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How To Get Over Hangover Anxiety

Put The Night Into Perspective

7 Steps To Overcome An Anxiety Hangover (THE DAY AFTER)

Often, a big part of hangxiety is worrying about what you might have said or done while drinking. But remember, whats true for you is likely true for everyone else.

In other words, you probably werent the only one who said or did something you regret. Its also possible no one noticed what you said or did .

Fixating on what happened can make your feelings worse. If you were with a close friend, you might feel reassured by talking to them. But for the moment, it might help to take a few minutes and examine your thoughts.

What are you most worried about? Why? Sometimes, talking yourself through what youre afraid of and challenging that fear can help you manage it.

Hangover Anxiety And Hangover Supplements

Some hangover supplements on the market may increase your anxiety due to the high concentration of caffeine. Hangover Hammer’s science officers, yes we have science officers, know exactly how much caffeine is required to get you back on your feet without amplifying your anxiety.

Hangover anxiety is a very real thing, and you should never ignore it. It’s imperative to consult your doctor if your symptoms persist or worsen. We hope this blog post has given you some helpful tips for dealing with hangovers in the future!

How To Prevent Hangover Anxiety

There are ways to prevent hangover anxiety, including:

  • Keep a log of anxiety episodes that follow drinking. This may help you understand whether certain situations or quantities of alcohol cause you stress.
  • Drink plenty of water. Hydrate during and after alcohol consumption and avoid coffee and other stimulants that may enhance anxiety.
  • Do not drink too quickly. Try to stick to one alcoholic drink per hour. If you tend to drink quickly, try enjoying a simple drink on the rocks that is better suited for sipping. The more alcohol you drink in a short span of time, the worse the hangxiety will be.
  • Avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Have a snack or quick meal before you want to drink. If that does not fill you up, you can always eat while drinking or just before bed.
  • Only drink with trusted friends. Avoid people and places that may encourage behavior that you regret the next day. You may also decide to prevent hangover anxiety by reducing or eliminating alcohol altogether.
  • Set yourself a limit. When you are in the moment and having fun, you may feel fine to keep drinking. However, those drinks will eventually catch up to you. Set a limit and stop drinking when you’re reached that limit.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Hangxiety

Whilst it can be tempting to pull out your yoga mat and downward dog your way out of anxiety, the reality is that your other hangover symptoms will probably prevent you from doing so, or make things worse! Therefore, you may wish to try some lighter breathing exercises or gentle meditation.

Wed also recommend eating healthily and rehydrating to replenish your body with its missing nutrients and precious H20. Resting and taking it easy will also help to reduce hangxiety. Oh, and dont be too hard on yourself! Its easy to get carried away and focus on the awful things we did last night but the probability is that no one else remembers it anyway!

The Night Is In Perspective

7 Steps To Overcome An Anxiety Hangover (THE DAY AFTER ...

A lot of hangxiety comes from worrying about what you might say or do while drinking. Remember that what is true for you may not be true for others.

This means that you are not the only one who regrets something you did or said. You may not have noticed or forgotten what you did.

It can be worse to dwell on the past than it is. Talking to a friend can help you feel more secure if you were close friends. It might be helpful to take a moment and reflect on your feelings.

What is your greatest concern? What are you most worried about? Talking yourself through your fears and challenging them can help you manage them.

Even if you dont have hangxiety, a bad hangover can cause you to stop drinking. This is one way to prevent future hangovers, but there are many other ways to decrease your chance of alcohols undesirable effects.

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Alcohol Is A Depressant

To begin to understand hangxiety, we need to remember this fact: When alcohol is consumed, it acts as a depressant. Alcohol consumptionresults in a sedating effect on the central nervous system. The sedating sensation is a key reason people drink in excess in the first place: to find a way to relax and unwind. While alcohol may provide short-lived relief and calm, the alcohol can have depressive effects as it begins to wear off. These effects can lead to other changes in mood and lead to increased anxiety levels. Moreover, for those who already have an underlying anxiety disorder, alcohol can make medication less effective, compounding the negative effect of alcohol on anxiety.

