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A Little Spot Of Anxiety

Book Loves: A Little Spot Of Anxiety

A Little Spot of Anxiety | Kid Books Read Aloud

We recently received the book: A Little Spot of Anxiety as a birthday gift for my oldest, Grayson. I was so curious to dive in and see what this was all about and we ended up LOVING it.

Both Mike and I deal with generalized anxiety and we are working hard to be aware of this for our kids and help them to find the right tools to work through worries and anxious thoughts from a young age, as neither of us had the tools we needed when our anxiety first started getting difficult.

In A Little Spot of Anxiety, author Diane Alber shows kids how a small worry or anxiety spot can quickly become a big spot and how to calm your anxiety spot back to a peaceful spot. The book reminds kids that eating healthy and getting lots of rest can help prevent their anxiety spot from showing up and that you can use art to express your worries instead of letting the spot grow. She gives examples like trying soccer or starting school without your parent,

I love the messages in this book and the very real ideas for things kids can do to help them calm their worries including an adorable little rhyme/chant to memorize. My oldest was already walking around singing this little chant after reading the book just one time and my middle boy asks me to read the book at least twice a day.

I highly recommend you add this book to your Christmas lists . We have already ordered a few of the other books in the Inspire to Create a Better You! series!

What Is A Little Spot Of Anxiety Activities Worksheet About

A little spot of anxiety activity worksheet is about those school going children who face anxiety. It will identify how anxiety affects their body . This worksheet is based on an imaginative activity that a child will visualize and answer the questions.for children there is usually one particular situation that acts as a trigger for their anxiety and makes them anxious.

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On this page, we provided you with a little spot of anxiety worksheet, which hopefully helped you to identify what causes anxiety in you and how to calm it.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

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What Is A Little Spot Of Anxiety Worksheet About

A little spot of anxiety is basically a book by Diane Alber, which is written for school-aged children for them to know what anxiety is and how it affects your body sensations since anxiety can be a complex emotion for children, as it involves many symptoms that one experiences like fear, worry, stomach pain at the same time. The anxiety spot worksheet will give us an idea of how it affects our body’s sensations and discovering which is our little spot of anxiety. You feel anxiety in your whole body but there is always one triggering factor or a point that you need to know or find out that aggravates your anxiety, the worksheet will help you do that.

A Little Spot Of Anxiety Book Summary

âA Little Spot of Anxietyâ? by Diane Alber, read by Dr. Kim Williams ...

Diane Alber teaches children how to master their emotions through talking spots that personify various feelings. In this story, Peaceful Spot describes how to calm Anxiety Spot. Any time the Anxiety Spot asks you What if? followed by lots of worries, tell yourself I can do this! using a calming strategy with your hand.

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A Little Spot Of Anxiety Reflection Questions

  • When have you felt worried, nervous, anxious, or scared?
  • What are some new things you have tried this year that made you a little nervous?
  • What are your favorite forms of art: music, drawing, writing, etc.? Have you ever tried to express your anxiety with this form of art?
  • When can you use the calming strategy with your hand to calm your Anxiety Spot?
  • Do you remember the phrase you can say with the hand calming strategy?
  • A Little Spot Of Anxiety Worksheet

    A Little Spot of Anxiety by Diane Alber teaches kids how to calm their minds when they are worried. This book is part of a series of spot books called Inspire to Create a Better You!

    Get your copy of A Little Spot of Anxiety as paperback or on Kindle.

    You can also watch and show this video reading of the book on YouTube:

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    Instructions On How To Use A Little Spot Of Anxiety Worksheet

    Fill this worksheet by thinking about what triggers your anxiety, then what thoughts cross the mind that gives you anxiety. Those anxious thoughts are your grey spots that may make you fearful, you have to point those five grey spots on your hand and think about the ways to calm them and move from grey to green spot.

    You can download this worksheet here.

    This Story Addresses How Anxiety Can Affect All Ages And How It Can Show Up In All Different Situations

    Story time with Lynn âA Little Spot of Anxietyâ? by Diane Alber.

    Check out this book to Help Children Understand What Anxiety Is on Amazon:

    Anxiety in small amounts is okay, but what about when there is to much? Then it is time to get some help and strategies.

    Children with anxiety can quickly begin to struggle with doing what he/she wants and and/or needs to do, which can make anxiety a disability. So, how do we help? How does a parent open up the conversation to start to help their child understand anxiety and why they are feeling the way they do?

    This story addresses how anxiety can affect all ages and how it can show up in all different situations. The Gray SPOT in the story creates a visual representation of Anxiety so that a child can see when it’s gets too big, and how to shrink it back to a Green PEACEFUL SPOT.”

    The book offers creative simple ideas to help kids experiencing anxiety:From the tip of my finger, to the center of my palm,I can do this! I can be calm!This worry grew too big, and cannot stay,take a deep breath, and blow it away!

    The goal of the book and all parents is to help children understand anxiety, what it feels like and guide them to use strategies to get through though emotions in a healthy way. Kids deserve to live, not help down by their feelings of anxiety. “A Little Spot of Anxiety: A Story About Calming Your Worries”is a good start for any parent looking to start having these conversations with their child.

    Good luck!

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    How Will A Little Spot Of Anxiety Activities Worksheet Help

    This worksheet will help you to know and identify your triggers that make you anxious, it is about knowing your triggers then trying to control or calm yourself by knowing about your little anxiety spot. The activity in this worksheet will help you imagine the situation to help to handle the situation when you face it in reality.

    A Little Spot Of Anxiety

    Today in Post 4 in our series on anxiety Schreiber Behavioral Health therapists suggest a book to read with your child.

    Heres the list of all the posts:Post 4: A little spot of anxietyPost 5: How worry affects our thinkingPost 6: Other calming strategies

    Anxiety can be a hard emotion for children and adults to understand because it is considered a complex emotion. Anxiety can be a mix of many different emotions, including worry, nervousness, fear and sadness, to name just a few. The interesting thing about anxiety is that is can also protect you. Feeling anxiety can be healthy in small doses, but when anxiety gets too big it can be really hard to understand and manage. A Little Spot of Anxiety, by Diane Alber, is a great book geared toward school-aged children that explains what anxiety is and how is can affect your body sensations. This book also suggests different activities and strategies in order to help manage your anxiety.

    Remember, children need to be coached and guided through regulation of all emotion, including anxiety. This is called co-regulation. In other words, model how to appropriately regulate through your anxiety. First and foremost, make sure you are regulated, then you can help to co-regulate your child. Our goal is to regulate the child, relate to how they are feeling, and then instruct and teach.

    Here is a YouTube link to watch a reading of the book.

    Kaity Sollenberger is a behavioral health therapist at Schreiber.

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