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What Can You Take For Anxiety Over The Counter

Why Medication Is Prescription Only

Over-the-Counter Medications Explained Medical Course

Anxiety medications are controlled substances for a reason. Anxiety occurs in the brain, and anything powerful enough to affect the brain should likely be used only when recommended by a doctor.

But it should be noted that even if you could take an over-the-counter medication, it may not be something you want to use. Anxiety is not a disease that can be cured by taking some medication for a week. Its something that needs changes in the way you think and feel. That involves learning to cope with the issues that cause you stress, something that medications don’t do.

Medications dull anxiety, but they dont cure it. Youd have to take the medication for the rest of your life, and that can be dangerous and not ideal, since anxiety medications also stop working after a year or so.

Still, medications can help. So why are there no over-the-counter ones?

What Are The Best Over

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Psychological Therapies For Gad

If you have been diagnosed with GAD, you’ll usually be advised to try psychological treatment before you’re prescribed medication.

You can get psychological therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy and applied relaxation on the NHS.

You can refer yourself directly to an NHS psychological therapies service without a referral from a GP.

Or your GP can refer you if you prefer.

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Special Benzodiazepine Risk Factors

Anyone who takes benzodiazepines can experience unpleasant or dangerous side effects. But certain individuals are at a higher risk:

People over 65. Older adults are more sensitive to the sedating effects of benzodiazepines. Even small doses can cause confusion, amnesia, loss of balance, and cognitive impairment that looks like dementia. Benzodiazepine use in the elderly is associated with an increased risk of falls, broken hips and legs, and car accidents. Long-term benzodiazepine use also increases the risk of Alzheimers disease and dementia.

People with a history of substance abuse. Because theyre physically addicting and on their own and dangerous when combined with alcohol and other drugs, anyone with a current or former substance abuse problem should use benzodiazepines only with extreme caution.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women. Benzodiazepine use during pregnancy can lead to dependence in the developing baby, with withdrawal following birth. Benzodiazepines are also excreted in breast milk. Therefore, pregnant women need to have a thorough discussion about the risks and benefits of these medications with their prescribing doctor. If medication is necessary, the goal is the smallest effective dose.

The connection between benzodiazepines and accidents

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Which Benzodiazepines Are Used For Anxiety

They can also be used with antidepressants initially while antidepressants take time to work.

“They’re a powerful tool,” says Duckworth, “but you have to be really smart about their use.”

  • Light-headedness
  • Trouble sleeping

Beta-blockers can be very helpful but in a limited way, says Dr. Salcedo. They are most commonly used for performance anxiety. They are really good for the physical symptoms such as heart racing, sweating, shakiness, but they work less well for the anxious thoughts that might be causing the symptoms.

Additional reporting by Carlene Bauer.

There Is The Potential For Withdrawal

Ive only used Kratom for a few months now, and typically I will take it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The few times I stopped taking it I basically felt like I had a cold.

The withdrawal effect has been likened to caffeine withdrawal. Theres a few things you can do to keep you from getting withdrawals in the first place:

  • Use it sparingly, maybe 2 3 times per week
  • Cycle it on a 3 week on, 1 week off period
  • Dont dose more than once a day, usually in the morning
  • It seems like the vast majority of people that end up getting withdrawals from Kratom take it everyday, all day, in relatively high doses.

    I wouldnt compare the withdrawal to the same of Xanax , but Ive hear it can be somewhat uncomfortable.

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    Sleeping Pills Are Usually Not The Best Solution

    Almost one-third of older people in the U.S. take sleeping pills. These drugs are called sedative- hypnotics or tranquilizers. They affect the brain and spinal cord.

    Doctors prescribe the drugs for sleep problems. The drugs are also used to treat other conditions, such as anxiety or alcohol withdrawal.

