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Does Anxiety Cause Shaky Hands

Coping With Anxiety And Essential Tremor

Anxiety Tremors and Shakiness – How to Control Tremors

If youre dealing with anxiety and essential tremor, you can take steps to better cope. EssentialTremor.org recommends the following steps:

  • Therapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you identify anxiety triggers and practice grounding techniques to stay calm. Therapy provides you with support while you deal with the uncertainties around essential tremor.
  • Exercise: Not only can exercise improve your mood, but it can also reduce your stress.
  • Avoid alcohol: Alcohol is a depressant and can worsen anxiety.
  • Avoid smoking and coffee: Nicotine and caffeine are both stimulants that tend to make anxiety worse.
  • Sleep: Getting enough sleep is another important step that can help you manage your anxiety. Sleep is critical for helping your body and brain function at optimal levels.
  • Relax: Meditation, yoga, and visualization techniques can help soothe anxiousness.

In some cases, a doctor might prescribe an anti-anxiety medication to help those with chronic anxiety issues. There are some anti-anxiety medications that also might improve essential tremor symptoms. For example, benzodiazepines and beta-blockers are common anti-anxiety prescriptions that can also improve essential tremor. However, its not the only treatment option for dealing with essential tremor symptoms.

When Should I Talk To My Doctor About Tremors

Depending on the kind of tremor it is, delaying medical evaluation could be detrimental.

See a neurologist specializing in movement disorders and who can properly evaluate, diagnose, and treat tremors, he says. Part of that could be eliminating factors that can drive exaggerated physiological tremor, such as high thyroid hormone levels, so thyroid function tests should be sent off to the lab, for example.

Then, your doctor will do a thorough review of what medications youre on and when you started or changed the dose of any of those to eliminate a drug-induced tremor, which is also common. The initial evaluation and assessment with a doctor is crucial.

The Patient May Just Need Counselling With A Psychologist Or In More Severe Cases Medications To Treat Anxiety Drug Called Clonazepam Can Provide Immediate Relief To Both Anxiety And Shakiness

Tremor or shaking is a very common symptom in people with anxiety.

When a person is anxious there is heightened discharge in the neurone or nerve cell giving rise hyper activation of muscles causing various types of abnormal movements including jerking clonus and trembling, informs Dr Praveen Gupta, Director and Head of Department, Neurology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute.

The shakiness or trembling may be restricted to one part of body or can be variably distributed across. This variability can differentiate it from an organic tremor which usually stereotypical, says the expert.

“Also, this shaking can manifest in many ways sometimes it can be an internal shaking invisible objectively to outside observation, it’s more like inside the body or then it can be visible shaking. Anxiety often causes muscles to twitch randomly called fasciculations. Most times it is accompanied by other symptoms like restlessness sweating cold palms, palpitations, sense of ill-ease obvious stressors, worry and other such symptom.”

At other times, Dr Gupta, says it can manifest as a physical complaint where a patient denies any overt psychological problem or stressors where it comes as physical symptom or escape mechanism where it is a part of somatoform state.

But what causes these?

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Treating A Severe Tremor

If you have a tremor that’s affecting your life, your GP may prescribe medicine. Medicine will not cure the tremor, but it often helps to reduce the shaking or trembling.

You may need to take medicine all the time, or only when you need it for example, before a stressful situation that causes your tremor to get worse.

If a tremor is affecting your head or voice, you may be offered injections to block the nerves and relax the muscles.

In rare cases, brain surgery may be an option to treat a severe tremor that is not helped by medicine.

Types And Causes Of Tremors

Shaky Hands? What That Could Mean for Your Health

Tremor associated anxiety can be very disruptive and cause a considerable amount of stress. In other cases, the shaking is fairly mild. Another common symptom is the anxiety shake that can occur with or without an anxiety disorder. Other symptoms that are much less common involve muscle twitching such as:

  • Cramping

The following are known to increase the risk of anxiety tremors although via different mechanisms:

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What Research Is Being Done

The mission of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is to seek fundamental knowledge about the brain and nervous system and to use that knowledge to reduce the burden of neurological disease. The NINDS is a component of the National Institutes of Health , the leading supporter of biomedical research in the world.

Researchers are working to better understand the underlying brain functions that cause tremor, identify the genetic factors that make individuals more susceptible to the disorder, and develop new and better treatment options.