Take A Relaxing Shower

If you are feeling depressed and you cant seem to shake it, maybe its time to wash it away. Go and take a nice, warm, relaxing shower to help calm you down and freshen you up. You would be surprised how refreshing and rejuvenating a nice, hot shower can make you feel. In fact, the longer the shower you can take, the better. Studies have actually shown taking long showers are one of the best ways to wash away hangover depression. OK, so that last part wasnt true, but a shower will help you to wash away that hangover depression.

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How Alcohol Increases Anxiety In Our Body

The positive emotions experienced in drinking like dizziness, constipation, and discomfort may be due to the alcohol content . However, similarly, as feelings of enthusiasm may occur as a result of an increase in BAC, a decrease in BAC may be acceptable to melancholy feelings. Sometimes, this crazy and exciting journey can raise concerns.

In logical terms, anxiety hangover contributes to psychology by lowering serotonin levels. This common body sender is a touch of gentleness, relaxation, and memory the key to balancing the parts that add to the strong body and sensible personality. Low serotonin levels, personal rest, brainstorming, and memory may be worse. If serotonin level is high, then these gaps will work better.

Avoiding Hangover Anxiety Is About More Than Just Drinking Less

Hanxiety! Do you get hangover anxiety? Heres my experience tips

The obvious answer to avoiding hangovers in the first place is to drink less, which is easier said than done for some people. Whats super important is awareness of your personal tolerancenot only regarding how much is your limit, but what kinds of alcohol tend to send you over the edge or leave you feeling worse emotionally.

This may mean, for some people, you avoid mixing drinks and stick to one thing all night, or you avoid hard liquor, Hafeez suggests. You also want to tune into how you’re pacing yourself when you drink, and consume water with your alcoholic beverages to stay in control.

Along with self-regulation, try to practice mindfulness as you drink. Have a convo with yourself in which you predict how you will feel the next day, both physically and emotionally, and go from there. Chances are you dont want to feel wired, grouchy, or sad the next day, and if you remind yourself of this as you’re imbibing, you may be more likely to go slow and not overdo it.

Doing a dry January or other abstinence period may also be a helpful experiment if you find that you feel better mentally, or less groggy, anxious, or that you sleep better without drinking, it may be worth reducing your alcohol intake.

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Alcohol Affects Natural Endorphin Levels

The same boom and bust of dopamine and serotonin that can lead to hangxiety also applies to endorphins. The body uses endorphins to manage stress and pain. So, when alcohol is first consumed, and endorphin levels increase, people may feel less stress. This is why alcohol can have a calming effect and is a key reason why many people drink. However, when these endorphin levels become depressed and decrease after blood alcohol levels decrease, the drop-off of endorphins can lead to anxious feelings. The decrease in endorphins not only causes hangxiety, but also makes us feel less equipped to handle the normal stressors of the upcoming day. Work stress, family stress, and other influences can feel even more overwhelming and can make us want to drink even more to seek relief. This is an unhealthy coping cycle that can be broken with the support of online alcohol treatment.

Find Comfort In Your Furry Friends

Pets are more than just your best friendsthey are also all-natural antidepressants! Alright, that might be an overstatement, but only a little. Research shows that pet therapy and exposure to animals can immediately help with depression, anxiety, and pain. These effects are so powerful that hospitals, senior citizen homes, and even university campuses are embracing the practice.

You wont need a highly trained animal to help you overcome your depressive episodeyour own pet will do just fine! Whether you want to spend a few extra minutes cuddling with your kitten or force your dog to join you on your 12-hour Netflix marathon, spending quality time with your four-legged friend certainly cannot hurt.

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Hangxiety: What Causes That Day

Health Mind Life

Locke Hughes

As a single 30-something living in New York City, I spend my fair share of time at bars, restaurants or apartment get-togethers all of which typically include sipping at least a few a cocktails or glasses of wine.

Lately, though, Ive experienced more than the predictable next-day headache and nausea Ive had pangs of anxiety, worry and even panic that linger for a day or two. Its not about regret from the night before, but rather a vague, cant-put-my-finger-on-it sense of unease.

