting away and your mind is being cleared of worries and anxious overthinking.
    • Stay in this meditative state for as long as you like.

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