Brain functioningIt can be difficult to distinguish between movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. These debilitating movement disorders have different prognoses and can respond very differently to available therapies. NINDS researchers are working to identify structural and functional changes in the brain using non-invasive neuroimaging techniques to develop sensitive and specific markers for each of these diseases and then track how they change as each disease progresses.

Other researchers are using functional magnetic resonance imaging technology to better understand normal and diseased brain circuit functions and associated motor behaviors. Scientists hope to design therapies that can restore normal brain circuit function in diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and tremor.

Medications and other treatment methods

Don’t Be Embarrassed By Essential Tremors

They all suffered from essential tremor, or shaking of the hands, head, voice, and body, especially when active or anxious. Despite this handicap, which tends to worsen with aging, they all continued to accomplish great things as they grew older.

“Essential tremor is a very common condition,” Franklin Schneier, MD, associate director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic of New York State Psychiatric Institute in New York, tells WebMD. It affects three to four million Americans, or up to one in five of those over age 65. Because it is inherited, about half of children born to a parent with essential tremor eventually develop it, usually starting in their 30s.

“One of the most common misconceptions about essential tremor is that it is a ‘benign’ condition,” Joseph Jankovic, MD, tells WebMD. “While in most cases essential tremor does not interfere with social or occupational functioning, this familial disorder is often quite disabling.”

“Besides the physical disability that interferes with writing, feeding, dressing, and other activities of daily living, essential tremor often is a cause of embarrassment, is difficult to quantitate,” says Jankovic, a professor of neurology and director of the Parkinson’s Disease Center and Movement Disorders Clinic at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

“As a result, people affected with essential tremor often avoid eating out, attending parties, and participating in other social functions,” Jankovic says.

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Why Am I Feeling This Way

Shaking, or body tremors, are a symptom caused by your nervous system. When you start feeling anxious, your body releases stress hormones that send energy to your cells because your fight or flight response sympathetic nervous system response has been activated. When you don’t use that pent-up energy, it causes the shaking associated with nervousness. Learning to stop shaking when you feel nervous can start with using calming techniques and stress reduction strategies. We will cover these in more detail later.

There are two types of tremors: resting tremors or what happens when you relax your muscles. Then, there are action tremors, where you experience tremors from a movement of your own accord.

The physical symptoms of anxiety can feel intense. But they are treatable.

The Medication You Take

Anxiety Q& A | Shaking Hands | Weighted Blankets | Favorite Way To Relieve Stress | Depression

Another reason why you may experience tremors is due to a side effect of the medication you take. For example, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors may have tremors or other movement disorders as a side effect. If you’re taking inhibitors, SSRIs, or a similar medication, look up the side effects.

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Treatment For Essential Tremor And Shaky Hands

Treating essential tremor may begin with pharmaceuticals like propranolol and primidone. These are considered the first line of defense against tremors. Unfortunately, these medications can have undesirable and unpleasant side effects. Patients with essential tremor may also develop a tolerance to these medications over time or find them ineffective in the first place.

Another option to treat essential tremor is surgical. Deep brain stimulation is one surgical procedure approved to treat essential tremor. The procedure involves implanting electrodes into the brain that targets the nerves thought to control tremor. The drawback is that this is an invasive option that isnt guaranteed to work for all patients with ET.

If you dont want the side effects of medication and dont want invasive surgical procedures, you may consider a prescription wearable therapy, Cala Trio . Cala Trio is an FDA-cleared medical wearable device customized for your unique tremor. In Cala Trios clinical study, 64% of patients experienced on-demand tremor relief for an average of 94 minutes.

Consult your doctor and ask about your options for treatment. Only you and your physician can decide the right course of action.

What Is The Prognosis

Tremor is not considered a life-threating condition. Although many cases of tremor are mild, tremor can be very disabling for other people. It can be difficult for individuals with tremor to perform normal daily activities such as working, bathing, dressing, and eating. Tremor can also cause social disability. People may limit their physical activity, travel, and social engagements to avoid embarrassment or other consequences.

The symptoms of essential tremor usually worsen with age. Additionally, there is some evidence that people with essential tremor are more likely than average to develop other neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinsons disease or Alzheimers disease, especially in individuals whose tremor first appears after age 65.