    Usually older adults should try nondrug treatments first. According to the American Geriatrics Society, there are safer and better ways to improve sleep or reduce anxiety. Heres why:

    Preliminary Assessment And Initial Management Strategies

    How to STOP a Panic Attack with a simple OTC Medicine

    In evaluating patients with anxiety and/or sleep disorders health care providers should initially consider possible underlying medical causes, including hyperthyroidism and other endocrine illnesses, cardiac problems and other organ system dysfunctions. Medicine use and medicine or substances withdrawal can cause anxiety and insomnia. If medical disorders, medicine use or withdrawal is a plausible reason for anxiety, the underlying cause should be removed or treated.


    If medical disorders, medicine use or withdrawal is not a plausible reason for anxiety or insomnia, health care providers might investigate whether major depression or other psychiatric disorders are present. If another psychiatric disorder is present, health care providers should treat that disorder first.


    In individuals with sleep disorders, if no psychiatric comorbidities are present, health care providers may suggest educational interventions, such as going to bed at the same time, reserving bed for sleep, reducing caffeine intake and avoiding strenuous exercise or mental activities near bedtime.


    In individuals with anxiety disorders, if no psychiatric comorbidities are present, health care providers may explain to the patient that chest pain, indigestion, sweating, and sexual dysfunction are symptoms of anxiety.

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    Over The Counter Supplements

    For some, anxiety while flying may stem from the lack of sleep, or change in diet while traveling. To address these issues a person may wish to use melatonin as a supplement to aid in their natural sleep cycle or antacids to ease their stomach from all the greasy food. Other methods for improving your quality of sleep may include a sleep mask, travel blanket, and noise cancelling earphones or ear plugs.

    Get Anxiety Medication Fast

    If you think you may benefit from prescription-strength anxiety medication, online doctors are a convenient and affordable way to discuss your options and get your prescription. Our trusted telehealth partner PlushCare even offers medication delivery to make your experience seamless. Talk to a doctor to get anxiety medication prescribed and delivered here.

    If you are looking for over-the-counter remedies for anxiety, you can hop over to your local store and find supplements, essential oils, and such very quickly.

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    Supplements That Decrease Effectiveness

    While taking an anxiety medication, youll also want to be aware of any supplements that can lessen your medications effectiveness. For example, one supplement to be aware of is St. Johns wort.

    St. Johns wort

    Again, while its not fully known if St. Johns wort is effective for treating anxiety, its notorious for having interactions with many medications and other supplements.

    Due to its influence on an enzyme system in the body that metabolizes many prescription medications, herbal supplements, and OTC products called the CYP450 enzyme system St. Johns wort can lower the effectiveness of benzodiazepines. This means that it makes benzodiazepines not as effective for relieving feelings of anxiety. Therefore it is not recommended that they be taken together.

    Anxiety Medications And Anxiety Conditions

    Are There Any Over

    Before discussing medications, it’s important to remember that not all anxiety is the same, just as not all anxiety medications affect people in the same way. Different medicines affect each person differently, so there is rarely a simple answer for which medication to try.

    It’s also important to emphasize that medications should never be taken alone. Anxiety medications can cause physical and psychological dependency. If you only take anxiety medicine, you can lose the ability to cope with anxiety without medication. Then, if you stop taking the medication or it becomes ineffective , you may severely struggle to cope with anxiety in the future. Always make sure you’re using methods of controlling anxiety that do not involve medication if you choose to try an anxiety drug.

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    Otc Anxiety Herbal Alternative #: Phenibut

    Ive been talking about Phenibut for years at this point, its that good.

    Ive used it in conjunction with Extenze to help with sexual libido and power.

    Ive used in it combination with supplements like Optimind to help with focus, concentration, and mental stamina.

    And Ive even used it with pre workout formulas like 4 Gauge to help dial down the anxiety I get from all of the caffeine they pump in the stuff.

    Finding The Root Cause

    As already covered, its vital to determine the root cause of your fear of flying. Professional help may be needed, but until that root cause is addressed, most medications and supplements will be only a temporary fix at best.

    Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss these options. In the meantime, check out other solutions to aviophobia including, exposure therapy, hypnosis, and even virtual reality.