Im no stranger to anxiety, and I know Im not alone in experiencing this strange sense of dread the day after drinking according to my friends and the Internet. In one survey, about 23 percent of people say theyve experienced “hangxiety,” aka the negative mental and emotional effects of a hangover. More proof: #hangxiety has more than 27 million views on TikTok and 62,000 search results on Google.

To find out whats really happening in our brains as we drink, I sought the advice of Uma Naidoo, MD, a nutritional psychiatrist and author of This Is Your Brain on Food, and Carolyn Brown, MS RD, nutritionist and co-founder of Indigo Wellness Group.

Turns out that while it may sound like a made-up term, hangxiety is a real bio-chemical reaction to alcohol. Luckily, there are ways to minimize its effects.

Space Things Out A Bit

how to get rid of hangover anxiety

Nothing is worse than finally feeling like yourself after a bad case of the hangover blues, only to open your phone and find yourself bombarded with messages from well-meaning friends ready for round 2.

FOMO is a totally real experience, but its always good to take some time out to let your body recover. The chances are, if one night out made you feel depressed, another night out without time to bounce back will only make it worse. So, tell your friends youre sorry but you already have Saturday night planstaking care of yourself.

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How Do I Stop Hangover Anxiety

If you are looking to prevent or relieve your hangover anxiety the best thing to do is follow our 11 proven tips to combat hangover anxiety:

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the night

    Drinking alcohol is known to dehydrate your body. It’s important that you stay hydrated for every alcoholic drink consumed in order to reduce feelings of tension and irritability later on!

  • Consume a carbohydrate-rich meal before bed

    Make sure you eat a thick, carb dense meal before going to sleep. The sugars in this food will help produce neurotransmitters that provide feelings of relaxation and calmness! Try eating something with meat as proteins aid the body’s ability to metabolize.

  • No hair of the dog

    Choosing to fight the hangover with hair of the dog may amplify your anxiety by causing you to go into a state of withdrawal once the alcohol wears off. Staying hydrated and eating carbohydrates will help ease your symptoms without exacerbating other underlying health issues.

  • Try not to smoke or vape

    Nicotine is a stimulant drug that increases cortisol levels in the body. You are likely already experiencing withdrawal symptoms due to alcohol, so smoking can further exacerbate hangxiety! If you do choose to smoke before bed, limit yourself to one or two cigarettes and try sticking with nicotine-free brands if possible. This will reduce your hangxiety symptoms. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after smoking as well!

  • The Anxiety Of Confusion And Memory Lapses

    Both confusion and memory lapses are common for people with hangovers. The confusion may initially result from feeling terrible and not remembering why. After the initial confusion, you may still find yourself unable to think clearly, either due to physical pain or dehydration, and fatigue due to poor sleep quality. This inability to think clearly may lead you to jump to conclusions .

    Confusion can also be caused by lapses in your memory. Not being able to recall what happened prior to waking up with a hangover and all its accompanying symptoms can cause a great deal of stress, causing you to speculate about every bad thing that might have happened to you. The list is essentially endless, particularly after a blackout, when you dont remember a period of time – almost anything could have happened. More reasonable concerns include saying things you didnt mean, while more intense fears can come from imagining that you were attacked or abused by someone.

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    Take Care Of Your Body

    Take care of your physical basics first.

    • Rehydrate. Get a glass of water plenty of water all day.
    • Enjoy a light meal made of mild foods.You can settle nausea with things like dry toast, soda crackers, and bananas. Avoid greasy and processed foods, and eat whole, nutritious foods. These are also options. hangover foods.
    • Get some sleep. Try taking a bath, listening to relaxing music, or inhaling some aromatherapy if you are having trouble sleeping. Essential oilForAromatherapyMake sure you are comfortable. You can relax even if your bedroom isnt conducive to sleep.
    • You can also try over-the-counter pain relief. You may have a headache or muscle pains.IbuprofenPain relief can be achieved by taking the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug , or any other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs . You should not take more than the recommended dosage. Mixing alcohol with said you may experience stomach bleeding. Start with a lower dose to see if you feel better.

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