Unlike essential tremor, the symptoms of physiologic and drug-induced tremor do not generally worsen over time and can often be improved or eliminated once the underlying causes are treated.

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What Does Numbness And Tingling Caused By Anxiety Feel Like

You might think its unnecessary to explain how numbness and tingling feel, since you probably already know how they feel if youre experiencing them.

But when my anxiety was at its worst I got a lot of comfort from knowing that my symptoms were a part of my anxiety and not from some horrible disease.

If I quickly tell you how my numbness and tingling felt you can compare it to your own situation and hopefully get some reassurance that what youre feeling is normal.

If youre anxiety is causing numbness and tingling, you may feel:

From now on when you experience numbness and tingling remember this post and realise that what youre feeling is normal, and that everyone who has severe anxiety has felt these same symptoms too.

What Are Hand Tremors

Anxiety And Shaking

Tremors are involuntary muscle contractions that cause shaking movements. Tremor can lead to shaking hands, legs, head, and even a shaky voice. Different diseases, most notably, Parkinsons disease, can cause hand tremor because they damage the parts of the brain that control movement. Other causes include an overactive thyroid, chronic alcohol use, or anxiety.

You may notice a hand tremor when you have trouble holding objects or you notice a change in handwritingor when someone else notices the shaking movements.

Tremors can look different depending on the condition that causes it. These differences can often help diagnose the cause of the tremor.

Medication is the most common treatment, but injections, or surgeries may also help control shaking hands. In some cases, people dont need treatment.

Dr. Rx

If your hands shake when you hold something, it may be an essential tremor. Some tremors are made worse by doing an activity, like holding a cup or using a fork. To determine the type of tremor, your doctor will ask about any difficulties you have with these tasks and may even have you replicate some of the movements. Dr. Karen Hoerst

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What Are Common Physical Signs Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder In Adults And Children

Common physical signs of generalized anxiety disorder include tremor, tachycardia, tachypnea, sweaty palms, and restlessness. Typically, children and adults with generalized anxiety disorder also experience uncomfortable physical symptoms including rapid heartbeat, feeling short of breath, increased sweating, stomach cramping, a feeling of a lump in the throat or inability to swallow, frequent need to urinate, dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, cold and/or clammy hands, headaches, or neck or backaches. A feeling of nervous tension is often accompanied by a feeling of shaking, trembling, twitching, or body aches. Often, children especially are not diagnosed or receive incorrect treatment and they may undergo unnecessary, invasive, or dangerous medical testing and inappropriate medication treatment for supposed presence of physical illnesses and, as a result, experience an increase in the intensity of fear and worry about their health status.

Hands Are Affected In Different Ways

Every anxiety disorder is different. Panic disorder can have vastly different physical signs and symptoms than generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder, despite all of them falling under the anxiety disorder category.

The following represent many of the different ways that hands can be affected by anxiety. Note that anxiety and stress are powerful conditions, and it’s possible that your affected hand symptoms are not listed below:

Symptoms affecting the hands are not unusual for people with anxiety. Having any of these symptoms is a good sign that you may benefit from treating your anxiety directly.

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How Is Tremor Treated

Although there is no cure for most forms of tremor, treatment options are available to help manage symptoms. In some cases, a persons symptoms may be mild enough that they do not require treatment.

Finding an appropriate treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis of the cause. Tremor caused by underlying health problems can sometimes be improved or eliminated entirely with treatment. For example, tremor due to thyroid hyperactivity will improve or even resolve with treatment of thyroid malfunction. Also, if tremor is caused by medication, discontinuing the tremor-causing drug may reduce or eliminate this tremor.

If there is no underlying cause for tremor that can be modified, available treatment options include:


Focused Ultrasound

A new treatment for essential tremor uses magnetic resonance images to deliver focused ultrasound to create a lesion in tiny areas of the brains thalamus thought to be responsible for causing the tremors. The treatment is approved only for those individuals with essential tremor who do not respond well to anticonvulsant or beta-blocking drugs.


When people do not respond to drug therapies or have a severe tremor that significantly impacts their daily life, a doctor may recommend surgical interventions such as deep brain stimulation or very rarely, thalamotomy. While DBS is usually well tolerated, the most common side effects of tremor surgery include dysarthria and balance problems.

Lifestyle changes

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