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    When To Try Sleeping Pills

    Consider these drugs if the sleep problems are affecting your quality of life and nothing else has helped. But your health-care provider should watch you carefully to make sure that the drug is helping and not causing bad side effects.

    This report is for you to use when talking with your healthcare provider. It is not a substitute for medical advice and treatment. Use of this report is at your own risk.


    How Does Valerian Root Help With Anxiety

    Best Social Anxiety Medication Over the Counter

    While studies are still limited, it is thought to work by increasing levels of GABA in the brain.

    This is similar to most other anxiety-relieving products, although the exact process is still unknown.

    The nice thing about Valerien root is, unlike with Phenibut, you can take it everyday without having to worry about any rebound effects.

    With that said, the effects are way less pronounced then with Phenibut.

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    Can You Treat Dog Anxiety With Otc Supplements And Calming Products

    Reviewed for accuracy on August 8, 2019, by Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM

    If your dog is suffering from mild to moderate anxiety, it may be worth discussing over-the-counter options with your veterinarian.

    Some natural remedies for dog anxiety include nutritional supplements, homeopathic treatments, pheromones and calming aids that you can try to help reduce your dogs stress.

    Heres a breakdown of OTC dog anxiety treatments you can discuss with your veterinarian.

    Anxiety supplements for dogs are most likely to be successful in mild to moderate cases.

    The following active ingredients are commonly used in dog calming supplements.

    Alternative Kava Root Extract

    Kava has been used for literally thousands of years. The vast majority of Kava youll find in stores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and GNC is absolute junk.

    I know because Ive used them.

    The reason behind this is because practically every kava supplement out there uses kava roots.

    Most of the REAL effects come from the juice thats located in the center of the plant, which virtually no supplement contains.

    The best Kava extract that Ive used is from a company called Happy Hippo.

    Their Kava extract is without a doubt the most effective all natural alternative to lorazepam youll find in the market.

    You can visit their website at

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    Drug Dependence And Withdrawal

    When taken regularly, benzodiazepines lead to physical dependence and tolerance, with increasingly larger doses needed to get the same anxiety relief as before. This happens quicklyusually within a couple of months, but sometimes in as little as a few weeks.

    If you abruptly stop taking your medication, you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms such as:

    • Increased anxiety, restlessness, shaking.
    • Depression, confusion, panic attacks.
    • Pounding heart, sweating, and in severe cases, seizure.

    Many people mistake withdrawal symptoms for a return of their original anxiety condition, making them think they need to restart the medication. Gradually tapering off the drug will help minimize the withdrawal reaction.

    Can You Request Anxiety Medication Over The Counter

    What You Must Know About Dog Anxiety Medication Over the ...

    Leah McCabe

    Leah McCabe

    Leah likes writing about health and science subjects. Through her writing she hopes to help people of all backgrounds have equal access to information and quality healthcare.

    Renee Rulin MD, MPH

    Renee Rulin MD, MPH

    Dr. Rulin is a Board Certified Family Physician with experience treating adults and children of all ages. She completed a residency at Brown University and received a Masters in Public Health from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. Dr. Rulin enjoys being outdoors as much as the New England weather will allow, enjoys reading and cooking, and practices yoga and meditation.

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    Herbal Remedy Regulation Issues

    If you decide to try herbal remedies for anxiety, be aware that theyre not as well regulated as drugs. This means that whats on the bottles label may not match whats inside.

    Now that looks relaxingchamomile tea. It may not have the same effect on all of us, but its nevertheless a popular home remedy for leveling off stress.

    In most cases, long-term studies demonstrating efficacy and safety are lacking. Remaining questions about the safety of kava are particularly concerning, and some countries have banned it because of the risk of liver damage. Kava may also cause headache, nausea, and dizziness. Some people may experience allergic reactions to herbal remedies. Dont combine or replace prescribed medication for anxiety with an herbal remedy without first speaking with your health care provider.

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